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Table of Contents - Page 501-550

Started by dedgren, August 27, 2011, 03:24:52 PM

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Table of Contents - Pages 501-550


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<a name="toc501to510">___________________________________</a>

Table of Contents - Page 501 through 510 2-16-11 - 1-7-12

   Page 501 2-16-11 - 2-25-11

      Holy Mackerel - we're here! 2-17-11

      News about Aidan's surgery. 2-24-11

Commenters include: Tarkus, dedgren (x2), JoeST, mayorfabz (x2), Dark_Jedi06, dragonshardz, metarvo (x2), Cali (x2), Ryan B., travismking, thundercrack83, Decifra, kalanc69, threestooges, ldvger and Silur.

   Page 502 2-27-11 - 3/31/11

      3RR is five years old 3-12-11

      Formal apology. 3-29-11

Commenters include: FrankU (s), scott1964, girlfromverona, bakerton, metarvo (x2), dedgren (x2), threestooges, stewart_garden, Orange_o_, emilin, Glazert, catty, nekseb, noahclem, Delecto, Battlecat and JoeST.

   Page 503 3-30-11 - 8-21-2011

      Time to check in for the collaboration 8-20-11

Commenters include: Silur, Nardo69, Gringamuyloca, magee_b, threestooges (x2), Ryan B. (x3), ldvger, nekseb, mayrofabz, girlfromverona, alicaponi calibanX, Rayden, abcvs, dragonshardz, Jespernilsson and dedgren..

   Page 504 8-22-11 - 8-28-11

      In the wild at last! 8-24-11

      You saw this in February... 8-26-11

      Wide track rail? 8-26-11

      Oh, what the heck! 8-27-11

      I'm switching tracks tonight... 8-27-11

      Took a break... 8-28-11

Commenters include: rooker1, Gringamuyloca, dedgren (x6), Schulmanator, metarvo (x2), RickD, Girafe, Kitsune, deathtopumpkins, Tarkus, Nexis4Jersey, marsh, Terring7 and FrankU.

   Page 505 8 28-11 - 9-1-11

      Well, I'm glad nobody caught me... 8-28-11

      Were you looking for a DTR wye? 8-28-11

      As I've been favoring the RL side... 9-1-11

Commenters include: Dexter, threestooges, CaptCity, dedgren (x3), metarvo, Shadow Assassin, mrtnrln, noahclem (x2), io_bg (x2), art128, FrankU, Gringamuyloca, bakerton, Tomas Neto, CrossSide and apeguy.

   Page 506 9-1-11 - 9-20-11

      I'm headed out into the Alaska wild... 9-2-11

      Wow! Just Wow! 9-8-11

      Happy birthday, Ryan (Ryan B.)  9-11-11

      Tomorrow is Dave's Day... 9-17-11

      Well, that didn't go the way I thought it would... 9-18-11

Commenters include: Tracker (x2), dedgren (x5), metarvo, Badsim (x2), Rady, FrankU, j-dub (x3), Ryan B., Swordmaster and threestooges (x3).

   Page 507 9-20-11 - 12-29-11

      ...thank you for hanging in there with us. 12-26-11

Commenters include: Girafe, noahclem, nivao, Badsim, Rayden, Orange_o_, mayorfabz, dedgren, Catty, io_bg, FrankU, Silur, rooker1, homefryes, Kerglen, CaptCity, Lowkee33, art128, bakerton and threestooges.

   Page 508 12-29-11 - 1-1-12

      First rail puzzle piece I've done in about two years. 12-29-11

      I've adjusted the textures. 12-30-11

      It's about 10 minutes before the new year... 1-1-12

      No lurking today... 1-1-12

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x3), dedgren (x4), art128, Glazert, noahclem, Pat, bakerton, ldvger, threestooges, metarvo, mayorfabz, asturianu, JoeST, riiga and mrtnrln.

   Page 509 1-1-12 - 1-5-12

      It feels great to show you these. 1-4-12

   Page 510 1-5-12 - 1-7-12

      Oh, I've been working on the railroad... 1-5-12

      ...today's progress on TTR. 1-6-12

      I'm, err...on track! 1-6-12

      All I can say is ACK! 1-6-12

      All I can say is ACK! 1-6-12

       We made it with a few seconds to spare. 1-7-12

Commenters include: jdenm8 (x2), carlfatal, dedgren (x5), mrtnrln, noahclem (x2), ivo_su, jmyers2043, j-dub, Tarkus (x2), RickD, CasperVg, [Delta ²k5] and catty.

