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February 08, 2023, 05:03:35 AM

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Diagonal filler re-plop

Started by travismking, July 23, 2010, 08:24:00 AM

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is there an exemplar that I can modify to allow the diagonal fillers to be able to replop without going back into the park menu every time I want to plop one? I love these lots but this is really annoying :p I cant find any exemplar like this in the reader


Maybe have those lots appear in a different menu, like the hospital menu, or something, which involes a third party program called leprop, which should be on the Stex. Using that should allow you to relocate lots to appear in different menus (icon buttons). Its also fairly easy.

Otherwise, it would be nice if the diagonal lots could be dammed off (daely's additional menu modd, or whatever its called) However, I don't think something like that has been made for those.


They are in the park menu, there got to be a way to make it so they can replop without having to go through the menu again (also, is simtropolis down?) Are you saying that if i move them to the hospital menu they will replop without having to re-click them in the menu? I think we are talking about different things :p I can only plop one and then I have to reactivate the park from the parks menu, whereas all other parks and most buildings in game you can replop an infinite amount of times without having to select it again


This sounds like you are using an MML lot for the fillers, to hide the menu icons when not needed. The draw back is that you have to re click the menu every time you plop one, like you are doing.

The only way to fix this is to remove the MML from your plugins, until you no longer need them.

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The need of replopping them is a result of making them only available when you plant the "main-lot" (I hope you know what I mean) in order to activate the other Lots, as far as I know :-\
So I guess you need to make all these Lots "independent" from the main Lot.

Fabian :)


As said above, just remove the MML DAT from "Plugins\zz_BSC MML Mod". You can do this at any time (while the game is not running, of course), so you won't have to open the menu again and again. If you're done with plopping a set (esp. useful when dealing with canal sets and the like), simply move back the MML DAT, and after the next start, the icons are hidden again, saving valuable space, without affecting the actual lots. For sets that you use quite often, I suggest to leave out the MML DAT completely (I've done the same for the diagonal filler lots an the SFBT park lots, for instance).


awesome thank you andreas (and everyone else) :D I will probably just delete the MML lot cuz i use this set quite a lot, probably more now that they will be easier to plop :)