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October 17, 2021, 02:13:51 PM

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Author Topic: Water Front: Pier designs  (Read 1229 times)

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Water Front: Pier designs
« on: December 01, 2020, 02:15:20 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to SC4 community and really like creating sea ports of all kinds, I am using several kits with different ports for that. However I have realized that there is several water front pier designs, so the plots don't always match and it is not always clear which waterfront styles to use with which ports. That can be quite confusing especailly if you have loads of content installed. So it seems advisable to reduce one's installed content to a minimum of styles but you should know which ports and piers go together.

I tried looking into that, but it seems there is no guide for that. Does anybody know better? Otherwise I would start a little guide for that.

Please see the screenshot for reference.

1. PEG-CDK Industrial style (tires hanging on concrete sheet pile)
2. PEG-CDK3 Seaport ... style (plain concrete sheet pile) and
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Style #1: Wooden Waterfront by Citynut
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2020, 04:15:24 AM »
Since there was no suggestions to an already existing guide I am gonna start describing pier styles, where to get them and which content I can suggest with them.

If anybody knows better or has found a similar post please stop me ;) Also if anyone knows additional content please let me know!

Style #1: Wooden Waterfront by Citynut
Wooden deck and pillars with fenders attached.

The packs with this water front style are linked below:

Newman Inc Wooden Waterfront Industrial BSC
1. Barby's Boat Repair  (5x3)
2. ParkingLot  (1x3)
3. Cable Depo  (2x3)
4. Crane  (2x3)
5. Ramp  (2x3)
6. Crane  (3x3)
7. Storage Depot  (3x3)
8. Diner  (4x3)
9. Glenni's Fish Market  (4x4)
10. Inner Corner  (3x3)
11. Outer Corner  (3x3)
12. Seafood Shippers  (6x3)
13. Warehouse1   (5x3)
14. Warehouses   (4x3)

Newman Inc Wooden Waterfront Commercial BSC
1. Dockside HotelEnd
2. Dockside Hotel
3. Bench
4. Flowers
5. ParkingLot
6. Stairs
7. Tree
8. Bench
9. Fountain Plaza
10. Music
11. Pier
12. Public Toilets
13. Stairs
14. April's Seafood ShackEnd
15. April's Seafood Shack
16. End Left
17. End Right
18. Inner Corner
19. ObservationDeckFood
20. Outer Corner

Newman Inc Wooden Waterfront Civic BSC
1. Firestation  (3x3)
2. Glenni's Waterfront Clinic  (3x3)
3. Police Station Small  (3x3)

BLS cnut Addons for cnut Waterfront by barbyw
1. CaptainJacks SeafoodRestaurant  (4x4)
2. Dennys  (4x3)
3. IceCreamParlour  (4x3)
4. MiniGolf  (4x4)
5. PlazaAzteca  (4x4)
6. FastFood  (4x2)
7. SmallShops             
8. WaffleHouse  (2x2)
9. Lucy Lappers Club   (4x3)
10. Seedy side of Town  (4x2)
11. Very seedy side of Town  (4x2)
12. BigPeckers  (5x3)

To integrate an actual working sea port in this style you can use BLS Rural Port cnut as part of the x-ports package.
BSC Functional Seaports
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Style #2: PEG-CDK Industrial Waterfront
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2020, 05:31:25 AM »
Style #2: PEG-CDK Industrial Waterfront
Tires hanging on concrete sheet pile

PEG-CDK Industrial
Basic lots for this style
1. Standard Waterfront (1x2) (75/10)
2. Standard Waterfront (3x2) (150/0)
3. Outer Corner Waterfront (2x2) (85/10)
4. Inner Corner Waterfront (2x2) (100/0)
5. Parking Lot Waterfront (1x2) (75/10)
6. Fast Freight Waterfront (1x2) (75/10)
7. Industrial Dock (3x2) (200/0)

PEGCDK Transition Lots
For a transition to deeper lots of this style and some navy bases with a very similar style
1. Left-side transition lot (1x2) (75/10)
2. Right-side transition lot (1x2) (75/10)

PEG CDK Industrial Warehouse
Warehouse (3x4) (150/0)

PEGCDK Fire Dock
Fire Dock (5x2)
Even tho this lot uses wooden pillars for the pier, one side connects to the style described here.

