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Table of Contents - Page 451-500

Started by dedgren, February 06, 2010, 01:43:52 PM

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Table of Contents - Pages 451-500


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The members who've commented on a particular page are listed, with folks who left more than one comment on the page noted with "(x2)," "(x3)" and so on.  "First timers" appear in red.

<a name="toc451to460">___________________________________</a>

Table of Contents - Page 451 through 460 10-21-09 - 1-17-10

   Page 451 10-21-09 - 10-22-09

Commenters include: metarvo, Tarkus, tooheys, Livin in Sim, Battlecat, j-dub, superhands, io_bg, dragonshardz, Jmouse, mrtnrln, threestooges, adroman, rooker1, mayorfabz, Ryan B., FrankU, WC_EEND, alphadriver1234 and scott1964.

   Page 452 10-22-09 - 10-23-09

Commenters include: carkid1998, Fabian93, Andreas, Thomas Neto, turtle, djvandrake, Haljackey, Korot, Silur, Gaston, homefryes, just_a_guy, bakerton, bob56, tahill79, BigSlark, girlfromverona, kimcar, ldvger and Orange_o_.

   Page 453 10-23-09 - 11-2-09

      A little 3RR teaser... 11-2-09
Commenters include: Nardo69, ecoba, pvarcoe, Nexix4Jersey, thundercrack83, Ennedi, sithlrd98, CaptCity, frdrcklim, Darmok, Kokopelli, Connor, Albus of Garaway, BigSlark, dedgren, adroman, metarvo, Gaston, tahill79 and Ryan B.

   Page 454 11-2-09 - 11-4-09

      Here's a diagram of the transparent plopable water piece... 11-2-09

      omg...omg...OMG! 11-3-09

      Yes, it's 3RR. 11-4-09
Commenters include: calibanX, dedgren (x3), Battlecat (x2), mayorfabz, frdrcklim, ecoba (x3), adroman (x2), Glazert, dragonshardz, Connor, rooker1, TheTeaCat, Thomas Neto and metarvo.

   Page 455 11-4-09 - 11-5-09

      We're going to head down to Twin Glacier Township this evening...11-5-09
Commenters include: wouanagaine, BarbarossaS, Orange_o_, JBSimio, dragonshardz (x2), dsrwhat316, Gaston, Jmouse, Pat, tooheys, JoeST, Ryan B., FrankU, Bobbi, Ennedi, dedgren, metasmurf, adroman and Battlecat.

   Page 456 11-5-09 - 11-10-09

      Let's take a drive to Twin Glacier - Part 1 11-6-09

      The road to Twin glacier - Part 2 11-10-09

      The road to Twin Glacier - Part 3 11-10-09

      We've completed our drive to Twin Glacier - Part 4  11-10-09
Commenters include: ecoba (x3), just_a_guy, metarvo (x2), threestooges (x2), Thomas Neto (x2), Ryan B., dedgren (x4), adroman, j-dub, girlfromverona, Silur and Battlecat

   Page 457 11-10-09 - 12-8-09    

Commenters include: Battlecat (x2), metasmurf, JBSimio, Connor, tahill79, mayorfabz, Ryan B., ldvger, Silur (x2), mightygoose, JoeST, Nexis4Jersey, threestooges, Ennedi, Korot, rooker1, Jmouse and Albus of Garaway.

   Page 458 12-8-09 - 12-20-09

      Pneumonia - the bad kind... 12-8-09 - 12-20-09
Commenters include: Ryan B. (x2), metarvo (x2), dragonshardz, xxdita, calibanX (x2), Haljackey, girlfromverona (x2), mayorfabz, frdrcklim, nerdly_dood, Gaston, Ennedi (x2), Connor, Pat and dedgren.

