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Started by jeronij, January 20, 2008, 03:22:57 AM

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You da man Jeronij :thumbsup:

Definitely keeping tabs on this &sly

Looking amazing so far!

AJ ;)

Sim City 4 Devotion


jeronij, it's always good to see a great man at work.

You have certainly set yourself up with a challenge, especially since you are providing us with RL pic's for comparison.

Looking forward to see where you take this (and us).

It would seem however, that at your current rate of progress, we may soon need another class after Classic  :D




Hello to all ;D

Wow  ??? ¡¡¡, so many gentle comments  :thumbsup: ¡¡¡ You are all very kind. I want to thank you for your feedback and comments.

Before the development pictures, for those of you who are wondering if the lighthouses do work...

I plan to work more  in the Cap Gros lighthouse area, there are some buildings missing, and I will  change the lighthouse placement... but before I proceed there, I have started to define the first residential zone in this city tile....

In RL, this is residential resort on the side of a hill, right facing the sea... We'll see  how this grows  ::)

Again a BIG thanks to all for the compliments  :thumbsup: . It is a pleasure to post a picture in this MD so far  ;D
I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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I hope you get what you want to grow there.  I think it is very difficult building a city on such a hilly terrain.  So I will have to watch closely how you accomplish this.  As I have no luck at all.  I have seen alot of your work before, but I wasn't actually foloowing it as you were building so this will be a learning experience for me.
The light house looks great.  Does the actually move around the light house?  They look fantastic as well, you did a very good job on them.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.



Awww come one... now you're just showing off!!!!! :D

I've decided that I am going to attempt some of your techniques concerning building on ledges/high elevations. You've inspired me in a most unusual way... &idea. Coming from slope city, I learned a lot there. Once again, I am still learning...

Take care, and always looking for more updates!

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Yes, I'm sure lot of us will still learn to difficult art of slope sculting

Great night shot btw !

And do you use a custom tree controller or is it one of cycledogg ?

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Great work on that area there, jeronij! And wonderful night shots of the lighthouse! :thumbsup:


Another great update, my friend!

The light on the lighthouse looks great, and I can't wait to see how the first residential development on the island progresses! I'll be back to view some more!



Wow, truely great pictures/MD allready.  &apls
This topic is in my bookmarks.  ;)

A little oftopic but this is defently a great site and a great comunity.
A few days ago I was looking at a topic and noticed the great Dusktrooper was looking at the same topic.  8)

ontopic, never been to Mallorca but this MD sure makes me long for a vacation there.  :)


I am enjoying your efforts so far and have my pencil and pad ready for taking notes. When viewing your regions I feel as though I were in school.

The terrain mod looks interesting. Almost other-worldly with it's various hues. Is that Dogfight's: DarkIgneous rock mod?

Looking forward to the regions development.


I knew it was a good idea to visit this MD again tonight - the lighthouse is wonderful. Does it actually turn arround (the light I mean  ::) )

I am looking forward to find out what kind of houses you will let grow in those spots....
Check my MD:               


The lighthouses are gorgeous just as expected.
It will be interesting to see how the residential area develops with low-density zoning and several single tiles. Just hope nobody falls out of their backyard! :)

Until next time...


You will say I am a bad educated guy.... and you'll almost be right  $%Grinno$% ...

Now some time for some replies....

It is great to see some "old" faces again, and some new ones as well  :thumbsup: . This speaks volumes about our community health  :D

All and every one of your comments is really welcome, but I wont have the time to reply one by one...  ::) ... so , sebes, warconstruct, Derry, szarkoz, kimcar, iamgoingtoeatyou, dsrwhat316, vester, TopCliff, bobinator, Yoman, jayo, Fukuda , Dustin, Heblem, Jmouse, GrizzlyBuilder, kwakelaar, Xiziz, getdown11, tooheys,    receive my warmest wishes and thanks  :thumbsup:

Ennedi, the water mod I decided to use (because it really looks like the real water in the area) ,is : dogfight_Marshy_WaterMod.dat recently released. And the rock mod  by the same author: dogfight_DarkIgneous_Rock_Mod.dat  ( Sorry I dont have the links at hand atm  :-[

