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Schulmania: National Capital Region

Started by Schulmanator, September 19, 2012, 03:19:20 AM

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Welcome to the Schulmania National Capital Region!

For those of you not familiar with Schulmania, let me by way of introduction point you to the national website, www.schulmania.info and suggest you browse the archives (Simtropolis Archive: http://schulmania.info/index_files/archiveindex.htm , Exclusive Web Archive: http://schulmania.info/index_files/exclusivearchives.htm and War Archive: http://schulmania.info/index_files/QFarchive.htm) to catch yourself up on the world's first and largest royal felinocracy. I would suggest you use the archive site because all chapters are preserved in PDF form. On Simtropolis, some updates have been corrupted over time and are not as well preserved, especially in Volume 1. Need to follow the story line? Try the Newcomer's Guide, located here: http://schulmania.info/index_files/newcomer.htm.

Now, to get some geographic context for the National Capital Region. If you want to see the current maps of the whole nation, try this link: http://schulmania.info/index_files/map.htm. The four districts of the Kingdom of Tenne, a constituent region of Schulmania, are shown in the map below.

This is the heartland of Schulmania, and is available to you if you wish to build on it, as a map called "Heartland" – available on the STEX by my good buddy Vandy. Here's a link: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/17709-heartland/.

The next map shows you where all of the cities shown thus far in Tenne are located. Now, of course, some are larger than the dot that marks their location. But this will help you place names and cities. The capital city is Oak Ridge. And, due to its size (26 arrondissements/quarters/districts) it covers more space than the typical Schulminion city.

The map below shows you the urban growth boundary for the National Capital Region, comprising of the 26 districts of Oak Ridge. Now, before you ask how 26 districts will fit into a fraction of one large city tile, do know that thanks to the nature of cyberspace, it can. Just trust me on that one (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

If you are curious about the history of the site, there are two web exclusive links which give you the background of the new capital site. First, the announcement of the new site: http://www.schulmania.info/exclusive_files/xcl018.htm. And next, the reaction to the new site as it nears completion: http://www.schulmania.info/exclusive_files/consternation.htm.

What to expect

A list of districts and their names and purposes will be posted below and periodically updated (not by modifying the post but by a new one, since some districts may be changed on a whim). The 26 districts will not be revealed in order, as they are not all finished. Each district is distinctive and has its own character and special buildings and features. Most districts will be revealed over multiple chapters due to the large number of pictures associated with their detailed compositions. For example, the second district, which is completed, is currently divided into 8 chapters worth of content; each of these with 20+ pictures each (the third district may be 15+ chapters!). Some districts will be in only one chapter, as is our first chapter, revealing District XVI. District I's main feature will be revealed in one supermassive update with over 40 pictures. (There will be other features from District I in other updates, so fret not.)

With the impending release of Simcity 2013, one might be wondering in what format to expect chapters to be released. All Schulmania updates will default to SimCity 4 by order of the Supreme Wirdle unless the new version of the game offers the prospect of creating Schulmania-like cities and the advent of suitable custom content.

Again, welcome to Schulmania: National Capital Region.

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Looks promising  :)  Good luck with the new MD  :thumbsup:



Oh! Here you are! I was looking for your new MD, just noticed it right now.

Interesting little map, Bruce. I like to play on small maps instead of big giant one.

Looking forward for the first in-game pictures.
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Districts not named so far have not been started yet. But, fear not... they will come!
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Looks like you have a bit of work ahead of you. This should be interesting!


Leafing through an old book in the library, I found this old engraving of the XVI district of the capital, the Gilded Quarter:

Upon further study, I found that the area is located here, and will be the focus of the next chapter:
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


noahclem   Thank you! And welcome! It is not often that someone gets to the first commenter on one of my works... since I have made so few of them. So, for all time you are #1 in S:NCR!

nas-t   Thanks. I hope you will like what I have for you. And welcome!

art128     Thanks. I am glad you found me and I hope you like what I have in store for you.

Kinderly   That I do! But a good bit is already done and waiting to be shown. But I will be busy for a while, that's for sure! Welcome to Schulmania!