   Page 459 12-20-09 - 12-25-09
Commenters include: Jmouse, threestooges (x2), catty, wouanagaine, tooheys, Glazert, Andreas, Rayden, mrtnrln, Battlecat, CaptCity, BigSlark, ecoba, girlfromverona, ldvger, magee_b, Nardo69, Silur and thundercrack83.

   Page 460 12-25-09 - 1-17-10

      Safety Hazard!12-25-09
Commenters include: mightygoose (x3), TheTeaCat, JoeST, JBSimio, metarvo, j-dub, castironpigeon, mayorfabz, kalanc69, dedgren, dragonshardz, canyonjumper, wes.janson, Connor, Glazert, mrtnrln, Haljackey and Battlecat.

Table of Contents - Page461  through 470 1-17-10 - 2-13-10

   Page 461 1-17-10 - 1-18-10

      To heck with T-21s for the moment... 1-17-10

      Like this?1-18-10
Commenters include: io_bg, mightygoose, ecoba, bat, alfadriver, riiga, dragonshardz (x2), Silur, Ryan B. (x2), mayorfabz, dedgren (x2), Battlecat, Nexis4Jersey, canyonjumper, Connor, threestooges and FrankU.

   Page 462 1-18-10 - 1-22-10

      Incremental progress... 1-19-10

      I never cared for the game curves... 1-22-10

Commenters include: mightygoose (x2), Ryan B., metarvo, LordTaalik, dedgren (x2), thundercrack83, Connor, Danthe, Battlecat, Haljackey, bat, j-dub, JoeST, mayorfabz, ldvger, tooheys, nekseb, xxdita.

   Page 463 1-24-10

      I'd hoped to have better news... 1--10

      Well, I'm pretty bummed... 1-23-10

      Popping in... 1-23-10

Commenters include: ecoba (x2), Battlecat, ldvger, jgehrts, dedgren (x3), wes.janson, mightygoose (x2), girlfromverona, CaptCity, bob56, johathan, joelyboy911, Ryan B., dragonshardz, Tarkus and threestooges. [/color]

   Page 464 1-24-10 - 2-1-10

      Discussing the problem with RealRoads... 1-25-10

      Just a teaser for tomorrow's post... 1-31-10

      The Pineshore Herald-Gazette... 1-31-10

Commenters include: bat, ldvger, RickD, metarvo (x2), mightygoose (x2), dedgren (x3), Ryan B. (x2), just_a_guy, girlfromverona, Livin in Sim, pvarcoe, Tarkus, WC_EEND, Battlecat and mayorfabz.

   Page 465 2-1-10 - 2-5-10

      I'm just working away... 2-2-10

      Getting started on the diagonal RealRoads intersections... 2-4-10

      The in-game result of yesterday's texturing work... 2-5-10

      A head-to-head comparison...a RealRoad diagonal intersection and an in-game diagonal intersection. 2-5-10

Commenters include: canyonjumper (x3), dedgren (x4), mightygoose, ecoba, newsimaddict, ecoba, Battlecat (x2), thundercrack83, metarvo, bat, Haljackey, riiga, io_bg and mayorfabz.

   Page 466 2-5-10 - 2-9-10

      Two new RealRoad textures... 2-6-10

      A visual list of game textures and my take on including them in RealRoads. 2-6-10

      Miserable stinking RUL 10000002s... 2-6-10

Commenters include: thundercrack83, metarvo, yochananmichael (x2), djvandrake, ecoba, bat, dedgren (x3), just_a_guy, ShyltzCity, Korot, ldvger, dragonshardz, penguin007, CaptCity, BigSlark, Shadow Assassin and Pat.

   Page 467 2-8-10 - 2-9-10

      Can of worms comes to mind; it's a can of RULs actually.2-8-10

      A look at Marathon Bend... 2-9-10

      We've come so far... 2-9-10

      Marathon Bend's 3RR Historical Marker... 2-9-10

Commenters include: Shultzcity, ldvger, dedgren (x4), Ryan B., Battlecat, metarvo, bakerton, ecoba, BigSlark, adroman, canyonjumper, yochananmichael, pvarco, mrtnrln, bat, Connor and thundercrack83.

