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Space Battleship Yamato BATs and movie question 宇宙戦艦ヤマト (Starblazers in the US)

Started by Pheonix Rising, July 04, 2010, 12:11:02 AM

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Pheonix Rising

To start, how many of you remember an old 80s cartoon called Starblazers? If you remember it, don't fret. There are several lots/bats out there. Unfortuanately I can only remember the link for one...

APTX released and industry lot that has a ship that looks a lot like the Andromeda class ship

Grab it from the blog http://yaplog.jp/waldorf/category_18/

Now.. the main ship the Yamato (Argo) I know I once saw but cannot find it anymore.. I don't remember who did it or what site I found it on... but since i'm (for whatever reason) on a starblazers kick I would like to find a copy of it.

On to the second part.... This has more to do with the Yamato movie due in december of this year in Japan. Do any of our Japanese members know if or when an english version will be released? The movies site yamato-movie.net is in flash and cannot be translated. Mas-san, anyone??

第2 部....をオンにこれは、大和の映画は今年の12月に日本でのためにこれまで以上にしています。弊社の日本人メンバーの道は知っている場合、または英語バージョンがリリースされますか?映画サイトヤマト- movie.netは、フラッシュにあり、翻訳することはできません。マスさん、誰ですか??


Alright, another "Star Blazers"/"Uchuu Senkan Yamato" fan!

Our true hero Space Captain Mas'71 san released a beautiful version of the Yamato/Argo, which can still be found on Ragutaro's "HIDE and Seek!" fansite download page at http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=7, with the actual download there on Page 4.  Big thank you, Mas-san!

Now we just need a ship for space pirate Captain Harlock, or for you "Gintama" cosplaying fans, Space Captain Katsura.  "Zura ja nai, Kyaputen Katsura dattebayo!"  LOL

As for the live action movie, for those who haven't seen:

Squeal!   &dance

I do hope they indeed do release an English-subtitled version fairly soon for international audiences.  Given the buzz, it is likely, but I too would love to hear something more definitive than the rumor mill.  Be sure, it will make a perfect sci-fi companion for my copy of the war drama "Otoko-tachi no Yamato."

Pheonix Rising

Yep, page 4. MAS also posted it on the stex. As far as movie dates this is what I pulled from imdb.com

Country   Date
Hong Kong    22 March 2010    (Hong Kong International Film and Television Market)
Japan    1 December 2010    
Brazil     31 December 2010    

So, its been shown in Honk Kong it seems but no where else. At this point I don't care if I have to get it with english subtitles so long as I can see it. 20 years ago I even had some of the model kits for several ships though never found the Argo or Andromeda.


Hello friends, Hello comrades in arms.  ;D

well, I dont have a knowledge well about moovies of the "Space Battleship - YAMATO" in our time.  ;D
so I'd try to look over any information about that, I'm sorry to late reply. :-[
Odainsaker-san and Pheonix Rising-san already having better informations more than me, Thank you both.  ;)

by the way,
My "SpaceBattlesihip-YAMATO", you can get latest-versions on LEX,too :)
Check it out on My Supprt Thread or get them here please.
-> MAS71 Yamato Ship IHT Naval Station (Ploppalbe I$h with seawalls)
-> MAS71 Yamato Ship LM (Ploppalbe Landmark on the sea, and flying in a sky)
-> MAS71 PROPs Pack Vol01 (SC4Model files of Yamato)

This is just an aside...
When I made this Yamato on Gmax, I referred to following work the '1m size of YAMATO'.
Oyadi-san(おやぢ さん), He seems to be one of famous person about a crafting models in a Japan.
I belive that he is a person of most great Modeler of the YAMATO in the world. ;)
Please look once his works by all means. ;)

- Do楽Do (Do Raku Do) by おやぢ さん (Oyadi san)
-> http://www.geocities.jp/dourakuoyadi/index.html (top page)
-> http://www.geocities.jp/dourakuoyadi/newpage1.htm (First page of '1m size of Yamato')

His all works are fantastic, I belive that you would surprised for his detailed works. ;D
(Unfortunately, His all of works are not mass-produced and an article not for sale. :P)

Thank you :)

Pheonix Rising

I hope the new 1m Andromeda is completed soon. It is looking very nice! I wish I would have spent more time building models when I was younger, maybe I could have taken up such an impressive project. I know there must be people out there willing to pay a small fortune for such high quality work.

I found the Yamato on the STEX but did not know you have one on the LEX as well. Very detailed work MAS-san. Do you know if any of the other Japanese batters have created any other ships based on the same anime?

Also, have you looked at any of the movie trailers for Yamato? They look very good.


Hi again.  :)
Thank you so much for your warm words for my Yamato and you got it.  ;)
QuoteDo you know if any of the other Japanese batters have created any other ships based on the same anime?
No. Unfortunately, I have not seen others as far as I know. ()sad()

QuoteAlso, have you looked at any of the movie trailers for Yamato?
Yes, :) I'm intrested of next version of movie(not animated cartoon version) that will shown december,2010. ;D
I'll go to a theater with my real friend whom loving this Yamato all the time from childhood. ;D

Thank you  :)