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East Tenne: Gilded Quarter

The new national capital region opened to the public July 1st. The city is not yet complete, but government offices are opening around the city and many residential and commercial districts are now operational. This is our first look at the vast new capital. The capital region comprises both banks of the Wirdle River in North East Tenne and the shore along the Tenne Sea. We are looking at Pellissippi Island, which hosted the town of Hammers and a military installation before they were destroyed by Queensferry. Reborn as Oak Ridge's District XVI, the island is now the financial core of Schulmania. Nicknamed "The Gilded District" for its concentration of wealth, District XVI is the new home to the treasury, national bank, and main stock exchange. The "Wall Street of Schulmania" is a startling transformation for this island and is a suitable introduction to the capital – which will be revealed in greater detail over multiple chapters to come.

The Pellissippi Memorial Gardens at the south end of the island serve as a memorial to those who perished here in the wartime attacks by Queensferry. Nearby is the ferry terminal and a strong contingent of retailers and offices.

The Columns of the Golden Paws flank the bridges leading to the mainland. Topped with oversize solid gold statues, the columns give an indicator of the vast treasure stored on the island.

The national bank, Bank of the Government of Schulmania, sits behind one column and next to the Royal Treasury.

The Royal Treasury is a round structure which stores the crown jewels, gold reserves and other national treasures. It is flanked on the west by the Finance Office (left) and national bank (right). It sits at the heart of the island and is a very secure facility.

From here, gold and silver and sent to the various regional and municipal mints for coinage. There is a minting facility here as well. This will strike coins for the capital.

The Finance Office works in concert with the national bank to develop and implement monetary policy

The business sector south of the treasury comprises mainly of banks, other financial institutions and traders

As can be imagined, a plethora of upscale retailers has descended upon the island. In the shadow of Whiskers Column, traders bid on the most valuable of all feline commodities: gilded whiskers

On the northern end of the island, the largest stock exchange in the feline world is now open. Combining the various stock exchanges in middle and eastern Schulmania into one, the new bourse is known by the name FelinEx, the International Feline Stock Exchange.

FelinEx conducts trades for companies in Schulmania and Harar and other feline entities

The FelinEx Bourse sits at the northern tip of the island

Various trading houses and financiers have offices nearby. Luckily, our erstwhile feline traders do not engage in questionable financial practices, unlike their humanoid counterparts elsewhere.

I am going to stop at famed jewel's Van Claw & Arpels for a new collar. And then off to the marble-floored atrium at the Chicken King for lunch. Wanna come?

To close our visit to the island, here are two views of District XVI, one of the northern half and one of the southern.

The northern half

The southern half

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Good luck with this new adventure here at SC4D!
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Nice start!

Great work using the Parisian buildings.
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As a side note, any one seen over 100,000 Sims at a subway station before?

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The next update comes October 5th and featured the 6th SchulmAnniversary Special Update. This one will be a large update highlighting the major feature of the Royal Quarter, District I. The engraving above is one item you will see in this special chapter.
See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


Great work with the Parisian area in the last update  &apls  I really liked that you included RL pics (I've never seen that bourse before). Looking forward to the next update  :thumbsup:


Nice start! The Parisian buildings and the symmetric layout in this small island is beautiful. :)

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Very nice start.  Great looking city so far, can't wait to see more.

I had to move your other MD to the Inactive Classics section.

Robin :thumbsup:
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benedict   Thanks1 There may be a few SC4D exclusive features as well just to differentiate between the two.

art128      Thanks. You will see a lot of those here.

Noahclem   Thanks. Glad you liked it. I will be doing the same with RL pix throughout as possible.

Kergelen   Thanks! Glad you like it.

rooker1   Thanks! More is on the way!

Tomorrow I will reveal where the next update takes place. Stay tuned!

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See the all-new National Capital Region!:http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15118.0


East Tenne: Welcome to Wirtyplace

Schulmania's sixth anniversary update features the home of Schulmania's beloved, inspirational, soft and furry leader: the Supreme Wirdle. Her home for ages has been Wirtyplace, a structure built in ancient days in the center of the original capital of the nation, Wirt. But, her nation has outgrown its small capital and has built a massive new one on the western shore of the Tenne Sea. Her adoring subjects have spared no expense in building her a lavish palace commensurate with her position as the exalted leader of a prosperous and happy nation.

Here's the original Wirtyplace, a humble ancient structure located in the heart of ancient Wirt. The site has now been named "Old Wirtyplace" and is the home of Admiral Hestorb, Queen of Schulmanicus.

