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February 08, 2023, 02:14:37 AM

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Haljackey's SimCity 4 Archives

Started by Haljackey, May 04, 2008, 06:58:07 PM

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Today I'm archiving something new. What the heck, right?

Over the past couple weeks I have been building a number of 3-way interchanges with the Real Highway Mod, something that I haven't made a single one of in several years. I thought now would be a good time to document them before they get lost.

Context: I have been amalgamating several of my regions into blunder's new, epic The Ring Of Fire region. This has left a lot of gaps between cities, which are now ripe for development. I have been working on building infrastructure in this area to support inter-city connections.

Here is a map of the built-up area of the region, with 5 new 3-way interchanges circled in red.

Click images for full size.

Transport map:

...And there they are. Each of these interchanges is unique, taking advantage of the surrounding environment. No cookie-cutter designs here! :D

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this archives update!


That map is huuuuuuuugeee !! I don't know how many inhabitants you can get, but in that map and with that density, I am pretty sure that they would be a looooot of inhabitants. I can not wait to see more progress.


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Old multi highway

Up next, I will be sharing over 8,000 images of SC4 on my flickr account showcasing my entire 'career' playing SC4. Next month will mark my 10th anniversary since I officially joined the online SimCity 4 community. I am currently in the process of uploading and organizing all of the images.

If you want to see my other works on flickr, check out my photostream here:



Over 8.000 images from my entire SC4 career now viewable at


Been a long time since I updated this. Here's an old vs new.

One of my original RHWs is still operating

...And not far away is one of my newest RHWs.


Welcome back. Good to see you around again.

That is one massive city you got there.


Sadly most of the images on this thread have been lost.

I was able to salvage some from a personal backup. See the folder attached to this post for some old random pics of development.

Split into 2 posts due to attachment limit.


Post 2, see attachment for second archives folder.

Indiana Joe

It's a bit of a shame to wander through the forums and see thousands of dead links to ImageShack, Photobucket, and Majhost images.  So much history and creativity that was once documented for all and is now lost.


Is a shame that images have been lost on defunct sites.  :crytissue:

Thanks for the packaging up of pictures Hal  :thumbsup:

These do give some inspiration of future work that I will consider  ;)



Here's another blast from the past, an old RHW highway, with the original textures built in 2006, eventually becomes a 'modern' highway.

Thanks to the prop pox buster for making this possible!


...And another vid. This one starts with an old multi-highway (MHW) setup before transferring to a modern RHW.


Interesting video's, great control of your vehicle. If only I had that good of control of my real life vehicle.  :laugh:
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I had some help from the Simtrop staff to re-stitch together the old interchange thread on that site with the new one.

I have complied a collection of my interchanges, new and old, to the first post of the old thread. Check out here if interested:


One thing led to another and now I have a interchange dump. May as well post it somewhere hahahaha


2014 vs 2019. Still a work in progress

Click for full size


What a difference 5 years makes....imagine if you could be paid to play sc4  :satisfied:


Quote from: mattb325 on April 08, 2019, 09:28:27 PM
What a difference 5 years makes....imagine if you could be paid to play sc4  :satisfied:

I'm for hire by the way ;D

Will stream 8 hours a day for pay  $%Grinno$%


Quote from: Haljackey on November 07, 2013, 06:05:07 PM
"Update" 24: Evolution of a T-Interchange

I love digging through my archives... Shows a lot of progress!

Highway interchange (My last MHW)

Snaking highway through the hills

City tile (contains both projects)

This final Maxis Highway built 2010, finally replaced in 2020.

These images can be clicked for full res.

SimCity V6

Awesome work as always. I do have a question, however. Why did the MHW get an upgrade?