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Söderland, a skandinavian region

Started by Flatron, January 02, 2012, 05:10:09 AM

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I'm glad you like my style :) Expect an update until sunday :)


Greetings from Grönskär! It's a very nice place to stay now in april when everything is blooming! I hope you have a good time at home and don't miss me too much.  The building with the two-coloured roof is the hotel I stay in. The Owner, Mrs. Mellberg is a real good cook and I fear to be fat after the week I'm gonna stay ;D
Yours, Kristian


Looks beautiful !!! is there a little picnic place ?  :)
See Okatabawashi ! the pearl of the Orient !


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Yup.. nice village on a nice island with nice flora!  :thumbsup:


Lovely little island &apls  It reminds me of southern Finland's many small islands.

Save some of that delicious food for me ;)


Of course I will show you some more pics of the countryside, but at the moment, I'm building the main city of the Region, Jönköping:

Too bad it's still unfinished and under construction, but I think you can see what it should look like once.


Great looking town  &apls  I especially love the harbor but there are a lot of nice details  :thumbsup:



I like the combination of bildings. The main city looks nice :)

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I say thank you for your comments! :)
So I have done quite a lot in Jönköping, that is the centre of the region.

.1 we start with a picture of Stenplatsen, a very busy intersection that is used by many commuters.

.2 Månhättan ;D, the business district of the town

.3 The Highway exit "Gamla Stan / Industriområdet"

I hope you liked it! :)


Månhättan  :D

I like the highway in the last pic. So many over and underpasses. Very well done.
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I's been a while now, but I was busy at school and couldn't play much. But as I was told to be in the OSITM in June, there will be some more updates :).Today's Teaser is of course not part of the OSITM-related activities.

10.1 Jönköping under construction. At the moment I concentrate on the area in the upper right corner, a former independant town called Igelkottsälvstaden ;D (Tribute to one of the best MD's)


Nice city and small island you have made. :thumbsup:


Great skandinavian city, but there skyscrapers are too high.  ;)


Congratulations on this well-deserved month in the spotlight.


Igelkottsälvstaden huh?   :D  I love it, let's see more!!!

I like the variety of areas shown in the teaser, from highrises to detached houses and from old W2W to riverside industrial. The transit network and (of course) your MMPs and shoreline are awesome  &apls &apls

The last update is very nice too, I especially like the plazas around the highrises.

Congratulations on a very well-deserved OSITM  :thumbsup:


@ nbvc: Thanks ;D
@Piterdaw: I don't think they are too high, This is not munich where they don't allow anything higher than the steeples of the Frauenkirche(Cathedral of our lady) :)
@Noah Thank you very much! I hope you are not too angry about me 'stealing' your ideas :). The Thing with the canals inspired me that much...
Update 11_OSITM.1
11.1 Let us visit Igelkottsälvstan with my first ever mosaik (sadly it doesn't allign perfectly), that starts on the sporväg bridge over a side stream of Igelkottsälven, goes over the main river and ends at 500m before the sporvägen becomes tunnelbanan again.

11.2 This is tyska kyrkan (German church) on a sunday morning in july when people are mostly...

11.3...at the beach having fun ;)

I hope you liked it. Next update will be about the Highrise-district - if I don't rethink it ;D


Very nice. Glad to see that the OSITM lured you out of inactivity. ;)
My name is Raphael.
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