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Missing avenue under rail ( FLUPs )

Started by Igo, February 26, 2012, 06:23:49 PM

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I am trying to build avenue underpass under the rail.
Seems either I can't see that puzzle piece or it is not there

KoV Liberty

No, I don't believe it is there. Sorry. I have, actually, wanted many more of those flups but they dont make a lot of them. So far it is only under the road network and maybe another.

Hope I helped. :)


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Here's the thing:

All FLUP pieces, except the entrance/exit pieces, were designed to work with Street, GLR, Road, OWR, AVE, RHW, and even the Tram-in-AVE pieces. You just need to put two FLUP-under-Rail pieces. That way, only one piece is needed for every network, and not one piece per network. Saves us from doing more work.
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