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July 05, 2022, 12:35:17 AM

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Model tweaker issue

Started by eugenelavery, February 06, 2018, 05:57:47 AM

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Hello, I am wishing to reduce the size of this model from 6x6 to 4x4.

I go to model tweaker, open the model file for this building, enter 0.75 in the scale factor, and then hit save. Despite this, nothing changes in the size of the model. Am I missing a step? I read the tutorial and don't think I have missed anything. I have also used this tool successfully before, although not for a few years so perhaps my memory is foggy?


When that has happened to me in the past it has often been because an invisible model is included as part of the file and changing its size won't cause any visible change. So if two files are listed or the model may be in another directory then try whatever you haven't already tried. Not sure besides that. You'll want to switch to 67% or 2/3 to accomplish that scale change in any case  ;)


Hmm, in the file folder there is a DESC file, a MODEL file, and a LOT file. Your math is correct, I must have been half asleep when I posted! In Lot Editor I can see the building in the picture but no grey box representing the object appears - is that a clue?


Did you check if the program actually saved the changes in the file, or maybe created a new file at a different location, so the original file still loads last? It's been a while since I used the Model Tweaker, but it might be better to save the file with a new filename, put it into a dedicated folder, and then create a new SC4Desc file with the Plugin Manager or PIM-X, which should reflect the resized model dimensions as well. Finally, make a new lot, the grey box in the Lot Editor should have the desired size then. If you don't see a grey box in the original lot, that usually means the building has been added as a prop, or the model size in the SC4Desc file has been set to 0 manually.


Aha, I found the problem - I had this particular building in my plugins folder twice.