Navy Lots
The style of these lots is not exactly fitting in with the style described here, but I decided to include these lots anyway, since even the ReadMes of these files suggest to use them together.

PEG CDKN Navy Pier One
PEG CDKN Navy Pier Two
PEG CDKN Navy Pier Three
PEG CDKN Navy Pier Four

PEG-CDK Recreational
These lots are also from the PEG-CDK series however they do not go together too well with the industrial lots, there is no transitioning piece between them. The recreational style uses a concrete sheet wall with bricks (see screenshots for comparison).

PEG CDK II Recreational Style
1.Seawall with Steps (1x2) (75/5)
2. Seawall with raised Deck area. (1x2) (90/5)
3. Inner Corner Sea Wall (2x2) (85/5)
4. Outer Corner Sea Wall (2x2) (85/5)
5. Seawall with Picnic area (1x2) (95/5)
6. Seawall with Parking Lot (1x2) (95/5)
7. Seawall with Snack Bar. (1x2) (100/0)
8. Seawall with Pier Head. (1x2) (100/5)

I am very certain there are more packs existing using this waterfront style but i was not able to find them, If anyone knows of more it would be great to hear about it!
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Style #3: PEG CDK3 Sea Port Waterfront
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2020, 11:26:44 AM »
Style #3: PEG CDK3 Sea Port Waterfront
Concrete pier with a concrete sheet pile

This pier is a wider spread style that is used for quite a few lots.

PEG CDK3 SP Container Seaport by Pegasus
This is a functional seaport that can go through multiple development stages. However the creator warns that it is not functional with other seaport. For me it starts being bugged when in use with other seaports as soon as it develops into higher stages, until it becomes a flat lot that cannot be deleted anymore.
If you are using other seaports but still want to use this style you can go for the following:

PEG CDK3 SP Container Dock
Container Dock (9x5)

PEG CDK3 SP 1x Lots
1. Dock  (1x5)
2. Dock Ramp  (1x5)
3. Dock Stairs  (1x5)
4. Dock Parking Lot  (1x5)
5. Seaport Bus Stop  (1x5)

Even tho this lot is only 3 tiles deep, it goes with the 5 tile deep lots.
RCI Dock (1x3)

PEG CDK3 SP Corner Docks
Inner Corner (5x5)
Outer Corner (5x5)

This is a file that containes the major parts of this collection combined, i personally have never used it, since it conflicts with other installed seaports.
PEG CDK3-SP Container Seaport
PEG CDK3-SP Break-Bulk Seaport
PEG CSK2Canal Small Seaport
SWAP Package Handling Center (a seaport lot for airport freight handling)
PEG CDK3-SP Pier Seaport

PEG CDK3 Basics
These lots have the same waterfront pier but a service dirt road behind, which makes them not look too good right next to the 5 tile deep lots, but can be useful to combine with other buildings.
1. Dock (1x3)
2. Ramp (1x3)
3. Steps (1x3)
4. Docks (3x3)
5. Outer Corner (3x3)
6. Inner Corner (3x3)

PEG CDK3 Garbage Docks
Also uses dirt roads and therefore goes together well with the above.
Garbage Disposal Dock (4x3)
Large Garbage Dock (8x5)

PEG CDK3 Algae Farm
PEG CDK3 Fishery
PEG CDK3 Capt Jacks Landing
These are three industry harbor lots that I tend to use with this stlye, as they match best.

Warehouse Ports
Another big collection using this waterfront style are the warehouse ports by Pegasus.

Again, there is a functional version of some seaports that can not be used together with other functional seaports. Alternatively there is also a ploppable non function version of this lot. 

