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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Ryan B.

David, I had forgotten all about those maps & exit guides!  I really think I can have some signs done for 3RR very soon!


David, I have the answer to your question:

That's too long. :)
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Those pictures of STR in Aspen Pass look incredible.  Definitely one of the most picturesque network (series of) pictures i've ever seen in SC4.

I'm glad you've decided to extend testing for FAR/FARR.  It gives me chance to do a bit more!  Especially since I have a new slope mod to test with!

I forgot to mention a couple of things in my previous FAR/FARR testing post:

I found them really easy to get to grips with.  The ghosts are all that is needed to assist in building, so long as you hover over some flat terrain to check the orientation.  Like all puzzle pieces, once you get past the idiosyncrasies (including demolishing), they're comparatively easy to learn and to use.  

One piece that I crave, and miss the most is a FAR/FARR to diagonal piece/s.  I don't know if that's possible, or if you're already considering it since it's been mentioned once or twice.  

Supplementary wish list:
By way of intersections I'd personally like to see a small selection including; FAR/ortho road 'x', FAR/ortho street 'x', FAR/ortho street 'T', FAR/ortho road 'T'.  

I call these supplementary because I don't think they're completely necessary for most applications.  I think they'll aid urban development however.  I'm thinking specifically of creating residential suburban developments with nice, curvy and FAR main roads with housing developments branching off.  I think it would make for some interesting and organic looking cellular, or 'fused grid' suburbs.  

I hope i'm not throwing too many spanners into the works!  


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Hi David,

I would just like to say the work you have done over the last fortnight with the FAR, FARR and single rail stuff is amazing. Usaully I just lurk in this thread but everynow and then I feel I should make a comment to congratulate your work. !!!!WELL DONE!!!!


Great pics. I can't wait for STR to be released


Hey hate to backtrack but the FAR and FARR are giving me issues. The icons are there. However, the FAR icon just has the older curves followed by the normal puzzle pieces. The FARR icon doesn't do a thing. I have all the necessary files in the right place too. Any ideas?

EDITRob, you've either got something left over from before conflicting with them or you didn't update the NAM controller file.  My guess is that it's the latter.  The first email I sent you has a new NAM controller file in it.  You must install this one for the new stuff to work.  PM Alex (Tarkus) if you check that out and still have trouble. -DE
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Here's a couple of the things I did on the Seattle to Anchorage leg of my trip back home today.

I'm pretty tired- tomorrow's a new day.



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So, those are the FAR(R) to diagonal road/rail transitions?  That's great, David.   :thumbsup:  I'm glad to see it, and I know that I'm not the only one.  You are bringing the bar higher with FAR(R)!


EDITMy friend, you are as always too kind!  I think if there was one clear message out of the beta test so far, it's that most everyone wants those transitions.  It was sort of fun to do them on a plane- I started working as we passed 10,000 feet on the way up and hit save three hours later as we descended into Anchorage.  Fastest time gone by on that flight ever, although I was cautioned about using my wireless mouse. -DE
Find my power line BAT thread here.
Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
Want more? Try here.  For even more electrical goodies, look here.
Here are some rural power lines.


Would those be 45-FAR/R transitions? Excellent addition David. This may be a silly question, but have you tried tightening the radius of the rail curve? For space issues it looks like it might be possible to tighen it a bit and make a 2x3 piece out of it. Either way, great work.

-Rob: Not to back track too much over David's comment in your post, but I had what sounds like the exact same issue. For me it was the old FAR alpha (or was it beta?) back from May that caused it. If you have been a beta tester for any previous version, the controller conflict will do it.

EDITMatt, good eye.  I think we'll have a discussion at the end of beta testing about an intermediate radius wide rail curve.  I think of everything on 3RR-scale, but I realize the size of the footprint of the curves can be daunting to some. -DE


Rob, sorry if this is bugging you, but my issue was because it turned out there were older NAM controllers in other folders that had secretly been living in the other NAM component folders, I didn't even need at all, and once I got rid of those, problem solved.


I don't know why I didn't ask for this here before but , the one thing I would like to see the most is one way road curves! I've been hoping/wishing someone could tackle those for some time!


EDITJayson, the one-way curves have been discussed in the past.  I think they are on the list for the next next NAM release (the one after the one that's... Oh, well just leave it at that).  They aren't hard to do- just a texture revision for the centerlines and a pathing tweak, but we wanted to put together the basic road set before we started down any new trails.  Thanks for the input. -DE



Excellent, David! Just excellent, my friend!



I love curves!  The new road curve you are working on looks fantastic!  I see an empty tile on the top right, can that be a open tile?  If yes, than thats outstanding!

Keep up the great work David!  You're a machine!   ()borg()


EDITYep, it's open, Hal.  It's just however the curves fall out, as the transport surface always needs to enter and exit the puzzle piece at carefully matched spots.  Glad it worked out for you. -DE


Great! A FAR(R) to diagonal curve. Something I requested. Nice work, David!
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hiya david excellent work my friend &apls &apls


that's an awesome work David :thumbsup:
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Abslolutely super, great work my friend  &apls
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still new here but I'm also excited about all this.  &apls

EDITNew?  Not after the first post you're not.  Welcome aboard! -DE


Aha!  It looks like you were considering FAR to 45o after all!  That makes me happy.  They look great!

EDITMore than considering it, my friend- It's a done deal! -DE