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Paint.NET Fsh Filetype Plugin

Started by null45, September 01, 2009, 05:43:25 PM

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This is a Filetype plug-in I wrote to allow Paint.NET to load / save fsh files.

When saving an options dialog will allow you to set the type of Fsh and if Fshwrite compression is used.

The "Fshwrite compression" option compresses the image with higher quality compression than FSHLib uses.

To install place all three dlls in the FileTypes directory where Paint.NET is installed.

Download: FshFiletype

I hope it will be useful.  :thumbsup:


Hey, thanks! I'm sure that'll be very useful.
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The plugin now uses the Paint.NET save dialog and the higher quality Fshwrite compression is used when writing DXT1 or DXT3 fsh files.  :thumbsup:


The Fshwrite compression is now a selectable option, a few other bugs fixed.

File version updated to


The Paint.NET resize function is now used for resizing the Mipmaps, File version updated to  ;)


Thank you for this plugin. It helps me out to be able to open the files directly into Paint.NET instead of converting them first using various utility programs like fshtool.

I am having trouble, however, with saving in the fsh format. I receive the following error popup:

Error Saving Fsh: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007000B)

I am using Paint.NET 3.5.5 (latest version) on Windows 7 64-bit.

The plugin does allow saving to other formats like png, so it is still very useful for me. Just thought you might like to know about the error messages.

Thanks again and best regards--


That is what I get for using copy and paste and not testing on a 64-bit machine after I added Fshwrite compression. ::)

That bug has been fixed, File version updated to


Oh wow thanks. This is awesome and I use it all the time. Thanks so much!  &hlp &apls ;D :D


The DXT1 fsh files should now load the alpha channel correctly.

File version updated to


Support for re-saving existing multi-scale images added, FSHLib dependency removed.

File version updated to :)

Additionally this plugin is now also on the main Paint.Net plugins forum.


Added support for the FSH attachments.

File version updated to


Fixed a few bugs in the mipmap and attachment support, file version updated to


Fixed a crash in the DXT1 compression, File version updated to


Fixed a number of attachment handling bugs, file version updated to


 &apls  for continuing to update this, its much appreciated
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Fixed a bug with the decompression of some DXT images, a few more attachment handling bugs fixed.
File version updated to


Use static linking on squish_Win32.dll and squish_x64.dll to remove the Visual C++ runtime dependency.