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Scenic Routes Around the World #42 - FIFA World Cup Special

Started by eugenelavery, February 05, 2012, 06:05:19 PM

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Beautiful city thus far. Love the mix of East meets West. Keep it up.




Earth quake: Algiers has certainly been an inspiration.
Dantes: Thanks!
Swordmaster: Thanks!
Kergelen: Glad you like the selection of buildings.
apeguy: I like the mosques too.  It is a shame there aren't more out there to use.
Silur: Thanks!
Kokopelli: I hope you enjoy today's mosaic which is much bigger.
noahclem: The Medina was a lot of work using Lot Editor.
moeom: Thanks!

Lagouira's skyline mostly consists of low-rise commercial and residential buildings built in a typical north african architectural style.

Lagouira however does have a few notable skyscrapers including the Gharbiyyan Interior Ministry building which was built in the 1970s and towers 113m (371ft) above the city.

The Gharbiyyan Parliamentary Building is perhaps the most modern-looking structure in the city and houses offices of all the most important people in the country.  Across the road from the Parliamentary Building is Gharbiyya's largest shopping complex.

Near the Medina is the Djama'a al-Kebir Mosque which gently illuminates the night sky.

Finally,  I will leave you with an overview of the city...

and a huge mosaic.  Thank you again for visiting the great country of Gharbiyya and the city of Lagouira.


One word... WOW!

That mosaic is one thing, but that Overview shot of Lagouira is something to drool over.  :satisfied:



That is one very, very, very long mosaic. 
Great work, love the dirt roads and those very low res. buildings. 
The over view of the area looks great.
I look forward to your next update.

Robin &apls
Call me Robin, please.


Now that's a BIG mosaic. ;D

Another fine update, I really like your choice of buildings. :thumbsup:

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Yeah, that mosaic rocks. Well, the rest does so, too. Good job!



Wow,, this mozaic is great  :o I like the overview too  :thumbsup: Fantasic love to detail  :o


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I have to agree with everyone else. That is great! Wow


Awesome udpate!  &apls  I really your choice of bats and the way they look at night. Your coasts and the mosaic are spectacular.

A couple little suggestions: It'd be nice to see some mid-rise bats between the skyscrapers and the middle-eastern looking bats--maybe those JRJ euro buildings I saw you using elsewhere in the update. A mod to remove "wealthification" from your rails would be a nice addition too.

Keep up the outstanding work  &apls




moeom: Wow is the reaction I was after.
nbvc: Thanks!
rooker1: Thanks!  Not such an epic update today, but there are many more to come.
nas-t: Thanks!
apeguy:  It is difficult finding suitable buildings so I am pleased that you like the choice.
Swordmaster:  The mosaic took a long time.
Dantes: Thanks!
RickD:  It is an entire city tile long so I guess it is the longest mosaic.
Kokopelli: Thanks!
noahclem: Do you have a link for the rail mod?  Those JRJ Euro buildings are great in every setting it seems.

Today you will just be seeing some random scenes from the city of Lagouira.

The French Quarter.

A couple of Lagouira's leading hotels for the growing tourism industry.

And a small football ground which is one of the home stadiums for cities football teams (more about them in the next update).

Thank you for once again visiting Lagouira.  For now, the sun sets on another Gharbiyyan day.


Your city is looking really fantastic! Wonderful work on your MD. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, my favourite so far is the 4th picture of the update from 24th February. :) But all the other pictures are so beautiful as well!  &apls

Angels can fly because they don't take themselves too serious!


Wow, I'm facinated by the super long pic here, and the city is amazing too  &apls &apls
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bat: Thanks for your kind words.
rambuckel: Thanks Theresa!
weixc812: Thanks!

Lagouira's Olympic Stadium (capacity 50,000) fills the role of the National Stadium of Gharbiyya.  The national football team plays all of its international matches here and both of Lagouira's football clubs (Al Nasr & Al Ittihad) also play here.  The Olympic Stadium sits on the waterfront and is very close to the International Airport.

Al Nasr
Al Nasr (Victory in Arabic) is Gharbiyya's most popular club with a fanatical fanbase.  Al Nasr has won the Gharbiyyan League 10 times, the Gharbiyyan Cup 5 times, and the Gharbiyyan SuperCup 1 time.  The club has recently been going through a tough period having not won the League title in over 10 years.  This drought has not affected their fan support however, as you can see below.

Al Ittihad
Al Ittihad (United in Arabic) is Gharbiyya's second most popular club, but the most succesful.  Al Ittihad has won the League 16 times, the Cup 6 times, and the SuperCup 10 times.  Al Ittihad has also had the most success in African Continental Football of any Gharbiyyan club, having reached the semi finals of the CAF Champions League in 2007.  Similar to Al Nasr, Al Ittihad also has fanatical fans who cover themselves in red at any chance they get.

Finally, I will be leaving you with another mosaic which offers a sneak peak at the next update, Lagouira's International Airport.



No comments  :(

Today we will be visiting Lagouira International Airport; a small, poorly planned, yet bustling airport.

The terminal has recently been upgraded and was designed by a Japanese firm.  Due to space constrictions the airport only has eight gates and a small cargo terminal on the other side of the runway.

Another interesting feature of the airport is how close the runway is to a major avenue and the beach.  Plane-spotting tourists often gather on the beach to get a close-up view of the airport.

There are five airlines that primarily fly into Lagouira.

Air France
Daily flights to Paris and Marseille

Afriqiyah Airways
Daily flights to Tripoli and Benghazi

Daily flights to Dubai and Dhahran

Qatar Airways
Daily flights to Doha and Riyadh

Royal Jordanian
Flights three times a week to Ammann and Aqaba

Now that you know how to get to Gharbiyya there is no excuse not to visit this fine country!  We are almost finished with the city of Lagouira and will probably be moving on to another country in the Zouérat Islamic Federation, either the Mahibadhoos (a collection of atolls off the coast of Africa), or the Emirate of Dhahran (an ultra modern, oil-rich Emirate in the Middle East).  Let me know which you would like to visit next and I will see what can be arranged.


A great update, I really like the airport, reminds me a lot of Gibraltar Airport. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I would really like to see the Mahibadhoos Islands next, I love tropical cities and regions. ;D

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Your choice of buildings is really exquisite, and that stadium fits perfectly. Awesome stuff.