The town of Wirt, population ~10,000, has been the capital since forever. It is still smarting from the transfer of national power to Oak Ridge, though; residents would tell you if they were totally honest that life is easier without so many government officials pushing paper around all the time. Isn't that what government officials do? As government agencies vacate the area, residents and businesses get more space. Not too much though, since the regional government is still headquartered here.

Building the new Wirtyplace presented an interesting balancing act: the country's desire to shower splendor upon their leader and their leader's non-opulent lifestyle. An outdoorsy girl who likes to catch her own dinner when she gets the time to do so, the Supreme Wirdle will definitely need more than a large palace and manicured grounds. The solution to this was devised by the City Planning Office's star architect, Baron Mandeln von Schokolade. They said his plan was nuts, be he said it was simply almonds.

The site selected is along the south shore of the Wirdle River, whose narrow delta empties into the Tenne Sea between two large barrier islands. The Royal Quarter consists of the Wirtyplace compound as well as some surrounding government offices and two islands in the narrow river. One of the islands is reserved as a private sanctuary for the Supreme Wirdle and the other will be developed with high density government offices and commercial development. Today, we focus this anniversary special on the most significant building thus far in the nation – the residence of our beloved leader. In the absence of a national capitol building (one will probably be constructed so she won't have to work from home) the new Wirtyplace is the de facto capitol of the nation.

Our beloved leader, the Supreme Wirdle

With some commentary, we will begin our tour of her new home at the main entrance, which fronts the Wirdle River. She has frontage along the Tenne Sea as well, where she has her own marina. Her yacht, the H. M. S. Tortie, docks here as do ships of her guests, support staff and suppliers. Unlike many of her subjects, the Supreme Wirdle is not an avid traveler. In fact, she hates to go places and does so with great reluctance. So, to satisfy her need for outdoors time, she will have a hunting lodge and a private forest within which to hunt. Her lack of travel is legendary, by the way. Outside of Schulmanicus, she has taken only a few trips to Wirdleonia and East Atkinos, just one to New Atkinos, and has not been to Devonshire in person.

One entrance faces a paved stone road which of course does not allow motorized vehicles. Passing through a gate, we see her front lawn, which has Schulminion flags flanking the walkway.

The back entrance has a similar configuration, but does not have the reception hall. It instead features some elegant fountains.

Looking south, we can see the front entrance leads to a reception hall. From here, distinguished guests are received and escorted with a procession across the lawn to the main building.

The reception hall has ample space for visiting delegations and the expected throngs of tourists eager to see the massive palace. Tour guides meet visitors at the fountains on the hour weekdays.

Before we visit the palace, we can stroll around the extensive, manicured grounds. Walkways, plantings and special features abound in this luxurious landscape. Plantings from across the nation have been added. In a touch of charming whimsy, the varied flowers from around the nation were grown from seeds sent to the head gardener, R. M. Boothby, by schoolchildren from every town plus from Harar. In a show of appreciation for the gesture, the Supreme Wirdle personally escorts school groups around the palace at least once a week. Needless to say, the lucky group that gets her as their guide will remember the trip with excitement forever.

Speaking of whimsy, the schoolchildren of the capital built this oversize portrait of the Supreme Wirdle using legos. She has put this delightful project on display in the reception hall for all to enjoy.

Trees from five regions line the walkways around the grounds in this picture. A garden statue sits in a patch of native wildflowers at top right. The trees at lower right are the best for using as scratching posts, or so I hear...

Beds of East Atkinos flowers line the route to a small patio overlooking the sea. The Supreme Wirdle wanted the shore left undeveloped, so its rocks and sand march right up to the manicured lawn's edge.

If one needs to take a stroll, why not use this scenic loop? You can't get lost!

You might get lost in here, though...

The "Secret Garden" is where the Supreme Wirdle will be hosting cookouts for her friends. The incredible honor it would be to eat a meal she caught herself with her own paws is so great that the mere prospect of being invited causes mass swooning.

Not bad for a back yard, is it?

The Royal Conservatory is a greenhouse for exotic plants from the far south and other destinations. Behind it is a very fancy koi pond. The Supreme Wirdle gets her fresh fish from here when she's in the mood to angle.

Despite her aversion to getting wet, she will hop in to get a fish now and then. The fish is worth it. Her servants will dry her paws as soon as she gets out.

