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May 29, 2023, 09:01:17 PM

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Warsaw, Poland

Started by warszawa, April 21, 2008, 04:27:27 AM

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update 6: nice park, seems like a perfect place to visit.

update 7: I like the residential developments next to the soccer fields!

can't wait to see your next update


The parks in Warsaw are looking great, my friend!

Can't wait to see more!



Nardo60 - Hello Bernhard! Good to see you. Very glad to hear that you enjoyed the update. See you soon in the SC4 Picture Competition soon :P.
sauron620 - Thanks so much sauron620, a very nice comment indeed. I will try and make the parks more 'different' when I make them next time :).
Paroch - I am overwhelmed to hear that you liked the update Paul, I will be showing some overviews just before the update of the war, hope you can wait that long. Once the war updates have finished, I will then be showing you roads without the arrows, so fear not. I just hope you can put up with it until then :D.
Pat - Hey! Glad you like the soccer picthes, do you play soccer mate?
sebes - Cheers so much for that enthusiastic comment Sebes. I try my best in photoshopping. As I said to Paul, after the updates of the war, when Warsaw is being reconstructed - I will then use the one way streets without arrows mod. I will try my nest to show you the 'pleasant' pictures! :D
tcx - Thank you. It is indeed a very nice pleace to visit, I hope you will enjoy the updates soon to come.
thundercrack83 - Hey Dustin man, I'm throughly glad that you enjoyed that update. More is here! Hope to see you again.


Name of Update = Transportation in Warsaw
Location = Warsaw Srodmeiscie
Date = 1930
Population = 1.3 million

Transportation was one of the main things that kept the city active during pre-war. Tram lines were installed near the beginnning of 1900's. The first railway opened in Warsaw in 1845. The main railway station is Warszawa Centralna serving both domestic traffic to almost every major city in Poland.

Please comment! :P
Visit my Warsaw, Poland MD.


Great new update there, warszawa! And like the transportation in Warsaw! :thumbsup:


Wow really good
Continu &apls &apls :thumbsup:
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Looking good, my friend! I love the rail yard especially, but the whole update was great.

Keep up the good work!



Looking good  - I love how you are always able to catch the positive nostalgic feelings of old picture in your screens.


there is something I don't like here at all - the Maxis Grand Railway Station. I am not one of those who always scream against Maxis content but THAT LOT IMHO is just ... bah ...  ?$%kar&%h

If I can make you some suggestion as there are quite some nice big stations available, I made you an incomplete(!) list:

Somewhere there is also a mod that turns the Maxis station into a useful two track RR station but the original lot is really *censored*

Please don't ruin your great pictures with such a bugged crap!

Take care  and don't forget to make backups

Bernhard  :thumbsup:

Edit: Found the Patch: Grand Station Patch


Looks very good. It all gives me a good old rusty feeling. :thumbsup:



bat - Hee.. Hee... Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the update.
Simpson - Indeed I will continue, cheers for a nice comment.
thundercrack83 - I love that rail yard as well, I think it adds realism to that shot. Thanks as always for your lovely comments Dustin :D.
Nardo69 - Pleased to hear that you liked the update Bernhard. Thanks very much for those links you have provided for the train station, I'll be sure to use one of them after the war. I hope you can bear with the train station for next few updates until it is destroyed during WW2 ;).
Q-Tips - That's the film grain effect on the pictures that makes it look 'rusty', thanks for the nice comment.


Name of Update = City Facades
Location = Warsaw
Date = 1930
Population = 1.3 million

In the 1930's, Warsaw experienced something of a construction boom. Now, in addition to housing estates, luxury apartment buildings were being put up. Run-down shops were transformed into modern European salons with gleaming windows. At nights, the main streets were bathed in neon. In cafes, restaurants and dance halls, the hum of conversation could be heard well into the night and huge crowds flocked to the theatres and cinemas.

Please comment! :D
Visit my Warsaw, Poland MD.


It's really good  ;) &apls &apls
And it's realistic  $%Grinno$%
Did you make a region if you make a region can we have a picture of the region ?? ;)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Fantastic "historical" pictures there! Like them! Also looking forward to the next update... ;)


Ah yes, I like those two updates a lot.

The mix of old and new buildings works very well.  And in the second update I adore the graffiti/art on the side of the building in the second picture - very nice.

And I like the way the rails run next to the road in the first pic - oh yes.

And of course I will wait for the arrows to be removed - your MD is taking great shape, a few one way arrows are not enough to keep me away.

I look forward to more,



beautiful pics, I like the detail and the nostalgic touch.
I like the graffiti on the second pic  :thumbsup:


Another lovely update, my friend!

The city façades are wonderful--I love the one with the mural on it the best. Keep up the splendid work here!



Simpson - Thanks very much indeed. I have not made a region unfortunately.. I've only made Warsaw on 1 city tile...
bat - Glad you liked the previous update as always! Next update is here matey!
paroch - Hello! Glad you liked the updates, the arrows won't be there any more after the 14th update... Hope to see you again soon.
tcx - I adore that graffiti on the BAT as well. It was made by a talented Polish BATter - Ferox. Thanks for the comment, hope to see you again.
thundercrack83 - Hey! Good to see you here once again my friend. I appreciate your enthusiam very much and I will try my best to impress you as well as my fellow MD'ers! :)


Name of Update = Outer City Overviews
Location = Warsaw suburbs
Date = 1932
Population = 1.3 million

For the Jewish community, too, Warsaw was a centre of culture, with many events being staged in Yiddish. A key figure in the city's development was a long-time mayor, Stefan Starzynski (1893 - 1944), whose far-sighted urban projects were being implemented well into the post-war years.

Please comment! :D
Visit my Warsaw, Poland MD.


A nice industrial area there! The other area is also very good!
Looking forward to the next...


a great industrial area :)
I like the way those non diagonal bats look in the third pic, they seem to be one big diagonal BAT :)


Nice to see another update from you. Both those industrial and residentalarea looks good to me. And as mentioned before : The diagonal building is good and looks like one big BAT. But those one way roads with all those arrows destroy some of the pictures mood. Nice work. At the moment this is one of my favour.

Shadow Assassin

The city looks great, but for the love of God, please get a OWR removal mod. :P (oh yeah, I just read up there in your comment to paroch that you're gonna get rid of them after the 14th update... a relief :P)

It ruins the mood of some of the pictures...

But hey, it looks great. Do you use the Lot Editor to change some of the lots around so they fit in better with what you're looking for? If you don't, why not give it a try?
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LoL gotta love it when folks forget to read that these are really old pics and that time will devolp as you catch up to where you are currently at Warszawa lol..... Cant wait till the next update!!!!

hmmmm should have page flipped with my post wierd???

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