   Page 468 2-9-10 - 2-12-10

      In the 1970s when the 3RR proposed freeway network was developed... 2-12-10

      This time a year ago I had pretty much turned 3RR into a rail yard... 2-12-10

Commenters include: Jonathan, metarvo (x2), Battlecat (x2), ldvger (x2), superhabds, dragonshardz (x2), mightygoose (x2), Nexis4Jersey, dedgren (x2), Pat, choco, cubby420, Teufel285 and Ryan B.

   Page 469 2-12-10 - 2-13-10

      A list. 2-13-10

      Heh! This is fun! 2-13-10

Commenters include: canyonjumper (x2), dedgren (x2), joelyboy911, mrtnrln, GMT (x2), Korot (x4), Ryan B. (x4), ecoba, metarvo, catty and j-dub.

   Page 470 2-13-10

      The first real contest of the year: Who are these 3RR Regulars and how did they get on this list? 2-13-10

Commenters include: Ryan B. (x2), Korot, (x7), Connor (x3), Haljackey, nerdly_dood, dragonshardz, Jonathan (x2), metarvo, dedgren and ecoba.

Table of Contents - Page 471 through 480 2-13-10 - 3-28-10

   Page 471 2-13-10 - 2-14-10

      Stop the presses! We have a (partial) winner! 2-13-10

      The contest is over; Let's take a trip to J&J Roadhouse.  2-14-10

Commenters include: JBsimio (x2), dragonshardz, nerdly_dood, metarvo, ecoba (x3), LordTaalik, mightogoose (x2), dedgren (x2), alphadriver12345, mrtnrln, joelyboy911, threestooges, WC_EEND, calibanX and canyonjumper.

   Page 472 2-14-10 - 2-16-10

      Let's head north and east from Iona and take a look at 3RR's only rail to trail. 2-14-10

      We honor Joan (Jmouse) with the J.M. Sherrouse Memorial Rail - Trail 2-15-10

Commenters include: rusummer1, threestooges (x2), jumpjet2k (2),  dedgren (x2), Battlecat, ecoba, Albus of Garaway (x2), Ryan B. (x2), j-dub, wes.janson, ecoba, canyonjumper, Jmouse, Glazert and Gaston.

   Page 473 2-16-10 - 2-20-10

      3RR's on the road tonight from Ted Stevens International Airport... 2-19-10

      If it's Friday, this must be Sea-Tac. 2-19-10

      A view from my window... 2-20-10

Commenters include: calibanX, j-dub, girlfromverona, GMT(x3), mightygoose (x2), Korot, JBSimio (x2), WC_EEND (x2), just_a_guy, threestooges, dedgren (x3), ecoba and Ryan B.
   Page 474 2-20-10 - 2-28-10

      Ryan, you are the man! 2-28-10

      We visit McKinney Falls State Park on our last day with the boys. Weird sites here. 2-28-10

Commenters include: Battlecat, joelyboy911, canyonjumper, wes.janson, just_a_guy, JBSimio, ecoba, threestooges, CabraBuitre (x2), Teufel285, RickD, metarvo, frdrcklim, dedgren (x2), mayorfabz, mightygoose, Ryan B. and Adreas.

   Page 475 3-1-10 - 3-4-10

      Happy Birthday to Chris (chrisadams3997) who single-handedly changed the way we look at rural. 3-1-10

      Half-size culverts...? 3-2-10

      A little boating mishap off the Hotham Inlet international harbor today. 3-2-10

      Wishing 3RR regulars bat and girlfromverona a happy birthday. 3-4-10

Commenters include: Battlecat(x2), penguin007, dedgren (x4), Ryan B. (x2), Toichus Maximus, mightygoose, ecoba, wes.janson, deathtopumpkins, scott1964, metarvo, FrankU, Maestro444, threestooges and caspervg.

