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Exempler Editing

Started by stmcbride, May 15, 2020, 03:12:54 PM

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Though not super experienced with the modding in SC4, I'm familiar enough to be able to do some minor editing. I'm using iLive's Reader and LEProp to edit various aspects of my Ploppable lots, but I continue to have 2 problems.

Issue #1 - When I put in my description (regardless of Reader or LEProp), even though I don't have double spacing in my description, it always shows as double spacing in SC4. I feel like many years ago, I figured out how to avoid it, but it's been a long time since I was editing my plugins.

Issue #2 - When editing the Item Order, sometimes, in SC4, the icon in the menu disappears, and when you hover over items, it's almost like everything is one icon off. Tough to explain, so hoping someone else has seen this issue. I haven't done enough investigating to know if it only happens to lots that didn't have the Item Order property to begin with, or if that doesn't matter.

Again, I'm sorry if these have been addressed already, but I've been hunting for them for a couple weeks, but nothing addresses these issues specifically. I know how to add Item Order, I know how to change the number, I know how to edit the description, just on some lots, I'm having these issues.



Both the Reader and LeProp seem to have the same problem with the spacing between lines. It creates a paragraph rather than a line feed when you press "Enter". Try using PIM-X when editing LTEXT files, it works much better in that regard.

Missing icons in the menu, and everything "shifted" by one icon are usually a result of either a broken PNG icon file, wrong ID, or the PNG is missing altogether. It's probably the best if you load the lot in LEProp and check if the PNG file is displayed properly. If not, import it again, press "Apply" and then "Save".



Thanks for the input, definitely will try those suggestions. I'm not at all familiar with PIM-X though. Where's the best tutorial on using it? I really only need it for the LTEXT editing purpose, as I don't really plan on getting into serious modding (I'll leave that to the professionals here).


The readme that comes with PIM-X should provide enough hints how to use the tool. Editing the LTEXT files is hardly a challenge, but if you get stuck, feel free to ask here.


The User Guide is probably what you're looking for. You'll also need this update.