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Scenic Routes Around the World #42 - FIFA World Cup Special

Started by eugenelavery, February 05, 2012, 06:05:19 PM

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great update and wonderful airport!  &apls really like this Dubai (but still unique) style.

but may i criticize... no, suggest 2 details? first i'm missing a direct link of runway and taxiway. i think the pilots would need to know where to enter/leave the runway  &mmm
second i would place the seawall round the corner it better separates the beach from the airport/city. but as i said, just details ;)


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Quote from: eugenelavery on March 24, 2012, 07:09:58 PM
Now that you know how to get to Gharbiyya there is no excuse not to visit this fine country!

dacquiris on the beach...ooh I think I can see it coming over the horizon already!  $%Grinno$%

Beautiful work, as always.



apeguy: Thanks!  You may get your wish to see the Mahibadhoos next.
Swordmaster: Thanks.  I put alot of thought into what buildings to use.
nas-t: Thanks for your suggestions.  The airport due to poor design doesn't have the best taxiway markings!
RickD: Thanks!
whatevermind: The nation of Gharbiyya looks forward to your visit.

Today is the final visit to Lagouira so I thought I would leave you with a few pictures.  The next update will reveal what country we are visiting next in the Zou�rat Islamic Federation. The tropical Mahibadhoos, or the Emirate of Dhahran.


Excellent Work with some simple boxes !!!  I like it so really ... &apls


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 Every time I see those low res. shanty type housing, I wish that someone would do some more models.....and more importantly that I give them a try in my own MD. 
Anyways, great mosaic!  Great looking city!
Robin &apls
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The next member nation of Zouérat Islamic Federation we will be visiting is the Mahibadhoos, a collection of atolls off the western coast of Africa. The Mahibadhoos have a history of many different cultures settling and governing the low-lying atolls, from the Arabs, to the Berbers, to the French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. All of these influences have lead to the nation gaining a very unique cultural identity and language. Independence was eventually granted from Britian in 1965. Despite being a prominent tourist destination due to the sandy white beaches and clear blue water, the Mahibadhoos to this this day remain a very conservative group of islands with a strict adherence to the Islamic faith.

Mahibadhoos General Information


Official Name: Islamic Republic of Mahibadhoos
Short Name: Mahibadhoos
Demonym: Mahibadhian
Capital: Dhiraagu
Largest City: Dhiraagu
Currency: Zouérat Dirham
Official Language: Mahibadhian
Demographics: Mahibadhian (96%), Other (4%)
Religion: Sunni Islam (100%) - Sunni Islam is the only legally permitted religion in the Mahibadhoos.
Internet TLD: .mb
Total Population: 320,000
Life expectancy: Men - 61, Women - 63
Literacy rate: 96%

The Mahibadhoos have a tropical climate with weather that is warm year-round. The year can be divided into a dry season (winter) and rainy season (summer). The low-lying Mahibadhoos are at risk from rising sea-levels, although the evidence around rising sea-levels is still disputed by some scientists. The highest point in the Mahibadhoos is just 2.4 meters above sea-level.

The Mahibadhoos is a functioning democracy although there has been a history of coups and popular protests forcing the resignation of Presidents. The most recent was only this year when growing resentment of corruption and poor living conditions lead to weeks of protests around the country.

At first we will be visiting some of the resort islands that have made the Mahibadhoos so popular with tourists really wanting to get away from everyday life. A preview of what is to come.


Very nice island and some great stats.
If I could make one little suggestion it would be to reply to some of your readers. ;)

Robin :thumbsup:
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Replies: (to the last two updates)
Silur: Thanks!
skyscraper: I love making mosaics.
rooker1: Don't worry, I always reply to my readers, even if it takes a while.  I too wish people would BAT some more shanties and middle eastern content.
RickD: Thanks, hope you enjoy the islands you will be seeing today.

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is an international company with resorts all around the world. The company has opened many five-star resorts in the Mahibadhoos, taking advantage of the crystal clear water, great climate, and relative isolation of the country. Tourists come from all over the world to experience a little piece of Mahibadhian paradise.

These resort islands are only used for tourism and help the country run a tourist industry that doesn't intrude on the traditional islamic cultures of the Mahibadhian people. Tourists are not permitted to visit islands which contain Mahibadhian villages.

