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May 29, 2023, 08:57:52 PM

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Warsaw, Poland

Started by warszawa, April 21, 2008, 04:27:27 AM

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Thanks very much for your kind comments Schulmanator, Simpson, Bat, Kimcar, Paroch, Sauron620, Pat, Sheep49 and Art128.


Name of Update = The rural areas
Location = Warsaw environs
Date = 1948
Population = 600,000

Take a look at the mosaics below that I took of rural Warsaw!

Hope you liked them, Alex :)
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Hi Alex,

Yes, I liked them alot.  Very nice work on them, no hints of joins and nicely photoshopped, it gives a nice glow without over-doing it.

The farms are very square and gridlink, certainly not what I'm used to seeing in England but I have flown over similar layout in Calgary, Canada, so I know they do exist.

Great stuff here.



Wow alex those mosaics are just fabulous! Great to see you still up and about in the community, and working on such a fine MD. Truly jealous of that second mosaic.  &apls   ;D





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Oh my friend this update is magnifical  &apls
Your fields are very very good and very réalistic  &apls
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 &apls &aplsWow those are very great mosaics. I like that you put trees in those fields. It`s not something usual but it`s a great idea and great look too. Keep it up  :thumbsup:


As said kimcar, I like very much the trees between the fields  :thumbsup: and also the forest is very realistic   &apls



incredible mosaics  &apls  a very very good job !!  :thumbsup:
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Even though I grew up in the northern Black Forrest where trees are common on fields (Streuobstwiesen) there are sometimes a bit too much trees on the fields - especially on those that are not plain green fields.

Despite than that: presentation is superb!

One question: Which tree controller did you use for the wood on the bottom of the first pic? I am never satisfied with my woods but that wood looks great!

Take care and don't forget to make backups!

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


These newest mosaics are looking beautiful!
Great update of that rural area!!!

Looking forward to more...


Very nice fields there, Alex!  :)
I especially like the second mosaic. It's wonderful! ;)
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OMG Alex some thing I just cant explain here?? I know Im breathless here on such beauty of the country and the effects to the photos you have giving!!! I cant wait till the next update!!!

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Very nice  :thumbsup: Can't wait to see more.

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