Table of Contents - Page 511 through 520 1-7-12 - 1-30-12

   Page 511 1-7-12 - 1-8-12

      On a day when I'm away, we get almost 1,500 page views 1-8-12

      The human eye is amazing... 1-7-12

      Holy cow! 1-8-12

Commenters include: jdenm8 (x2), art128 (z2), joelyboy911, Badsim, gn_leguim, Kerglen, noahclem (x2), Flatron, mike3775, thundercrack87, dedgren (x3), [Delta ²k5], j-dub, carlfatal and kalanc69.

   Page 512 1-9-12 - 1-12-12

      Another TTR switch. 1-9-12

      [TTR] progress so far today. 1-10-12

Commenters include: noahclem (x2), jdenm8, Battlecat, apeguy, Dexter, bakerton, mike3775 (x3), Delecto, dedgren (x3), Grneys, j-dub, art128, threestooges, thundercrack83 and RickD.

   Page 513 1-12-12 - 1-14-12

      Felix (riiga) and jmdude1 are the winners. 1-12-12

      Thank God it's Friday the 13th! 1-13-12

Commenters include: threestooges, catty, art128 (x3), jdenm8, mrtnrln, riiga, jmdude1 (x2), metarvo, dedgren (x2), dragonshardz, calibanX, GMT, carlfatal, JoeST, Silur and Nexis4Jersey

   Page 514 1-14-12 - 1-16-12

      Took Tristen out for an Alaskan ride this afternoon. 1-14-12

      Couple of TTR switches to celebrate SC4's 9th birthday. 1-14-12

      Year 10 starts for SC4. 1-15-12

      Roll on, 3RR odometer, roll on! 1-15-12

Commenters include: dedgren (x4), Ryan B. Jmouse, mike3773 (x3), Shadow Assassin, Will12, calibanX, catty (x2), JoeST, noahclem, FrankU, Gaston, Tarkus and metarvo.

   Page 515 1-16-12 - 1-17-12

      Side track! 1-16-12

      The road to a million page views. 1-17-12

      A little yard work... 1-17-12

Commenters include: Rady (x2), Gugu3, art128, thundercrack83, vortext, noahclem, dedgren (x3), mike3775 (x2), rooker1(x2), Battlecat (x2), carlfatal, Tarkus, Lowkee33 and apeguy.

   Page 516 1-17-12 - 1-18-12

      The next to last TTR switch... 1-17-12

Commenters include: Kitsune, mike3775 (x2), rooker1 (x2), threestooges, dedgren, calibanX art128, Rady, FrankU, noahclem, io_bg (x2), metarvo, bakerton, Battlecat, Gugu3, riiga and mrtnrln.

   Page 517 1-18-12 - 1-20-12

      I'm working on textures and puzzle pieces today. 1-19-12

      Well, what have we been doing here... 1-19-12

      I have a pretty fair headache, so it's an early night. 1-20-12

Commenters include: vortext (x4), thundercrack83, Tarkus, rooker1, AcoG000 (x2), apeguy, dedgren (x3), noahclem (x2), art128 (x2), Gtingamuyloca, JoeST and Rady.

   Page 518 1-20-12 - 1-24-12

      A trial yesterday... 1-21-12

      Bashing out puzzle pieces. 1-21-12

      After cleaning up some silly mistakes... 1-22-12

Commenters include: mike3775 (x3), Kerglen, jdenm8, Battlecat, AcoG000, dedgren (x3), rooker1, Jmouse, ivo_su, mayorfabz, Stray Cat, Gugu3, noahclem (x2), Shadow Assassin and Tarkus.

   Page 519 1-24-12 - 1-26-12

      Heh! I dodged that little exchange... 1-24-12

      I love Excel... 1-25-12

      We honor Arthur (art128)... 1-26-12

      Well, I goofed 1-26-12

Commenters include: mike3775 (x3), Tarkus, ivo_su, dedgren (x4), rooker1 (x2), calibanX (2), abcvs (x2), Lowkee33, art128, apeguy, Rady and vortext.

   Page 520 1-26-12 - 1-30-12

      And now - something completely different. 1-27-12

      I ran into an unexpected problem... 1-29-12

      Company all day today. 1-29-12

Commenters include: noahclem (x3), buddybud, CaptCity, threestooges, dedgren (x3), rooker1 (x2), mike3775, calibanX, Battlecat, gn_leugim, Will12, citybuilderx, art128, emmotic and apeguy.

