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Farms North of Grasmere () My SC4 MD Scrapbook

Started by Vizoria, October 08, 2014, 02:31:25 PM

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So I have decided to place my Simtropolis CJ -- My SC4 CJ Scrapbook -- onto SC4D, but I will rename it to the "My SC4 MD Scrapbook" as MD's are for SC4D. I'm going to start with one of my recently finished cities; Grethor. Grethor is a massive industrial city with an oil terminal, various nuclear power plants, an automobile plant and a couple of large railyards. Plus a lot more to!

From time to time I will post older entries from my Simtropolis CJ. Please also note that I'm going to be a bit lazy and copy all the annotations from my Simtropolis CJ into this MD to save some time. Lastly all pictures are pure, raw, unadulterated SC4. That means no photoshop and no lotting! It's mods, all mods! The whole purpose of the MD is pushing the limits of modded content: new combinations, lotting imitation and showcasing awesome fillers, buildings, MMPs and other features.


Entry 1, Grethor: oil port, automobile plant, railyards and mosaics

Well Grethor is finally finished! I moved heaven and earth to accomplish this and Grethor is one of the most complicated cities I have ever built in SC4: MMP fields, massive industrial areas, extensive use of diagonal fillers plus T Wrecks industrial fillers, adding fillers to diagonal and FAR infrastructure, MMP forest scenery, car parks, lakes and a lot more.

In this detailed tour, for a detailed city, I will show you the northern part of Grethor where the oil port, automobile plant and railyards are located. Let's begin!!!


The finished city!

The automobile plant.

The centre of the oil port/terminal.

A car junkyard.

Lately I have been messing around with MMPs to spruce up the woodland floor.

An industrial site west of the automobile plant.

And now for a closer look...

I love pushing T Wrecks industrial fillers to the uttermost limit.

Going back to the car junkyard. From here we move Eastwards and follow the railway.

I worked out how to use SFBT's elevated highway fillers to fill in the space directly below an elevated curved avenue.

Heading back to the oil terminal now.

One of SFBT's lighthouses.

We travel along these train tracks until we reach the railyards.

Along the way to the railyards there are numerous freight stations.

Two of three major railyards.

The Rectangle Roundhouse. Best railway BAT out there IMO.

Although the railyard is very amazing to!


And now for two mosaics (to view in full size right click the pictures and click 'view image').

Oil terminal



That's it for today. There is more to follow from Grethor!


First off, remember to resize your picture, it's better for people who are still using smaller screens. Use this code:

[img width=1024]IMG URL[/img]

Now, that's an impressive city you've made there. At first I was a bit skeptical when I saw the overview, it looked a bit anarchic. But when I went through the closed up, I was filled with amazing pictures. The detail level is fantastic. Good work.

Looking forward to see more of your cities.  :thumbsup:
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Well, I'm glad to see your MD expanding to this site! I've enjoyed reading all your entries over on Simtropolis, and I'm sure glad to see it here too! :)
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The overview of the city is pretty awesome and your attention to detail is rather excellent indeed. Seems like another high quality MD to drool over!  :thumbsup: 
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art128: Thanks for that, I didn't realise you had to do that but I will resize my pictures from now on.

compdude787: Thank you.

vortext: Cheers! My favourite part of city building is filling in the gaps and sorting out the small things, which can sometimes turn into inspiration for larger things.

Entry 2: The Grethor Nuclear Reactor Complex

Moving towards the centre of Grethor there resides the nuclear reactor complex. This facility contains the most imposing structures which cast a shadow on the town...

The primary reactor. This is an advanced molten salt reactor design: safe, efficient and with a high power output.

These two very long buildings house the steam-propelled turbines which generate the electricity.

All of that super-heated water hast to go somewhere...

The site to the right contains two buildings specializing in metallurgical refinement. Some of the items produced are used as spare parts to repair the reactors.

The transformer stations where the electricity's voltage is altered and the current sent far along the electricity pylons to other transformer sites in the region.

The Three Diablo nuclear facility. Named after three prototype thorium-based reactors which use the more economical and cleaner Thorium-232 fuel. These reactors are not wired up to the electric grid and their chief function is primarily for research and Uranium-233 breeding/extraction.

Advanced prototype or not, these are some ugly buildings!

A small oil reservoir lies beneath the surrounding area.

There are numerous scrapyards along these railways lines.

The third railyard in Grethor.

By using the curved fence pieces -- with ground textures on one side -- from Chrisadams3997 RRP Wooden Fences set, I found a curvy and symmetrical way of bordering FAR railway with fences/barriers. I also believe such fence pieces are one of their kind in that their transparent side is a curved shape.

Straight, diagonal and FAR railway seamlessly merging together and diverging...

Here I used diggis gravel-banked pond pieces to create these lakes.


Mosaic: Grethor Nuclear Reactor Complex


Note: This link below takes you to a larger picture which I decided not to show here because the steam from the cooling towers overlapped and made the top middle third look weird. The pictures are in line but the steam looks odd so I had to crop this picture.



In the next entry we travel to East Grethor to look at some suburbs, a retail estate and MMP agriculture. Stay tuned and thanks for the comments!


