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July 05, 2022, 05:06:05 PM

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Decision Board (Turn 19 Decisions Needed!)

Started by nedalezz, July 31, 2011, 05:04:46 AM

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Right, everything is in order for Update Five, just need peter007 to give me a couple of desicions and we're set for the next round. Waiting on you, Garvei!


Ok, eh

I want to buy
$10000 on luxury products
$5264 on Life Neccessity products

then I have $500 in cash which is for taxes


Alright, looks like I'll be enrolling in the Rawa'a Primary School.


Alright, its that time again - Decisions for Turn Six:

Areameder: $17,493 - Need to know how you want to buy those Life Neccessities.

Garvei: $643 - You got your investment all tied up in your electronics - your sales will be reflected next turn. You can still make a little cash buying up some Life Neccessities for your Stall.

Harvey: $6,482 - Your farm gave you some good reward this turn (30% bonus), which means you have $4,160 worth of Vegetables inventory ready to be sold next turn. Other than that, no decisions are required.

Martin: $7,910 - No bonus this round. No decisions required - although noted about the school!

Meade: $10,610 - No bonus this round. No decisions required - please let me know if you plan on spending any cash.

Terrell: $6,700 - No bonus this round. No decisions required - please let me know if you plan on spending any cash.


I think I want to also enroll in the school, who wants an airhead running their utilities system.  :P


I should mention that once your Education Level rises, so will your salary as a Government Employee :)


I would like to enroll in Rawa'a Primary school. That's $500 per turn, correct?


Its $1,000 per turn - and Primary School runs for 8 turns, after which your Education Level jumps to 1 :)


Alrighty then. What kind of salary increase do I get for 1 point?


Well since the town's overall wealth is still at the lowest, it will have the minimum upgrade, which is double the salary.


I would like to buy the 1x2 corner that my stand is currently on. (Which I think will run $2,400?)

Secondly I will enroll in school, (So $1,000 this turn)

I will buy $4,000 on luxury products, to give me some variety, and then $10,000 in life necessity products. (I'm getting a lot of product, I may need to build a store soon. :) )

edit* - If I need to pay for other stuff like taxes just take the amount needed out of the luxury product expenses. . . forgot about that :P



One thing about the luxury products - if you go to the information thread, it will list all luxury products for you. The thing about them is you can only sell them out of a store, not a stall. So you'd have to build a store on the new property that you bought, and choose which luxury product you'd like to deal in :)


Right, get your decisions in for Turn Seven!

Areameder: $15,875 - You've bought your new land, and between me and you, I heard the Bank of Dunya is giving out generous rates on their loans ;) Need to know what Life Neccessities you want to buy! (Default is even number through the 4 types.)

Garvei: $1,935 - I'm controlling this character till peter007 gets back from vacation! I've reinvested in his electronics as he managed to sell all of his products last turn.

Harvey: $8,825 - Your Vegetables farm harvested $3,640 worth this turn (10% bonus.) Let me know if you want to do anything with your extra cash!

Martin: $8,062 - $1,000 has been spent on your School Fees!

Meade: $10,780 - $1,000 has been spent on your School Fees!

Terrell: $6,690 - $1,000 has been spent on your School Fees!


Can I extend my property, to make it 5 wide on the street front? The addition would be 3x1, I believe, making my property 3x5.  Oh, and how do we apply for a loan, exactly?  I might need to apply for one to advance my property plans, depending on the interest rate.


You may extend your property - it will cost $3,000. As for the loan, the Bank of Dunya currently has a fixed rate of 20% over 25 turns (12.5 years), subject to approval, ofcourse.


In that case, can I apply for a $10,000 loan and use that to extend my property for the last time 2 tiles from the back? I believe that would make the extension 2x5, 10 tiles, an $10,000.  That way, I would have a 5x5 property downtown in the future.  I want to use the loan to get the property before its gone or the land value increases.  Of course, that all is depending on the loan.


All I would like to do this turn is buy the maximum amount of life necessity products. Along side that $1000 I'm paying for school


rjet13: so you want to buy the 3x1 plot to the south of your plot, and then additionally take out a loan to acquire the 2x5 plot to the west of your land? No problem with that, just clarifying :)

marsh: Noted :)



Done - it will be reflected in the next update!