Table of Contents - Page 521 through 530  1-29-12 - 3-10-12

   Page 521 1-30-12 - 2-1-12

      Starting to really come together. 1-30-12

      Another TTR switch. 1-31-12

      The larger puzzle pieces take... 1-31-12

      A couple of in-game pics. 1-31-12

      I have appointments with clients today... 2-1-12

Commenters include: art128, dedgren (x5), Will12 (x2), Kitsune, dragonshardz, jmdude1, gn_leugim, mike3775, Rady, Lowkee33, io_bg, noahclem, metarvo, AcoG000 and benedict.

   Page 522 2-1-12 - 2-5-12

      First of the ortho-diag curves... 2-2-12

      But there isn't any such thing as FARR3 STR... 2-4-12

      Heh! Bet you thought I'd taken the weekend off... 2-4-12

      In a bit it will be three years since the release of the first STR set. 2-5-12

Commenters include: Terring7, gn_leugim (x2), apeguy, dedgren (x4), noahclem, Girafe, Kerglen, abcvs (x2), TheTeaCat, carlfatal, mike3775 (x2), sepen77, Battlecat and jdenm8.

   Page 523 2-5-12 - 2-8-12

      This is the time of year in 3RR when... 2-5-12

      ...I'm going laptop shopping 2-7-12

      Just lost a much longer post... 2-7-12

Commenters include: gn_leugim (x2), abcvs, Swordmaster, Haljackey, carlfatal, dedgren (x3), threestooges (x2), mike3775 (x2), Lowkee33, noahclem, metarvo, Gringamuyloca, Tarkus and CasperVg.

   Page 524 2-8-12 - 2-12-12

      Thanks, everyone, for all the input. 2-9-12

Commenters include: Will12, FrankU (x2), catty, Shadow Assassin (x2), mike3775 (x3), gn_ leugim, Tarkus, JoeST, mayorfabz, jdenm8, Kitsune, Haljackey, dedgren, buddybud, Rady and ldvger.

   Page 525 2-13-12 - 2/22/12

      Setting up the new laptop... 2-13-12

      Tomorrow, among others, we'll take a short trip... 2-14-12

      2012 F-437/R5 Construction Update. 2-14-12

      Well, it all seems to be sorted out now. 2-22-12

Commenters include: Kokopelli (x2), dedgren (x4), threestooges (x2), buddybud, Rady, RickD, noahclem (x2), Will12 (x2), Swordmaster, mike3775 (x3) and Girafe.

   Page 526 2-22-12 - 2-27-12

      Sorry, didn't mean to be sporadic this week... 2-23-12

      A couple of weeks ago... 2-26-12

Commenters include: mrtnrln (x2), rooker1, dedgren (x2), noahclem, art128, mike3775 (x3), Kitsune, Jmouse, metarvo, Haljackey, carlfatal, Nexis4Jersey, Lowkee33 (x2), thundercrack83 and calibanX.

   Page 527 2-28-12 - 3/1/12

      Thanks for the comments about New Sweden... 2-28-12

      Heh! Now we have a set 2-29-12

      Thank you, Bernhard! 2-29-12

Commenters include: metasmurf, gn_leugim (x4), RickD, Kitsune, dedgren (x3), Will12, apeguy, vortex, art128, Girafe, Jespernilsson, Nardo69, bakerton, buddybud and Swordmaster.

   Page 528 3-1-12 - 3-5-12

      Dropping in to show you this. 3-2-12

      A couple more... 3-2-12

      This stuff really works, folks! 3-3-12

Commenters include: mike3775 (x4), gn_leugim (x2), dedgren (x3), JoeST, vortex, Indiana Joe, art128, mrtnrln, Nardo69, Swordmaster, girlfromverona,kalanc69, metarvo and FrankU

   Page 529 3-5-12 - 3-7-12

      7 days 'til 3RR's 6th birthday! 3-5-12

      Back from preparing for tomorrow's trial. 3-7-12

      ...we are down to 5 days 'til 3RR's 6th birthday. 3-7-12

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), rooker1, Battlecat, kalanc69, Will12, bakerton, Gaston, Grneys, mike3775 (x2), girlfromverona, Silur, FrankU, Connor, Rayden, kbieniu7, gn_leugim and calibanX

   Page 530 3-8-12 - 3-10-12

      6...5...4... 3-8-12

      Busy...busy...busy... 3-10-12

Commenters include: jmdude1, girlfromverona, catty, metarvo (x3), mike3775 (x4), Silur, dedgren (x2), JoeST, pvarcoe, TheTeaCat, noahclem, Nardo69, Ryan B. and Lowkee33.

