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Need help trying to get these lots to work

Started by jmdude1, October 22, 2011, 08:49:23 PM

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ive downloaded these great rural japanese lots but i cant get them to show up in my menu. ive used his/her other creations which work fine but i cant figure these out.  i used google translate but it doesnt help me either.  ive also clicked the links but they dont point to a specific page and i checked all 13 pages for some props or something but found nothing. 

any help or input would be great. thanks!



The pack only contains props. You have to create some lots with it to use them ingame.


ah....thanks for that!  the translator said something about 4 types, so i thought he/she had created lots rather than props. 

uki sim

Oh..2011, previous two years...

This onion shed Lot is a dependencie file is "Kori's Green House".

and You select Kori's Green House, This onion shed will appear at random, including Kori's Green House.
uki sim" height="50 width="300"