Fantastic industrial update. Your use of FAR and FARR is brilliant.
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Another very nice update! Always a good work on the industrial areas with all the fillers.

I like the idea to have a research facility for Thorium 232.
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Excellent power plant and the surrounding industrial area are great too. Not quite sure what to think of the wavy fences around the far rails though, it's better than nothing I guess.  :D

Looking forward to the next entry!  :thumbsup:
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This isn't exactly what I call scrap....

Great work! Full of details that meet reality. I'm feeling envious, but keep on scrutinizing the images for ideas and details. Nice, really nice....


Okay, you´ve hooked me!  $%Grinno$%

I like railways, and I like to see them in such a realistic look, as you show them here. This Oil harbor with the waiting tank wagons, here the first time I had the feeling, that a railyard made with the drawable network could look nice. And this nuclear power plant sourrounded by residentials - wow, I wouldn´t trust, I would look for a safe place on the next city tile...  $%Grinno$%

But nice work here, keep it on!


Great work  &apls   I really enjoy the different type of areas you show--I'm fairly sure this is the first time I've seen oil-producing areas like that or a car junkyard. Love the nuclear plant--the thorium research back story was a great touch too (though it seems to be scaled up pretty large for a research reactor :P ). I really liked the way your diagonals looked with the surrounding lots. I'd forgotten about those lots but feel like I should try using them again. Excellent start and I'm glad you decided to share this :)



benedict: Thanks, I always love building large convoluted railway tracks.

art128: What is an SC4 industrial area with them fillers?

vortext: Would you prefer orthogonal fencing or orthogonal mixed with diagonal fencing for the railway fence?  :P

FrankU: Every Sunday I go to a skatepark in Redcar, in Northeast England, and to get there I go right through the centre of Teesside's industry. That's my inspiration for these industrial areas in Grethor, with a bit of inspiration derived from Koyaanisqatsi and U2's Stay.

carlfatal: A Sim's sense of NIMBY does not extend to a nuclear power plant looming over their back yard. God bless them!

noahclem: I spam those diagonal fillers like crazy when building cities. As for the thorium research back story, it just came to me (with a little help from Wikipedia to).


During the last two weeks I was very busy working on the new city of Townshead and I forget about this MD, but not to worry I'll also show several preview pictures of Townshead to make up for my absence.


Entry 3: East Grethor- suburbs, retail estates and MMP agriculture

Moving away from heavy industry now, East Grethor is greener, brighter and more lusher.

I love seeing 5 by 5 apartment blocks develop.

East Grethor's retail estate.

5*5 apartment blocks are really awesome.

The railways convergeth.

T Wrecks IRM fillers are just as useful in non-industrial situations. Note: I just realised -- three months later -- that one of the walls is out of place!

And now for a bit of agriculture.

Moo! The cows say hello.


In the next entry we travel to the centre of Grethor where large, rundown tower blocks await.



And now for some preview pictures of the city of Townshead. The city is almost complete, all I have to do is let the zones develop and fill in empty areas with flora.

Lotted or not?

One of my favourite movies is Bladerunner.


Entry 4: Central Grethor- grungy tower blocks and ponds

The centre of Grethor features grungy tower blocks; what's left of a very run-down estate which has been renovated more than ten years ago. Thanks to anti-pollution laws and better air filters, the NIMBY factor associated with central Grethor has diminished and the area is increasingly being yuppified (even if it is several hundred metres away from a nuclear power plant).


Drak Lake.

Stovely Lake.

Dimple Pond.

The building with the vibrant red bricks and partial glass roof was once a flour mill, now it has been converted into flats.

The Baltic, another converted flour mill, is the only former industrial building in Grethor to be turned into an arts museum. This BAT is based on the Baltic in Gateshead, a northern England city, which has a similar history and is one of the iconic buildings of Gateshead; along with the Sage.

A sign of Grethor's rising affluence is this new convention centre which was recently built.


In the next entry the west of Grethor is explored, which features stadiums and a lot of agriculture!


Fantastic! I really like the ponds&streams with paths around them.
(Please tell me you made lots with grass props on it for plopping those fields instead of MMPing it all by hand &idea)


Thanks Catalyst for your comment. To answer your question yes I MMPed many of the fields by hand.

Entry 5: Stokesley: rivers, ravines and waterfalls

Moving away from all of the urban grit and suburban sprawl of Grethor, we take a tour around Stokesley- an area with a few small villages and impressive scenery. This is the first city where I got really serious with rivers and waterfalls. Enjoy.



In the next entry we explore more of Stokesley, including the mountain lakes and scree slopes...



Now that's a waterfall! The people next to the cliff put it nicely into perspective.  &apls

The grunge from previous update was very enjoyable in its own right, nice use of Diggis' water for the two lakes! :thumbsup:
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Very nice update. I like the little details such as the dirt car park and the 'tourists' beside the waterfall.
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Fantastic pictures and so much detail! I really like all the dirty industrial stuff and the space you put in a lot of your region.

I have to ask - where did you get the harbour wall and those interesting square asphalt fillers from?

Great work and looking forward to seeing more!


You can update quicker than I can reply,

I missed about three....

They are all great!  &apls