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does it work?

Started by tvrcars, January 26, 2014, 06:28:49 PM

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I found this


they are great but when I put them into the game not to sure if they are working. I used draw paths and i got this, I dont see the paths for it going on the slope nor do i see it for the new rail with the new nam. Just wondering if it just eyecandy or does it work.

many thanks


These things work. I used them in my MD Imaginia and they do work. Funny enough, the level-to-underground rail transition works for both heavy rail and GLR.
Lurk mode: ACTIVE


Presumably, automata won't pass, though, as there don't seem to be custom paths.

Also, seeing that you use the RRW in a Left-Hand Drive setup, consider installing [this missing file].


Thank you MandelSoft now I know I can use GLR with them and thank you memo for the file seems to have sorted RRW out for me and even got rid off the lag as well &apls


my game crashes when i place them...