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Slope City

Started by jeronij, November 29, 2006, 09:25:50 AM

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Here is a picture of the rock slough.


Here is a closeup picture of the rock slough.


and the last one is a closeup of the forest

I hope you like them. 

I couldn't find the exact color of plopable rocks to match the cliffs, but I don't think they look all that bad.

Now lets see . . .  What next?


Owen Luby

Great job! This is certainly very interseting!
I want SC4 back!!


Very nice work Keithsed :) I like how you put the rocks and logs at the bottom of the cliff, it looks great ;)

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Thanks guys for the comments.

I used about three different rock mods:

Jeroni's big and small rocks
Maxis single large and small rocks
and a few from
Goldiva rocks.

For the trees I used
Cycledoggs tree mod.

I first placed the rocks.  I started on the very steep part of the cliff and slowly worked down clicking as fast as I could until I hit pay dirt and the first one was placed.   That was my starting point for a single tile.  Usually the large rocks first.  Then I would set the trees.  Sometime the rocks didn't look so good, but when the trees "grew" up they covered the faults.  (A trick I learned from David D., who is working on Three Rivers. Go check out his landscapes on STEX if you haven't already. Like one of Seinfeld's girl friends said, "They're spectacular! And they're real!")

After that I used Jeroni's small group of rocks and dropped them here and there.  I was careful not to use too many of them.  I thought it didn't look natural with a lot of them all over the place.  I then finished with the small single rocks and I placed them anywhere they would go down over the big rocks, trees, fallen logs, etc, clicking madly all over the place.  I dropped the bare logs here and there where they would go. 

I tried to keep the evergreens in the rocky spots that I made and the aspens in the non rocky spots. 

It was fun to see it develop,  I hope that answered you question.  If not, let me know and I'll try again.


nice job you've done there &apls
Looking forward to more

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Help!  Thought I'd try and do this, it will teach me things :D.  However, I seem to be a dummy.  I've got the slope city file but when I try to import it in SC4, I can't find the file in the import city tool and when I go to the file manager, the file has disappeared!  Where's the Fries? (next time we'll wash your mouth out with soap)!  Help please.  I made my own config file but still... no.  I just copied the folder I downloaded into the regions folder and when I bring it up in SC4 it will make a config file and jeronij's slope city.sc4 file is there till I try to import it.  I stuck it in downloads folder too.  No help.
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Hello to all, it seems I missed some posts  :-[ !!! I am sorry for this !!!

keithseid, the woods over the hill lool very nice. I`d suggest you to mix the different trees a little bit more, just to give it a more random appearance  ;) . The overall look is great, and your "mini" tutorial is also quite helpful  &apls ( However, some links would be welcome  :P !!!) . Now you can start with the urban area down the hill, where I showed my last pics....try to build something nice there  ;D

petercintn, Slope City is a BIG city tile. You must open a region where there is at least one big city tile, and import Slope city in that big tile. That is all. If you are not sure about how to proceed, simply create a blank new region. The defaul Maxis regions do include two big city tiles. I hope this is the reason of the problem.
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I got it. Thanks jeronij.
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Hello to all  ;D

It is time for some more "sloped" pics  ;) . I wont use any special building for this area. Mostly Maxis ones. This will make the city more standard, but also more easy for the ones following the development  #stsfd· .

The key when zoning on the slopes is to keep the zones facing the correct network tram. It does not matter if the land changes when you zone, but the street/road must not change !!!

Lets  have some views on the ready area, before the click

And finally, a pic "after the click"  ;)

I hope you find the idea easy to understand  :)
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The overview looks awesome! It's simply great. Very imaginative!

Good job and keep this experiment going! ;)



Fantastic small residential-area! :thumbsup:


Let the FUN begin! &hlp

Thanks Jeroni for the comments.  I should have read your comments before I started the final yard work.  /sad¬¬  Oh well . . next one. 

I've been busy in the yard tonight, and I think I've just about got the preliminary landscaping finished.  Here are a few pictures of what I've finished to date. 

This one is an overall view of the big forest that suffered a severe fire several years ago. 

. . . Keith, you got carried away with the rocks. 

Ya, I know.  But live and learn. 

This one is a closer up view of the edge of the forest.

This one is an overall view, but further to the East.

Another overall view, but still further to the East.

And finally the last overall view, but at a different angle.

Now for several close up.

Another one.

And the final one.

. . . Good grief! They're moving in already.

I really want to thank all the "brains" who take the time to make all the plugins for us computer dummies. All us players really own them a HUGE thanks.  &apls &apls  I know that I'll be forever grateful to them for all the joy and pleasure of playing God.

Thanks guys (and includes all the ladies too.)



Hi Keithseid, nice pictures and very good nature plopables placement  :thumbsup: . Tne amount of rocks is ok for me.

May I suggest you a few things to improve the buidling on slopes ?¿ I will  ;D

Picture 7 . You may want to revise the walls placement, specially on the left side of the picture....


Picture 8 upper side, I would say you relayed these roads...they look too bumpy....too SC4Vanilla..... $%Grinno$%  My suggestion, use the railroad tool to re-slope these tiles....I mean, bulldoze the roads, and place a railroad instead to make the slope gentle....delete the railroad and place the road again, et voila !!! I hope you understand the idea  ;)

Great work overall. Dont worry much about my comments, I am always too perfectionist ... :-[
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Thanks you old "eagle eye."  :o

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.  I appreciate your interest in what I'm working on and will make these changes right now.

I think every Sim4 player is a perfectionist at heart.  That is what makes the game so appealing.  To be able to  get everything just right so it looks like you could be living there and driving around on the roads looking at all the sights.   

Thanks again and keep the comments coming.



Hi Jeroni:

I made the changes as you suggested and it looks 100% better.  Thanks a lot for the help.  I'm still a little disappointed with the walls on picture #7 (I think.)  The problem seems to be the transition from one level to the next. 

The wall bulges out when it goes up to the next level.  I've made sure the areas before the transition and at the new area on top is level, but it still looks like it bulges when you look at it from a certain angle.   #?¿?¿?$



Keith, for picture 7, left side of the wall:

I suggest you to make two separate rows of walls.. one for the upper level, and one for the lower level.

Upper corner: 2 straight tiles: 1 lower corner  (in the tile just in front of the first lateral road)
Upper corner (again): straigt files....

Do you follow me  ;) ?¿
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Thanks Jeroni:

I've worked on page #7 and #8.  Your suggestions were very helpful.  Take a look at the new #7 (the road going up the hill) I think it is now smoothed out.

I hope this is what you meant on my walls. If not, let me try it again. 

Thanks again for helping me.   :)



nº7 is looking much better now, indeed  :thumbsup:  Why no add retaining walls behid the small houses in the middle of the picture ?¿. Only one lower diagonal and two straight...
nº8, I would change the two corner walls. You used straight pieces. You'd use upper diagonal pieces.

Enough of walls !!! Now you may want to check the residential area. For such a sloped area, only 1x2 Low density lots are indicated. Bigger/denser that this will make the lot foundations show up and we want to avoid this wherever is possible.  So start bulldozing some R's  !!!

For 1x2 lots to show, check my pics where I show the residential layout before it grows. Notice that I placed 1 1X2 strip R-LD, 1 1x2 strip R-MD, and so on. This will avoid bigger than 1x2 lots to grow. Just a hint  ;)
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