   Page 476 3-4-10 - 3-13-10

      A little birdie told me... 3-12-10

Commenters include: WC_EEND, asturianu, kalanc69, dedgren, ecoba, metarvo, io_bg, just_a_guy, kimcar, z, mightygoose, thunbdercrack83, BigSlark, calibanX, Silur, riiga, threestooges, RickD, mayorfabz and canyonjumper.

   Page 477 3-13-10 - 3-21-10

      A puzzle for you: Who can figure out how to line the changes in plopable seasonal trees up with the in-game seasons? 3-16-10

      I've been working all week to crack the seasonal-trees puzzle, but no luck yet... 3-21-10

      Let the collaboration begin...3-21-10

      Reposting past posts... 3-21-10

Commenters include: kalanc69, nekseb, JoeST, cubby40, dedgren (x4), joelyboy, stewart_garden, Toichus Maximus, toja, ldvger (x2), Andreas, Jmouse, threestooges (x2) and frdrcklim.

   Page 478 3-21-10 - 3-24-10

      The third past post... 3-21-10

      The fourth in a series of past posts... 3-21-10

      Internet down for an upgrade, so hoping to finish details over the weekend... 3-24-10

      Here's part of the log created by MapLoco... 3-24-10

Commenters include: mightygoose, ecoba (x3), metarvo, dedgren (x4), threestooges, Silur, sincitybaby, ldvger, just_a_guy, deathtopumpkins (x2), Getron, mayorfabz, canyonjumper and Toichus Maximus.

   Page 479 3-24-10 - 3-26-10

Commenters include: mightygoose, wes.janson (x2), bob56, Jmouse, threestooges, canyonjumper, ldvger, superhands, riiga, WC_EEND, djp, Connor, mayorfabz, frdrcklim, joelyboy911, Tarkus, Ryan B. bakerton and Korot.

   Page 480 3-26-10 - 3-28-10

      The wait is almost over! 3-26-10

      Only one last thing stands between us and a day of working on collaboration. 3-27-10

      Which collaborator gets the first quad? 3-27-10

      As long as I'm on a roll, any guesses as to (who gets) the second quad? 3-27-10

      This and that... 3-28-10

Commenters include: JoeST, Nexis4Jersey, dedgren (x5), scott1964, Unkles27, metarvo, ecoba (x3), Rayden, mayorfabz, mightygoose, dragonshardz, Ryan B (x2) and WC_EEND.

Table of Contents - Page 481 through 490 3-28-10 - current

   Page 481 3-28-10 - 3-30-10

      Only 3,999 posts to go! 3-29-10

      Inspired by Dave (superhands) and Kevin (BigSlark), I spent an hour or so this evening making beer labels. 3-30-10

Commenters include: newsimaddict, dedgren (x2), threestooges, ecoba (x2), Rayden, mayorfabz (x2), calibanX, ldvger, Ryan B. (x2), bakerton, BigSlark, superhands (x2), jeolyboy911, adroman and Korot.

   Page 482 3-31-10 - 4-8-10

      Back to another busy week. 4-1-10

      3RR's Military and Police Forces... 4-4-10

      Joan's quad, Pine Cone. 4-5-10

      Big earthquake a minute ago, pretty much right under my house. 4-7-10

      Seasonal trees - download the test file here. 4-8-10

      Let's look at some aspens. 4-8-10

Commenters include: Darmok, dedgren (x6), JoeST (x2), mightygoose (x2), magee_b, CabraBuitre, Jmouse, Unkles, ldvger, Ryan B., threestooges, scott1964 and kassarc16.

   Page 483 4-8-10 - 4-9-10

      So, let's take a look at these... 4-8-10

      Haven't you always hated stuff like winter camping in SC4? 4-9-10

Commenters include: thingfishs (x2), FrankU (x2), rooker1 (x2), Ryan B., turtle, dedgren (x2), JoeST, threestooges, metarvo, Jmouse, ldvger, Andreas, ecoba, io_bg, cubby420 and kimcar.