Today we will be visiting the islands of Angsana and Ihuru, both of which are only 20 minutes by speedboat from the capital city of Dhiraagu. These resorts are built in a traditional style that allow the buildings to blend into their natural surroundings, but don't be fooled, these resorts are five-star with all the modern luxuries tourists demand.

The island of Angsana is particularly popular.

You can see how close the two islands are to each other below, Ihuru is at the top of the shot, Angsana at the bottom.

This day in paradise is coming to an end, but don't worry, every day in the Mahibadhian resort islands is like being in paradise.


Fantastic update.
I usually look at the pics first and read after.  In this case as soon as saw the pics I thought to myself, "What a great island resort".  The point is that you perfectly accomplished what you were obviously trying to do.
Great work!
Robin &apls
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Nice islands. I would like to be there just now:P

Maybe you are interested on this MMPs ;)

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Incredible looking islands. &apls &apls It's a shame about the jagged beaches though. Is there a way you can fix that, like making the slope from beach to water smoother?

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rooker1:  Good to know I achieved what I set out to do.  Things don't always look how I think they will in this game.
Kergelen:  Thanks for those MMPs.  I will put them to good use.
namspopof:  Today you will be seeing the other side of paradise.
apeguy:  I agree about the beaches.  Unfortunately it seems to be a flaw with the game or terrain mod.  I notice that shoreline can change alot depending on which terrain and beach mods I am using.  Unfortunately when the shorelines run on the diagonal against the grid they have this appearance with these mods.  I could make the edges straighter but then the islands would be completely square and not very realistic.

The village of Maeenboodhoo, population about 1200, is one of the main settlements on the atoll of Hulhudheli. Hulhudheli is one of the more isolated atolls in the country and is a quite a distance from the capital of Dhiraagu. This relative isolation means that the atoll is not as modernised as other parts of the Mahibadhoos.

This overcrowded island is off-limits to tourists as the Mahibadhian government wants its population to retain a conservative islamic lifestyle. Some more cynical people claim the government doesn't want the outside world to see that such poverty exists in this supposed paradise.

Maeenboodhoo has a bustling little port and relies on everything from food and building materials being shipped in, as you can see there is no suitable farming land at all!

Not far from Maeenboodhoo is the uninhabited island of Rinbudhoo. When the people of Maeenboodhoo want to escape from their crowded island they come here. Rinbudhoo really is the definition of a desert island.

I hope you have enjoyed today's visit to islands normally off-limits to outsiders. For now, it is time to rest and get ready for our next adventure in the Mahibadhoos.


 Another fantastic update!
To get rid of the jagged edges along your beach front, try to lower the land under the water.  The problem usually only occurs (to me) when the angle of the land leading into the water is not steep enough.

Robin :thumbsup:
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Ol.S / Benoit

I love your work on these islands ! Really nice, :)
I understand why you wanted debussyman models now, and I'm sure you'll make great use of them !
I'll stay tuned for more ! :)
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rooker1: Thanks for your advice about coastlines.
Thanks for your compliments.  I am a big fan of your work.  I hope you will visit Africa some more in your MD.

Banidhoo is an artificial island in the Dhiraagu Atoll, about 6.5 kilometres from the capital of Dhiraagu. It was created in 1991 to be the municipal landfill for the capital city which was becoming overwhelmed with garbage. Banidhoo has since grown to become the major industrial hub for the Mahibadhoos.

While Banidhoo has succesfully relieved Dhiraagu of its waste predicament, the process of dumping garbage indiscriminately has become an ecological hazard. Much of the garbage dumped here contains asbestos and other harmful toxic metals such as mercury and lead and threatens to leach into the sea. In light of this, the Mahibadhian government has restricted the types of waste that can be dumped on Mahibadhoo and resort islands have been encouraged to limit their non-recyclable garbage.

About 1000 workers live on Banidhoo to sort the garbage, work at the port, and in industrial warehouses. Most of the workers are poor immigrants from Gharbiyya and Mauritania and live in a rather drab housing block. A mosque was recently built on the island to provide the workforce some spiritual motivation.

Banidhoo is the only major container port in the Mahibadhoos and most imports and exports go through the Banidhoo cargo terminal.

By night, the workers of Banidhoo are still hard at work in the factories and warehouses, particularly in the Pepsi Bottling Plant that has recently opened.


what a great idea! great job on those warehouse lots  &apls
waiting for more