Sometimes birds will come in trying to get the fish. And if the Supreme Wirdle is around, bird will be on the menu that night. She is indeed a mighty huntress.

Her backyard features a massive fountain and plaza. Her subjects can gather here to hear her addresses from the palace.

PARTY FOUL! Do not go in the pool without permission. Security may scratch you if they have to escort you out.

A separate catnip greenhouse has the finest catnip in all the land

Outbuildings include the Vault of the Fancy Feast (right) and Treasury of the Friskies

Now that we are up by the main building, it is time to see the Palace of Wirtyplace. The structure is the largest home in the nation and was built for the staggering price of 1.63 million gold schulmonetas (each one contains 0.2344 troy ounces of pure gold, which at today's price for gold, is over US$ 675 million). It's a good things she has that much gold on hand. The furnishings, grounds and other additional costs added up to 810,000 schulmonetas. The government was more than willing to pay these costs but she insisted on paying herself, as after all it is her home.

Let's head over to her front door so we can come in and get the grand tour

Welcome to Wirtyplace!

Here's the whole palace. She has several courtyards and many rooms and halls. She also has a partial moat along the front. That's just for decoration, but some of her guests enjoy a lazy glide in it on a raft.

The courtyards are perfect for enjoying the sun and are used by the Supreme Wirdle and her staff/guests frequently. The paved surfaces keep it toasty warm, just the way cats like it.

Every room and hall has ample sunlight thanks to many windows along every wall. Luckily, these windows are energy efficient so that the rooms do not get cold in the winter.

Tourists do not get to go into the courtyards in the interior, but they can see them from the windows as they explore the palace

In this wider view, we see that the palace has four courtyards. Each has paved areas for sunning and climbing trees. We also see the decorative moat, which is an interesting touch to add to the palace's overall scheme.

The main block has the formal state rooms and the rooms around the courtyards are quarters for her servants and support staff. One whole floor surrounding a smaller courtyard is devoted to staff reading and answering her fan mail.

Guests enjoy their quarters – truly rooms with a view

That moat looks cool and refreshing. Perhaps that's why Leo, the Duke of Panthera, is out floating about in a raft.

Staff is always nearby in case someone gets wet. Nobody likes getting wet in the feline world.

Here's a great place to gather to hear addresses from the Supreme Wirdle. She will address the crowd from the balcony.

The Supreme Wirdle always inspires!

Wirtyplace is a lovely palace; definitely worth the money spent on it

In the main block are the formal state rooms, including the throne room and the Supreme's offices and the dining hall

Dinner is served!

The interior is glittery with gilt trim and many fine furnishings and appointments. Interestingly enough, she often spurns her throne for her favorite pillow...

The Supreme's throne used for receiving her subjects; she has three throne rooms, each with a specific throne for a specific task

She doesn't mind her thrones but she likes the plushness of the Royal Pillow. She'll have the servants bring the pillow to a sunny window and use it as her spot for thinking. And perhaps napping...

As we head out from the main palace complex, we can visit the Supreme's favorite retreat – her hunting lodge, Château Schulman. The lodge is located southeast of the palace and fronts the sea. She has her own private forest, the Woods of Wirdle, adjacent so she can hunt and frolic in an environment more suited to her background as a mighty huntress.

The road leading to the château cuts through the Woods of Wirdle. Since the road is entirely inside the palace grounds, it remains untraveled except for the Supreme Wirdle and her servants (and any guests who are in the mood to pounce on stuff).

Here we are at the lodge. Not bad for a hunting lodge, is it?

She has the best of both worlds here – the comforts of home and the great outdoors

Beyond the formal gardens out back, many meaty preys await capture. Interestingly enough, they find it quite the honor to be caught by the Supreme Wirdle. Sometimes, she catches and releases. Imagine the glorious stories told by prey caught by the Supreme Wirdle and then freed to tell the tale!

After a hard day running a major feline nation, anyone would want to unwind here at the château

The Supreme Wirdle thanks you for visiting her home. And she thanks you for visiting Schulmania over the past six years. She is proud of her nation's progress and encourages you to come back again and again to share in our journey.

Happy SchulmAnniversary!
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Wow, six years. This must be one of the longest running MDs. Congratulations.

And what a huge update. The Supreme Wirdle has an impressive park and castle.
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