   Page 484 4-10-10 - 4-16-09

      How about an eye candy pic? 4-16-10

Commenters include: nekseb, joelyboy, Glazert, turtle, ldvger (x4), scott1964, Jmouse, Exodia the forbidden, Ryan B., BarbyW, caspervg, FrankU, jestarr, Rayden, jorgevil, girlfromverona and dedgren.

   Page 485[/b] 4-16-10 - 4-19-10

      Here are some time-lapse shots with the latest seasonal items 4-17-10

      20,000 page views so far this month, and a lot of lurkers. 4-18-10

      Nice day here – had to hang out on the porch for a bit. 4-18-10

      I've really gotten caught up in this seasonal-plopable stuff. Here are three more files... 4-19-10

Commenters include: wes.janson (x3), sim-al, dedgren (x4), scott1964, mightygoose (x2), Jonathan, FrankU, Samflash, kimcar, Connor, ldvger, Jmouse, joelyboy and Glazert.

   Page 486 4-19-10 - 5-5-10

      3RR seasonal-CP American elm 4-22-10

      I just keep putting along... 5-2-10

      Three new downloads to fill out the seasonal plopable Aspens set 5-3-10

      Seasonal aspens in RL... 5-4-10

     ...wishing our great friend Lora (ldvger) the happiest of birthdays. 5-5-10

Commenters include: rhizome, Ryan B., Jmouse, wes.janson, threestooges, jonathan, mightygoose, dedgren (5), Scott1964, mayorfabz, ShultzCity, rooker1, nekseb, RickD, Andreas and ldvger.

   Page 487 5-5-10 - 5-30-10

      Plopable seasonable tree teaser. 5-16-10

      Behold Magnasanti... 5-17-10

Commenters include: Orange_o_ (x2), ecoba (x2), mayorfabz (x2), wes.janson (x3), ldvger (x2), Jmouse, Masochist, dedgren (x2), metarvo, FrankU (x2), Nardo69 and dragonshardz.

   Page 488 5-31-10 - 8-9-10

      It's been a long 49 years... 6-9-10

      Been thinking about creeks again... 8-9-10

Commenters include: ldvger, dragonshardz (x2), catty (x2), Ryan B., dedgren (x2), JoeST, Haljackey, metarvo (x2), slinkyhead, sebes,  j-deb, cubby420, Gaston, RickD, vab423 and abcvs.

   Page 489 8-10-10 - 9-5-10

      I like to look for 3RR inspiration at the edges of maps... 9-3-10

      It's been a long time since the V.2 release of the RAM... 9-4-10

Commenters include: wes.janson, Glazert (x2), metarvo (x2), threestooges (x2), mayorfabz (x2), pvarcoe, dragonshardz, RyanB., dedgren (x2), cubby420, Battlecat, canyonjumper, BigSlark, Toichus Maximus and j-dub.

   Page 490 9-6-10 - 9-23-10

      We headed back into Alaska... 9-6-10

      We're back home... 9-9-10

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), girafe, ldvger, wes.janson. Gaston, travismking, Ryan B. (x2), earlbeach, BourneID, cubby420, catty, RickD, Jmouse, canyonjumper, mayorfabz, mightygoose, Lowkee33 and j-dub.

   Page 491 9-23-10 - 11-28-10

      Fall arrives in 3RR 9-23-10

      Update's about ready... 9-25-10

      Rumors of my demise, and all that... 11-28-10

      So I fired up the PSP X3... 11-28-10

Commenters include: Lowkee33 (x2), dedgren (x4), metarvo (x2), girafe, CabraBuitre, superhands, dragonshardz, Ryan B.mightygoose, Jmouse, girlfromverona, Silur, threestooges, Glazert and toja.

