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February 08, 2023, 05:21:56 AM

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Permission to modify, but not distribute directly?

Started by Strategist01, July 15, 2009, 02:53:30 AM

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Hey there.

I am writing to the creator(s) of the Random sesonal woods parks, (the pack with the 1x1 and 2x2 aspen and oak lots)

I would like to modify these parks, so that they have somefunctionality, such as having a air pollution absorbing effect and a water pollution effect, plus some park and landmark effects for my citites.

The reason is that I tried to knock together a lot by itself, and it came out all I want to modify it with Ilive, as I am not all that good when it comes to doing things like this...

Please may I do this?

Many thanks,



Generally speaking within the community you may do what you want to items you download, provided you don't redistribute them without permission.

I didn't create the files so can't give you permission, but it's pretty safe to say go for it.  ;)


Like Diggis said, feel free to modify the lots for your own needs, as long as you don't plan to upload them somewhere else. :)


Ok, I did modify them, but I forgot to add that I intend to create a tutorial, which would use the modified version of these lots. Now I wouldn't upload them to be available for download, but I would ask the users of my tutorial to download The lot editor, and then modify them the way i did it, so as to get the same effect. Would that be ok?


Maybe if you were to tell us what you were doing with them, some pics maybe, then we could tell you the best way to go about what you plan.  ;)


Ok, do you mean what I intend to change the values to? Like sort of 2 pics, one for the 2x2 lots and one for the 1x1 lots of them in LE prop, with all of those values? (The 1x1 lots will have the same values, and each 2x2 lots will have different values, but the same with regards to each other...)


Yeah, probably.  Again I'm speaking as the community not the creator, but I can't see a problem with you recommending users change settings.  I wasn't sure exactly what you were chaning, as if it was creating a new lot using the old stuff you could have uploaded it and linked the old lots as a dependency. :)