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Translation request for NAM Underground Rail RTMT

Started by ebina, September 27, 2007, 06:45:01 AM

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Just announcement, beta2 will be released soon(maybe next week). I'll include the languages that were translated by then.
To the translators who will post (and test) your translation after beta2, read my previous post, please.

Quote from: ExiLe on October 17, 2007, 08:57:40 AM
;D just got my PM from ripplejet, I can take a "look" at the Norwegian translation if you like?
There's no reason to refuse the offer of cooperation. :thumbsup: Thanks for supporting the project.


Forums working now?

well it's done! heres the Norwegian translation.

take care,
...coming soon


ExiLe: Thanks. &apls I'll add the texts for 2x1 lots to the translation soon, and include to beta2.