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September 25, 2022, 10:40:28 AM

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SC4 Savegame Explorer Update: Now with more decoded subfiles!

Started by CasperVg, September 30, 2012, 06:18:52 AM

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Hi everyone,

A little while ago a group of talented people geeks (RippleJet, Ennedi, Wouanagaine, Z, BarbyW and others) decoded a fair bit of SC4 Savegame subfiles and Wouanagaine developed a tool, known as the SC4 Savegame Explorer that could display them and also detect Prop Pox-related issues in your cities. However, a lot of their results never made it public and I've asked Tage (RippleJet) if I could release them so maybe other people could pitch in and help decode even more. With some lay-outing help from jdenm8, I put the decoded savegame file information on the SC4D Wiki/SC4 Encyclopaedia, where some savegame-related information was already present thanks to whatevermind, who mirrored the information available on the MTS2 wiki.

With this new information comes a slight update for the SC4 Savegame Explorer, which enables browsing all these newly decoded subfiles. However, none are editable because SC4 uses a certain checksum algorithm, voiding the entire subfile if anything is changed. (I've bugged Maxis about releasing the algorithm but they haven't responded..)

To install this update, download the attached .zip-file, extract it and place the files in your C:\Program Files\SC4Save directory and replace the files present there if it asks for that. For the sake of simplicity, I've also added the multiarray.pyd fix that made PIM-X/SC4Save work again under Window 7 EP1, to this update.


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Taking advantage of the fact that now you also is administrator (Congratulations) make a small comment .... do not understand why this material is buried within a one category MTS2? subcategoria.da Wiki. (Where I certainly would not look for technical information)

Let me explain .. It was the same problem when I met him in SimsWiki though there this was justified because the material was made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable on a Wiki for the Sims not to SC4.

When I attached some links (SimsWiki) to a post in January also was surprised because many here did not know that stuff was there ... But it's easy to understand why without connections easy and intuitive, only for scouring all know what the site contains

I say this because the gradual disappearance of the more experienced modders over time, results in lower production of original content for the game. On the other hand the ignorance and the complexity of information access maybe go inhibiting the emergence of new creators.

If all information about modding in the Devotion was released conceptually and organized, maybe many other "experienced and beginners' creators would be arriving.


Thanks for the update!  Also great to see all that extra knowledge placed on the Wiki - the presence of this tool alone indicated more was known than the Wiki articles indicated - so I'm happy to see more details finally released.

@NCGAIO: I would be interested to hear your thoughts on organizing the Wiki better, but please, let's continue the discussion over at this thread so as to keep this one on topic. Although you did remind me of something I had meant to get to, soon to be posted there.  :)