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January 29, 2023, 06:45:07 PM

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Trees in God Mode problem

Started by BarbyW, January 15, 2009, 08:00:01 AM

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After having been asked by one or two people who were reporting a conflict with the new Mayor Mode mods by Pegasus, BSC investigated. It appeared that many people would not have conflicts as they use regions that tend to be be of low elevation. Tests were carried out and the conflict occurs when used at high elevations on certain sides of hillsides.
The tests were carried out with an empty plugins apart from peg-MTP_MM7-ForestLogging_MOD_103.dat, peg-MTP_GM-TreeMod_102.dat and peg-MTP_GM-TreeMod_RESOURCE.dat in their correct folders as instructed.

This is the main Program Files plugins which is empty apart from the SC4 background jpgs:

And the profile of the MyDocs\plugins:

A Maxis region was tested first and it was confirmed that at low elevations there are no problems.

The Mount Robson map that Colyn uploaded to the LEX and was used for the BSC Shosaloza play was the next one to be tested.

You can see clearly that planting trees in God Mode results in the logging scenes to be planted.

After some discussion we fixed the mod so that this did not happen.
The mod was replaced with the fixed version and no other changes to the plugins folder was made.

This is the result and as you can see there are no logging scenes being planted now.

Looking at the mod it was obvious that cycledogg's tree controllers had been used as a template, as the mod still points to his LTEXT.

Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

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So if I'm understanding the issue correctly, until Peg fixes this, you can't use his logging stuff on a map with high elevations?


You can use this and Pegasus' other mods at high elevations providing you ONLY use the default Maxis tree controller for God Mode Trees. If you use any custom tree controller the conflict will occur.
Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

Barbypedia: More alive than the original


There is another way to use these files with other custom treemods or treecontrollers. Before planting/ seeding trees in godmode remove the files from the Plugins folder and store them on the desktop for example. Finish your treeplanting and once done, just put the files back into the same folder and they will be available in the mayor mode again with no problems while waiting for the patch/fix.

mrb .)

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Would you mind explaining what went wrong or sharing a screenshot with a fix? I'll forward your advice to Peg. It would be much appreciated, as we are intrigued by mistery  :P


Any technical questions regarding PEG products should really be directed toward, as I'm sure Pegasus has identified and fixed the problem...Barby was merely posting that there is a problem and it's fixable.  We cannot interfere with Peg's releases as he states in his EULA that no re-engineering of his files is permitted.
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it


Hate to gravedig, but...I've taken the liberty of telling Pegasus about this.

While I know that you cannot tell us specifically how to fix it, can I safely assume that changing or removing the UVNK would be a workable fix?


Quote from: dragonshardz on December 08, 2009, 07:31:33 PM
can I safely assume that changing or removing the UVNK would be a workable fix?

That wouldn't fix those conflits on certain altitudes.
Besides, I'd be surprised if John hasn't already fixed that UVNK.


I posted a tutorial how to fix it, but I was banned at the same day, and my posting was deleted. You can tell him that.


Hasn't been fixed yet. I've told him about it, though. I'll make sure to ask for permission to post how to fix it here, if he doesn't just re-upload the files.

EDIT: I was informed (very politely) that the cause of the problem is having the tree controller installed incorrectly. I've asked for clarification on what an incorrect install constitutes. Also, Pegasus states that this problem was only ever experienced and reported by, at most, three people. This is corroborated by BarbyW's post.

Now, before you vilify me, please keep in mind that I am doing my best to remain neutral on the issues between certain members of the SC4 community.


Nah, I don't intend to vilify you - actually, I shouldn't have brought up any "political" matters, sorry about that.

Back to the actual issue, it's not related to any tree controller, but the modding of the exemplar file itself. Now while I surely don't have Cylcledogg's skills regarding this matter, he pointed me to some things that I checked, so I was able to verify what went wrong. I have posted about the issue, so it should have been easy to fix, even though only a few people actually had said issues (but that's just related to the fact that the bug only appears in higher elevations due to the modding of the exemplar files).


I recently experienced this problem and resolved it independently before finding this thread . . .

the offending plug-in wasn't hard to id . . . even for a tech impaired individual such as myself . . .

one moment my game was working fine . . . the next it was plopping a bunch of BS in God mode . . . wasn't terribly hard to find the heart of the problem . . . removed one item from my plug-in folder and everything was suddenly back to normal . . .

just sayin' . . .