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Sprø Diamant Islands

Started by Moshi, August 31, 2007, 05:50:22 AM

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Beautiful picture, there, mjig_dudy! I hope you can get your computer problems straightened out!


The Nation of OrofinoDue to some reorganization of my plugins, This update will consist of a city on Orofino's northern coast, Ashtabula.

Ashtabula is a famous town founded approximately 230 years ago as a small port on the mouth of Orofino's largest river. Following the loss in the Great war, Ashtabula was exempt from the government's harsh taxes since it was the principal port of the nation. While Esque suffered the burden of the war, Ashtabula became very rich due to the fact that it was the only modern port in the entire archipelago. The great depression, combined with the  devestation of Esque due to the eruption of Mt. Tiffin to the south led to a massive increase in its population. The city continues to thrive today as the undisputable center of commerce.


Great update there, Moshi! wonderful work! :thumbsup:


Excellent update Moshi. I like how forests and nature blends with W2W enviroment and of course, my bats  :thumbsup:


Very nice update, your use of diagonal buildings is very good. I also love the RHW, it fits perfectly.  &apls


Mini Update- Orofino
Downtown Ashtabula:


Need I say more?  :P


A fantastic mini-update, Moshi! Great work :thumbsup:


nice small update, the night view looks very impressive.  &apls


What? 3 updates in a row?   %confuso

The Nation of Orofino- Ashtabula Update 2
First: a look at what has been made so far:

Note to self... demolish at least 5 skyscrapers...

The area around the white apartment has been redone.

Nobody can tell what this says:

I was going to mention a joke I came up with, but I'll save it for later.  :P

The main focus of the above picture is a particularly large and omnious building. It is mainly used as an exam hall.

Development yet to be defined. The long and winding road leads to your door... if you live in Esque, that is.

I strongly dislike Maxis highways.

Nothing (hopefully) too fancy; a metropolitan mall and some buildings.

Those two towers once marked the entrance to Ashtabula, which were the only settlement for several kilometers in any direction when the towers were built.

The Ashtabulan waterfront is lined with shops, some of which predate even the mighty Krioan State.

And to top it off...

Discoesque has a branch in Ashtabula, as well. This branch has more people every night than the one in Esque, the reason becoming suddenly apparent when you look closely at the surrounding buildings...

Thanks to all who replied!


Beautiful closer pictures Moshi , and some apt ideas to fit with diagonals BATs , have taken some notes .  :thumbsup:

At least as important than a question of numbers of skycrappers , I think that the "frontier" between the two different style/district is too visible/straight on the first picture ...not easy to correct with this rural highway .Maybe with two or three (the odd numbers have a stronger impact on our minds  even on those which don't seem to care ...$%#Ninj2 ) mid rises buildings on the residential side along the highway ...and if you intend to extend these residential areas . ::)

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °


Indeed it's COOL  $%Grinno$%
and I love the last picture of last update, the Discotheque nightclub in action :P You're propably only one who uses it (if we don't count me and my grandma) &apls


Another fantastic update there! Great work!

Looking forward to more...


Welcome to the Ones to Watch, guys! Great work you're doing here, I enjoy seeing all of your different takes on each city! And I love that waterfront you have there, Moshi! Fantastic work!


Badsim: Thanks for the suggestion. Instead of increasing the height of the buildings on the residental side, I think I'll place buildings with a lower height on the commercial side, since I don't want too many highrises.

Smallish Teaser

Discotheque gave birth to the phrase "Typical Risko (Typical is pronounced Typico, rhyming with Risko)"  which means that someone has done something risky but meaningless.
e.g. Don't pull a Typical Risko by writing your English homework in French, because you might get a complaint from the French Embassy.

Let me explain.

Discotheque Ashtabula Daytime Pic:

As you can see, the placement of the building and the asphalt ground the architect chose adds to the impression that this is an "educational institue", thus the hordes of students rushing in after 3:00PM. Needless to say, this Discotheque branch's earnings approach 6% of the nation's GDP. Numerous lawsuits by other Disco clubs (notably "Risko", an international financial combine dealing with disco, formal dining, formal disco [unsuccessful] and disco-style supermarkets [Riskomarket Ashtabula opening next month]), pointing out the (supposedly) obvious fraudulent usage of identical asphalt, have been filed against the Discotheque Group possibly as a result of the success of this particular branch. However, since this asphalt pattern had been used for 20 years in Esque (Discotheque Esque, a.k.a. "DiscoEsque") prior to the construction of this branch, the lawsuit was and still is generally regarded as a bad move on the part of Risko. This incident, combined with the meaningless Formal Disco, made Discotheque CEO mention that it was "typical for Risko to make such a mistake". Thus the phrase.


Great teaser there! Looking forward to the update....

Shadow Assassin

Any chance we'll see that supermarket? :P

I like this place, it's well-put together. Especially the diagonal sections.
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Interesting name for a CJ considering that in english it would translate into something like crazy diamond islands...  :D

Mjig, which airport pack are You using, I´ve seen it in several other CJs, but haven´t had the time to look deeper into the matter.
Also, does the diagonal houses come with lots or did You lot them Yourself?

Great CJ You guys have here, so keep it up!


Awesome! are the naval bases from BAT?
&apls &apls