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July 03, 2022, 07:24:51 PM

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LotEditor - overlay textures in wrong order

Started by Ralfger, January 19, 2019, 07:32:01 AM

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I´ve a short question: How can I determine the order in LE in that overly textures show up in the game? I`ve already changed the order of adding the textures and flicked through alle the questions and tutorials without success. The picute below shows the problem.


You can't, unfortunately. Neither the game nor the LE supports proper stacking of overlay textures, so they show up randomly. If you want to have a certain look, you need to make your own texture, or try to limit the stacking to such cases where two different overlays don't interfere with each other.


What a pity! But thank´s for your prompt answer...If they show up randomly - does that mean I can try to plop the lot until everything is in line?
Otherwise that means I have to dig deep into the matter. Is there a tutorial how to merge different existing overlay textures into a single one? And while we're at it - how to transform a traffic network texture (sam cobblestone) into an overlay texture??


No, they show up at random while loading the game, too, and maybe even after zooming/rotating. As for making/editing textures, I'm sure there are quite a few tutorials around, and tools like GoFSH and some others help with the conversion/creation of FSH files. You can also export them as PNGs and simply merge them with any image editing program that supports layers.


In fact, it's unnecessary, what a bad luck, sometimes this effect can be useful, but only sometimes ...  ;)
Sorry guys, I'll be here next week, so good luck!