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Japanese BAT Gallery II (日本のBATギャラリー)

Started by snorrelli, February 29, 2008, 11:47:44 PM

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Provo, a city apart Updated July 4.


I have a high-density, high-wealth residential brown box that I suspect is Japanese. Its name is owadab (all lower case) and it has 462 residents. I cannot find it anywhere except from a Chinese source...complaining about the brown box. EDIT: Found! http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=662

There is also a CS$$$ stack of purple globes (??) with 365 employees; is this a dependency issue as well? Name field is blank.


Just curious, are there any new Japanese BATs/BATters than anyone has heard of? Many of the classics that I remember are either not working on BATs anymore or their websites are shut down.


Not that I can think off. There are however a few active Japanese creators nowadays, here's some of them:

Moonlight, he IS active even though he hasn't been doing any simcity work lately. He's currently busy with work and modding skyrim. His latest SC4 works were diagonal buildings, still WIP.
Uki-sim (His twitter) is also quite active, even though like moonlight he hasn't released anything recently.
Gobanboshi is another very active japanese custom content creator. He released another of his beautiful building just a few days ago. (click on Simcity on the right and then:  商業(CS・CO)for commercials, 公共施設 for train stations rewards and monuments, 車両MOD(Automata) for automata mods. )
Jim's twitter. He is showing some very interesting developments. Hopefully he will upload something soon.
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