   Page 492 11-28-10 - 12-15-10

      2010 Construction Update 11-29-10

      Work continues on RealRoads 12-14-10

      Building on yesterday's work... 12-14-10

Commenters include: metarvo, mightygoose, Girafe (x2), dedgren (x3), nekseb, Battlecat, Ryan B. (x2), noahclem, girlfromverona (x2), Connor, ldvger (x2), Terring7, mrtnrln and Haljackey.

   Page 493 12-15-10 - current

      Looking for beta testers 12-15-10

      So here's the latest RealRoad 12-16-10

      Today's first RealRoad retexture... 12-16-10

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), Badsim, threestooges (x3), Girafe, Haljackey, Battlecat (x2), Tarkus, mightygoose, ldvger (x2), girlfromverona, metarvo, FrankU, thundercrack83 and Ryan B.

   Page 494 12-17-10 - 12-20-10

      A response to Andreas' comment about T21s... 12-17-10

      Merry Christmas from Alaska 12-19-10

      Road enders; 3RR's fourth birthday coming up... 12-19-10

      Just getting home...; We watch the lunar eclipse 12-20-10

Commenters include: Andreas, Lowkee33 (x2),dedgren (x4), mrtnrln (x2), Ryan B. (x2), noahclem, Terring7, nekseb, FrankU, mightygoose, riiga, ecoba, Girafe and Gringamuyloca.

   Page 495 12-21-10 - 12-26-10

      About 5 minutes from totality 12-21-10

      Merry Christmas from Three Rivers Region! 12-25-10

Commenters include: canyonjumper, Tarkus, dedgren (x2), io_bg, rooker1, pvarcoe, metarvo (x2), Jmouse, threestooges (x2), Ryan B., BigSlark, thundercrack83,
Tracker, CaptCity. Silur, girafe and girlfromverona.

   Page 496 1-1-11 - 1-6-11

      A few RealRoads to carry you into 2011 1-1-11

      Got the office moved; Been doing the random bit of RealRoads coding  1-5-11

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), ldvger (x3), Silur, Ryan B.,  io_bg, art128, Nardo69, threestooges, metarvo, FrankU (x2), zgmfx882, Jespermilsson (x3), Girafe and Battlecat.

   Page 497 1-6-11 - 1-9-11

      3RR has topped 700,000 views... 1-7-11

      A peek into the 3RR texture lab. 1-8-11

      Nothing up my sleeve... 1-9-11

Commenters include: Tracker, ldvger (x2), dedgren (x3), CaptCity, metasmurf (x2), Terring7 (x2), noahclem, Ryan B., thundercrack83, serebii666, metarvo, FrankU, Jespernilsson, art128 and catty.

   Page 498 1-9-11 - 1-17-11

      Jesper, you have no idea... 1-9-11

      Diags work too. 1-10-11

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), CaptCity, mrtnrln, Catty, Battlecat, Girafe, Ryan B., art128, Tarkus, io_bg, ldvger, Jespernilsson (x2), riiga, marsh, JoeST, Nardo69, metarvo and kalanc69.

   Page 499 1-28-11 - 2-13-11

      The reason for my absence recently...  2-12-11

Commenters include: camaro_69_327, kalanc69 (x2), Aliktren , ldvger, BourneID, Tracker, dedgren, marsh, Pat, thundercrack83, Battlecat, threestooges, earlbeach, JoeST, nekseb, metarvo, Silur, io_bg and mrtnrln.

   Page 500 2-13-11 - current

      I doodled around today with some seasonal stuff... 2-15-11

      There isn't any such thing as three-track rail...yet... 2-16-11

Commenters include: Ryan B., Nardo69, CaptCity, FrankU, north country dude, mattb325, meinhosen, jmyers2043, ldvger (x2), mayorfabz, dedgren (x2), Haljackey, Lowkee33, Orange_o_, tvisker, vester, noahclem and Nexis4Jersey.

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