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September 25, 2022, 11:04:51 AM

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Haljackey's SimCity 4 Archives

Started by Haljackey, May 04, 2008, 06:58:07 PM

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has it really been that long, cor i remember v13 of the RHW, hah tarkus used to tempt us with shots of the MIS, anyway happy new year hal, hope we see you around more often ¬_¬
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canyonjumper:  Yes it is.  RHW 2.0 was the one that progressed the project the most.  Of course the unreleased content would be helpful for many, and I'm sure as time goes on more content will be finished.

mightygoose:  Its crazy, but yes it has been that long.  I still remember version 13 myself.  Cya around!

"Update" 13:  RHW Medley

This update will consist of additional RHW material that may not fall into the RHW 2.0 category.  Prepare yourself for another trip down memory lane!

One picture I forgot to include in the last update, the RHW-2 in RHW 2.0:
-Personally, I still prefer this texture over the one we have in RHW 3.0.

Here's a really old version of the RHW (version 1.2) which is having some roadwork done.
-Note the use of streets for ramps.

Something a bit more recent, the elevated RHW in a alpha build of RHW 3.0.
-Note the missing textures at the type "A" ramp.

...And the elevated RHW on top of other networks. 

The elevated RHW as it appeared in early alpha builds of RHW 3.0.  Note the appearance of the median.

Another elevated RHW texture:

Several lane shift pieces used to create a small curve.  "FARHW" would really come in handy here if it existed!  :D

"Sunken" RHW? 

Prototype picture.  Having a network like this would be very useful in tight areas.

Concept for a RHW split. 
-This can now be semi-achieved by using the RHW-4 splitter piece and a type "C" ramp.  However, the other road is on an angle.

The "UHW", or urban highway.  This was intended to be a replacement for the Maxis highway network.

The standard cloverleaf interchange used with the UHW.  Note how there are only 4 lanes opposed to 6. 
-Interesting note: Maxis originally designed their highways to be 4 lanes wide, but were pressured by EA to cram 6 in there to give them a more "big city" feel.

Auxiliary lane texture:

RHW-2 turning lanes.

RHW-6C to RHW-8 transition, with a entering/exiting lane.

Updated design:

RHW-6C lane shift:

Centre tile developments for RHW networks.  If completed, it would allow for a custom number of lanes beyond the RHW-10.

Pathing for the centre tile:

RHW 1.3 thoroughfare using the Euro texture.

Full RHW-RHW interchange in a late alpha build of RHW 3.0.  Note how only two levels are used.

Many people have argued that 2 levels isn't realistic when connecting two RHWs together not using a cloverleaf.  However many junctions do exist in real life.  Example:

Early RHW-6C compared to a ground highway.  Note the appearance of the median.

"Wide Lanes!"
  A RHW-8 reduced to a RHW-4.  Remind anyone of that Seinfeld episode?   :P

Anyways that will do it for now.  I hoped you enjoyed that trek!

KoV Liberty

Lol. I LOVED that Seinfeld episode. Very funny! And those bring back memories of when I was a guest lurker... :P

My new MD. Check it out if you wish.

Adrian, I miss you man.


Wow, it's been a while since I updated my archives...

Speaking of archives, my CJ/MD "The Greater Terran Region" has been officially retired and moved to the MD archives here on SC4 Deviotion. You can find the new link to it in my signature.

"Update" 14:  Big RHW Interchanges

This "update" will consist of the large, realistic interchanges I made with the RHW mod over the years, including two recent junctions I have made with RHW 4.0 which, although in development, is nearing completion.

All images will be clickable for full resolution.

My first mega-interchange, made with RHW 2.0. It's a clover-turbine junction and is without a doubt the largest and most complex junction I have ever made.

Here is my first major interchange made with RHW 3.0. It was made before the mod was publicly released, so it may look a little different compared with RHW 3.24. It is a clover-turbine-stack like interchange designed to be more compact than my previous junction.

This trumpet interchange was made with RHW 3.2.
-I made a tutorial showing how to make this one in the RHW interchange guide (link in my signature)

An elongated cloverleaf interchange with collector/distributor roads, made with RHW 3.24.
-I also made a tutorial showing how to make this one in the RHW interchange guide (link in my signature)

A windmill/turbine hybrid, made with RHW 4.0. This was made before the public release of RHW 4.0 so it may look a little different compared with the finished product.

A cloverstack-like interchange made with RHW 4.0. Again, this was made before the public release of RHW 4.0 so it may look a little different compared with the finished product.

I have also made some videos of the more complex and interesting junctions. I find that a video tour is the best way to showcase some of the larger interchanges because photos alone are either cut-off some parts of the junction or are zoomed too far away for you to see much detail. You can find those videos via the link in my signature.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this update! I'll try to get more content in this thread over the next little bit.

Monorail Master

Wow. I REALLY want that "UHW"!!! It would be soooo useful!
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Looks great! I like the RHW 4.0 ones alot, not only because I can't do them yet, but also because each of them showcases something different.

                   -Jordan :thumbsup:
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Quote from: Monorail Master on May 06, 2010, 03:03:52 PM
Wow. I REALLY want that "UHW"!!! It would be soooo useful!

Fact is we should have got this in the first place. Maxis decided to "cram" 6 lanes in the 4 lane road to give it a more big city feel as it appealed to more players. Problem is it lead to extremely tight lanes, you can't use UDI for a bus on a ground/elevated highway in the middle lane, you'll crash into everything!
-Those textures were made by SA I believe, but there hasn't been much word about them since those images were posted.