Praidoan, we'll probably see many German people in Mallorca, but at other places... in Port de Soller you we'll mainly see French and Belgium people  ;) ( and perhaps some "lost" english  ::) ) , and thanks for replying mightygoose's question  :thumbsup:

Shadow Assassin, I used these textures for the old military lighthouse for no particular reason...  ;D ... simply because it looks nicer than the real one  :D . And I hope the last pictures do answer your question about the light - houses. Port de Soller is located right at the north of that picture.

beskhu3epnm, thanks for your compliments  :thumbsup: ... yes, this is going to be a challenging terrain, but Slope City was also an interesting (ly failed) experience  ;)

DebussyMan, I found those difficulties right from the beggining... it is difficutl to adapt reality to SC4, and I am fearing that some (or many) custom lots and BATs will be needed to get a semi-decent recreation of what I am pursuing  ;D

Thanks Alex  :thumbsup: ¡¡¡, I plan to intensively use the NAM in this region  ::) , so I am glad you are around here to give me a hand from time to time  :D

paroch, thanks for your feedback  :thumbsup: , and talking about the crazy night light in Magalluf...  $%Grinno$% .... we'll see .... I`ll need SimGoobers adult props for sure  :D :D

BigSlark , you are right  ;), those buildings are 100% required to give the right "feeling". About this:
QuoteI must ask, is there any chance of a Mallorca pack in the future?
, well, I will release most of my custom content, of course, but I like to include as much stuff as I can in my packs, so it may take a while  ;D

David, thanks for the compliment  :thumbsup: , I am glad to know I made your day a bit better  ;)

Wou, amigo,
QuoteAmazing start, as I've been to Puerto de Soler almost 10 years ago, and I remember I've seen that lighthouse !
, ha ha ha, it seems that sometime in the future the lighthouses will be demolished, as the military base which has also been demolished some time ago...so I am somehow recreating an illusion  :D
Btw, I am using CPT_No7_TreeController_ShorePine_RequiresNo8andNo9.dat as the main tree controller, but I placed most of the trees using the Mayor Mode  Mods  ;D

ejc, hello there ¡¡¡, yes, I recall Menallorca  ;) , and the goals for both projects are different  ;) ¡¡¡, you finished it... I dont know if I ever will  :D :D

figui, gracias por el comentario  :thumbsup: ¡¡¡

Masochist, I do also hope to see everything starting to take shape soon  ::)  :thumbsup:

Alfred.Jones, nice to see you around here my friend  :thumbsup: . And wow  ??? ¡¡¡, what it that banner in your signature  ::)  $%Grinno$%  :D :D :D

Robin, also great to see you my friend, of course the lights "work" the same way Maxis ones  ;)

And I stop here .... It been a long time since a so looooong post from me  ::)  :D :D :D

Again thanks to all for your support  :thumbsup:
I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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That lighthouse looks great! I cant wait to see how the residential zones turn out!


Awesome work Jeronij :thumbsup:

Personally I hate building residential (or any zone for that matter) on hills because it never works for me &sly

Looking forward to see how this turns out ;)

Sim City 4 Devotion


I am interested to see how the residential area on the slope will work out. From my experience, most residential lots don't seem to be very slope tolerant. The building either ends up in a hole in the ground, or its a 20ft drop from the front gate to the street. Either way, it's difficult to leave home  :D




We're not worthy. &apls

This is amazing news. One of the major reasons for me to start a journal at this site was your presence here - anything you do seems to raise the bar for the rest of us. Thank you for starting this new journal.

About the latest update: it will most certainly be interesting to see how that area grows - those are some mighty steep slopes you are working with. ;D

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nova vesfalo

Breathtaking :o ! so much work on a so little piece of map ! And what king a work !!!!! Truely amazing !


Thanks for taking the time to reply to me and the rest of us. 
As for the Light house, I haven't really used one where I noticed the light working, or maybe it did and I just forget....that's why I asked.  ::)

Anyways here is the links for Ennedi and any one else who may want the MODDs Jeroni is using.
dogfight's Water Mods
dogfight's Rock Mods

Robin  ;)
Call me Robin, please.


Great work Jeronij, can't wait to see what else you've got for us!

Check out Abelfarei!