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Scenic Routes Around the World #42 - FIFA World Cup Special

Started by eugenelavery, February 05, 2012, 06:05:19 PM

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Previous Mayor Diary

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Previous Mayor Diary

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This should be very interesting, Eugene.  I assume that you will be looking for North African, Arabian and Southeast Asian buildings and settings.  I have no idea what is out there along those lines, but it should present a pretty fair challenge.

Good luck!

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Maidan Al-Jazair Mosque & French Quarter

A prominent feature along the waterfront of Lagouira is the Maidan Al-Jazair Mosque.  Completed in 1990 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Gharbiyya's independence, the mosque is built on reclaimed land.  This was inspired by the verse in the Qur'an that states "the throne of Allah was built on water".  The minaret towers 210 m (689 ft) into the sky and is the world's tallest.

The interior of the mosque is a sight to behold with almost all of the materials used in the construction taken from Gharbiyya, except for the columns and chandeliers.  It took six thousand traditional Gharbiyyan artisans five years to create the abundant and beautiful mosaics, stone and marble floors and columns, sculpted plaster moldings, and carved and painted wood ceilings.

The Maidan Al-Jazair Mosque sits infront of the French Quarter of Gharbiyya which contains the exclusive Hotel Cambronne and Le Grand Cafe.  This section of Gharbiyya is always teeming with tourists who are eager to see the little part of Europe that exists in this Western Saharan country.

The next destination on this City Journal will be a visit to the ancient walled part of Lagouira, the Medina.  A glimpse of the Medina can be seen below.


Nice start, and looking to the teaser of the medina i´m curious for more.  :thumbsup:
Greetz, Carl


Great start. I like the walled part of the city. I am surprised how well the Paris buildings fit in this scenario.
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Great start! I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this MD given the theme.


Thank you everyone for your kind comments.  I hope you enjoy today's visit to the city of Lagouira.

Medina & Notre Dame de Lagouira

Today we will be visiting the medina.  A medina is an ancient walled city frequently found in North Africa.  The streets are very narrow and maze-like but are packed with people and markets selling everything one could think of.  Sitting in the middle of Lagouira's medina is the Al-Qadereya Mosque.

By night, the medina is quiet with the green glow of Al-Qadereya mosque accompanying a few late night card-games.

Notre Dame de Lagouira was completed in 1892 and is the largest cathedral in Northern Africa.  It sits on the promenade which runs along the Atlantic ocean and surely boasts one of the best setting for a cathedral in the world.  While Gharbiyya is mostly Muslim, there is a sizeable Roman Catholic community, particularly amongst the French Gharbiyyan people (Gharbiyyan's with French ancestry).

I hope you have enjoyed this latest visit to the city of Lagouira but for now the sun sets on another Gharbiyyan day.


The city looks great and the last image of the beach too. &apls

Ol.S / Benoit

Nice beach ! Interesting stuff, but a bit to much empty areas for such a big city. Anyway, keep it up ! :)
MD : Click on picture


Wow! Brilliant work, I especially like that zoomed out pic. Keep up the good work  :thumbsup:


Good start ! The Maidan Al-Jazair Mosque is really impressive, but what I like the most is the medina !

Keep up the good work  :thumbsup:



nbvc: Thanks!
Ol.S / Benoit: Thanks!  I have changed my automata mod so hopefully more cars and stuff will be there to fill in the empty streets a bit more.
Connor: Thanks!
Yan077: I love Corsica!  To get compliments from you mean so much.  The medina took a long time to do in the Lot Editor.

Today's update is a mosaic of the city of Lagouira.  Enjoy!

Earth quake

Beautiful mosaic.
The waterfront is simply superb, but my favorite goes for medina, which I find amazing, congratulations.  &apls
Your Eastern city is well laid out and makes me think of cities like Oran or Algers, with French Quarter surrounded by this beautiful eastern buildings. Excellent work.


Wow.Woooow.  ;D That's fantastic work  :'( Islamic culture and modern Buildings  :thumbsup: Keep it up !  :thumbsup:


Very nice setup there! Good combination of buildings, too.



Nice mosaic!
I like the square and the medina near the sea. Also great selection of buildings :thumbsup:

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Very nice so far, I like the giant mosque overlooking the sea, and I love the Al-Qadereya Mosque in the middle of the Medina.

Good work. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Well, we know - there are not many buildings for Middle East Cities for SC4 ... Excellent work with this .. But this is so bright for me ... Thank You at all ... 



Nice MD! I really like the Medina and of course that great mosaic of the oceanfront  &apls