By modern standards, the ground/elevated highways wouldn't even be able to accommodate a single lane. Left shoulder + right shoulder pretty much takes up the whole roadway... there's no place to fit in a lane! :P

Quote from: canyonjumper on May 06, 2010, 04:02:42 PM
Looks great! I like the RHW 4.0 ones alot, not only because I can't do them yet, but also because each of them showcases something different.                    -Jordan :thumbsup:

That's what I was aiming for. One uses FlexFly for every internal connection while the other doesn't use FlexFly at all. The second one is also a good choice when you have nearby development as most of the ramps are contained in two corners. I plan to one day develop the land around that interchange which should work out nicely.

Fresh Prince of SC4D

The UHW textures are darker than the current Maxis Highway's. I wonder they change this -they look so much better..
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Hal, it's great to see the Archives back again . . . it's always an interesting trip down transit-modding Memory Lane here. :)

I happened to dig through some of my own archives and found this pic from October 2009, which hasn't been seen publicly yet . . .

I started toying around with revisiting the UHW concept then . . . those are actually the new RHW-4 textures from RHW Version 4.0 on the Maxis Highway there.  I haven't really done anything on it since taking that pic, but I was rather pleased with how that came out, and am considering revisiting it again here soon.  The main difficulty in doing it is repathing.



Very interesting Alex. Now that you mention it, the textures do look alike. Good to know the UHW concept is still around!


UHW is something very neat to have. It seems like the pathing would be hard to configure if UHW is still under construction.:)



"Update" 15:  Massive Miscellaneous Mix Up

There is no central theme for this archives update, but it's a big one! I am merely unloading a bunch of contents from my hard drive. Most of it is geared toward RHW and NAM stuff.

Should be a good mix up of photos to keep you entertained.

In this picture, changes to the RHW median are seen. Near the top was the original median during RHW 3.0's development, whereas near the bottom is the final result, with an optional high mast lighting plugin in the barrier.
-To my knowledge, the RHW median has not changed in 4.0.

Big Ben on steroids.

An early attempt at a trumpet interchange. The one on the NAM is only diagonal as of now.

My attempt at photoshopping a picture for the picture competition.

Diagonal RHW exit.

An alternative to the avenue roundabout, the right lanes turn while the left lanes enter a road roundabout.

RHW "Big Dig" plans.

Diagonal road turning lane. NWM, anyone?

One of the first photos of the MAVE-4.

A full RHW stack interchange during the RHW 2.0 days. Sadly, it is merely for show. The curves are (two-way) road curves with OWR overpasses. The tunnels are not UDI-compatible either

Various textures made by "freeway experts". Not sure what really happened to them. I really like the avenue transitions.

Graphic representations of one of my cities from a SC4 program. I don't recall which one it was but I fiddled around with it enough to create these:

Alternative ground/elevated highway texture. I really like this one!

Brief passing lanes.

RHW 1.3 (I think it was 1.3) junction with a elevated highway.

My first custom airports were pretty crappy. When I changed my default plane from a 737 to a A380 the gates got a "little" tight.

A more recent sunken stack interchange. I still can't get the signage to display right.

Here's a shot of the first RHW interchange showed in the last update. This time it is really zoomed out to show the absolutely ridiculous size. It has not been landscaped yet either.

Early slip roads. We have these now thanks to the new NAM and NWM.

Early work on a diagonal ground highway trumpet interchange.

More work on the RHW/big dig junction. I'm not really sure if there has been any additional progress on it.

...And that will do it for this time.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Edited. Organized, fixed spacing and photo size


I Love those RHW textures,and the RHW to Avenue transition  &apls.  I wish these were released, man I hope the freeway experts are still alive in modding ()what(), there website has been under construction for the longest.


the last picture is very impressive.  &apls

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As Orange said the last picture is amazing  &apls
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Sure hope NAM will continue work on the last two projects.
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Quote from: Fresh Prince of SC4D on May 29, 2010, 06:56:17 PM
Sure hope NAM will continue work on the last two projects.

I doubt it. That trumpet interchange hasn't seen any additional development from what is posted there... and I believe that pic was from 2005.

The Big Dig / Freeway Experts stuff has an unknown status, but I would assume the projects have stalled. We haven't heard a peep from them.


Haven't heard anything from this thread in almost a year &mmm, is Ryan still working on this?


I believe it had its own website, they would of said what they were up to where ever that was, but considering that was kind of closed to the public, IDK, plus the fact you already said. I do believe not that long before TuLEPs came out they had this to demonstrate:

Which now could also be considered for archiving, along with the traffic lights before an RHW interchange:

As for that picture MightyGoose posted back then, I thought that should be possible with what is public these days. I mean now, you have curve pieces for RHW-4, along with filler pieces, and careful advanced puzzle plop building should allow you to have diagonal OWR attach right next to diagonal RHW-4, and that picture of MightyGoose's should not work, you just go to switch the tunnels below with Maxis drawn avenue tunnels instead. Not quite the same, but functional none the less. Its one thing if someone else does it now, but another to get something from someone else's past to work.


What ever happened to those RHW-4 to MIS traffic lights? I would love to have those for my MD, in places around California they use onramp traffic lights to control congestion, they would make a nice touch...