PEG CDK3 SP Break Bulk Seaport or alternatively PEG CDK3 SP Break Bulk Dock

PEG CDK3 SP Barge Warehouse
This lot has a floating barge layed up from time to time.
Row Warehouse (2x5)

PEG CDK3 SP Bubbas Bulk and Barge
This lot has a floating barge and crane layed up from time to time.
Bubba's Bulk & Barge (3x5)

PEG CDK3 SP Row Warehouses or alternatively PEG-CDK3-SP_RowWarehouses_101.dat from PEG CDK3 SP SEAPORT SUPER PAK
1. Row Warehouses IC (5x5)
2. Row Warehouses OC (5x5)
3. Dock Warehouse (2x5)
4. Dock Warehouse (3x5)
5. Dock Warehouse (4x5)

PEG CDK3 SP Vandy Shipping
Vandy's Shipping (9x10)

PEG CDK3 SP Pier Seaport or alternatively PEG CDK3 SP Pier One
1. Base Lot (4x5)
2. Warehouse Lot (2x2)
3. Warehouse Lot with barges (3x2)
4. Warehouse Lot  with ships (9x2)
5. Warehouse End Lot (2x2)

Wind Industry Ports
I recently started creating my own models and lots for the wind industry in sc4 and the are using this waterfron style and blend in very well.

A_1P WindIndustry Port Pack-1
1. Dock RotorBlades (1x6)
2. Dock Hubs (1x6)
3. Dock Nacelles (1x6)
4. TransitionPieces (1x6)
5. Towers (1x6)
6. Towers2 (1x6)
7. WindIndustry_1x5-TransitionL (1x6)
8. WindIndustry_1x5-TransitionR (1x6)
9. WindIndustryFiller (1x6)

A_1P WindIndustry-HeavyLiftTerminal
1. HeavyLiftTerminal_atwork (3x6)
2. HeavyLiftTerminal (3x6)
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Style #4: Industrial&Military Waterfront
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2020, 05:03:00 AM »
Style #4: Industrial&Military Waterfront
Concrete pier with a vertically folded metal sheet pile

This style is used for quite a few functional seaports included in the BSC Functional Seaports (v1.x) by RippleJet, however I only found one version of filler and corner lots for this style.

1. SDP Small Seaport
2. BRT Seaport
3. Newman Inc Grain Port
4. SNM Seaport
5. SDP Warehouse Port

An excellent Guide to these functional ports was created by whatevermind and can be found here Seaports Revealed: Unofficial Guide to the BSC Functional Seaports

Port Depot (10x6) and Port Storage (4x4) from the Newman Inc Oil Refinery BSC also use this style.

Lots that go very well with this style are parts of the SNM Navy set which I listed below. There are also some landbased lots that go well with it but since they do not have a waterfront won't be listed here. (for those simply use the power search with the term SNM and browse through)

SNM Navy Base Set
1. Stairs (1x4)
2. Straight (1x4)
3. Transition_Left (1x8)
4. Transition_Right (1x8)
5. EndLeft (2x4)
6. EndRight (2x4)
7. StraightCrane (2x4)
8. Straight (2x4)
9. Inner Corner (5x4)
10. Outer Corner (4x4)

SNM Navy Specials
1. Operations_Centre (5x4)
2. Ships_Stores (6x4)
3. Warehouse (5x4)
4. PatrolBoatPier (4x4)
5. SSN01SubPier (4x4)

SNM Navy Security
1. Police (1x4)
2. End_Left_Shore_Patrol (3x4)
3. End_Right_Shore_Patrol (3x4)
4. WharfSecurityEntry (4x4)

SNM Navy Dry Dock


BRT Fireboat Pier BSC

I am looking for the base set of this waterfront with apparently 1x1 and 1x2 lots of this pier, I believe it is called SNM waterfront, however I could not find it anywhere. The only hint I have to it is from the Navy Set 1 (see picture below.)
Does anyone know where to find this or still has the files?

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