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June 02, 2023, 02:02:28 PM

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Problem solved

Started by jmyers2043, January 06, 2013, 08:06:20 PM

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I have been making some base and overlay textures recently. The SC4Tool always made my textures but I was not able view them afterwards. Not only that, I am not able to see any texture icons after doing a scan. This meant that I often stopped to get screen grabs of my new textures when using the lot editor so I could keep my work organized. Well,  :bomb:  I discovered today that I was not able to transit enable a lot. Strange, I made one a couple of weeks ago. Two vital functions not working.

So I click on the "about" button at the top and see that I have version 2.0.0   I'm relieved to say that downloading the current version brought this great tool back to life!!  Thank you SFBT for keeping it available on your site. I'm now all patched up with version 2.2.7. I've had that old version of the SC4Tool in my plugins a looooong time. ::)  :D

I blame Microsoft.

- Jim
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Quote from: jmyers2043 on January 06, 2013, 08:06:20 PM
I blame Microsoft.
I concur :)
It is a pain to see so much people complaining about error in my programs when it just Microsoft that make things unusable

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 :o Now that's not fair .... just because Microsoft also wants their piece of profit with planned obsolescence !!!  :D   :D   :D 

However're saying out there that Uncle Gates's so worried about the manure they are doing with the operating who decided to invest in a new business ...

&idea  - Sanitary vs 2.0 - the new technological challenge of Bill Gates -  -  :D 

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Heh, SC4Tool hasn't been updated since years, the only thing that I changed (some years ago?) was including an updated version of the FSHLib.dll when a new version was available (and which apparently fixed your texture-related problems with the "new" update). Anyway, glad to hear things are up and running again. :)