Table of Contents - Page 531 through 540  3-10-12 - 5-4-12

   Page 531 3-10-12 - 3-12-12

      Still working on party arrangements. 3-10-12

      Monday's party will be held at... 3-11-12

      All the frantic activity preparing things... 3-11-12

Commenters include: meinhosen, vortex, dedgren (x3), Ennedi, Kitsune, magee_b, catty, threestooges, calibanX, abcvs (x2), Jmouse, whatevermind, metarvo, samoyed1958, girlfromverona, mike3775 and gn_leugim.

   Page 532 3-12-12

      So, Happy 6th Birthday, 3RR! --12

Commenters include: RickD, wouanagaine, mike3775, jestarr, magee_b, Lowkee33, WC_EEND, dedgren, Grneys, art128, amapper, FrankU, Stray Cat, pvarcoe, Glazert, mrtnrln, Silur, Kerglen, Rayden and Catty.

   Page 533 3-12-12

      Welcome to Black Earth's Old Grange Hill...3-12-12

      Take a look up on the overhead... 3-12-12

      ...continued from the last post... 3-12-12

Commenters include: mike3775, WE_EEND, vortex, dedgren (x3), Jespernilsson, Lowkee33, JoeST, Rayden, homefryes, Battlecat, vab423, RickD, io_bg, pvarcoe, qbcvs, bat and Tarkus.

   Page 534 3-12-12

      Not to say that 3RR isn't a real place, though. 3-12-12

      All the 3RR transport stuff means nothing... 3-12-12

      In the next couple of minutes... 3-12-12

Commenters include: dedgren (x4), riiga, WC_EEND, kalanc 69, evarburg, vortex, Reform, Simcoug, metasmurf, mattb325, Girafe, Schulmanator, emmotic, rooker1, Sunset_baby, meinhosen and Gryneys.

   Page 535 3-12-12

      Well, how about a hint? 3-12-12

      74 posts today... 3-12-12

Commenters include: kalanc69 (x2), Lowkee33, pezzajn, Rayden (x2), Haljackey, dedgren (x2), mayorfabz (x2), benedict, abcvs, TheTeaCat, jmyers2043, Wacky Worm, mike3775, Rayden, woodb3kmaster and jgehrts.

   Page 536 3-12-12

      Every MDer's dream... 3-12-12

Commenters include: thundercrack83, mike3775, CaptCity, dedgren, Jmouse, Schulmanator, mayorfabz, jraap, Battlecat, rooker1, pvarcoe, threestooges, bakerton, Pat, metarvo, kalanc69, abcvs, bakerton, Silur and bthersh.

   Page 537 3-12-12 – 3-13-12

      Joan (Jmouse) became a great friend here at SC4D. 3-12-12

      Well, we're down to the last hour of the party. 3-12-12

      The lights are being turned off... 3-12-12

Commenters include: Kitsune, metarvo, dedgren (x3), whatevermind, Pat, kalanc69, girlfromverona, threestooges, jdenm8, JoeST, calibanX, Delecto, noahclem, jmdude1, catty, metarvo, mike3775 and Rayden,

   Page 538 3-13-12 - 3-16-12

      I'm doing some last minute futzing... 3-14-12

      Heh! A little hangup. 3-15-12

      Transition. 3-16-12

Commenters include: Badsim, gn_leugim, Terring7, abcvs, Ryan B., Gaston, mike3775, ldvger, Silur (x2), jdenm8, Will12, dedgren (x3), calibanX, Rayden, Connor, noahclem  and Jespernilsson.

   Page 539 3-16-12 - 3-21-12

      Still working on those SAM transitions. 3-18-12

      Looks like a collaboration quad to me. 3-19-12

Commenters include: mike3775, threestooges (x2), Gringamuyloca, gn_leugim (x2), Swordmaster, dedgren (x2), Battlecat, JoeST, FrankU, io_bg, mrtnrln, jdenm8, Will12, ldvger, noahclem, Kokopelli and Silur.

   Page 540 3-22-12 - 5-4-12

Commenters include: MrMAvE94, Mr. Y, Yan077, mightygoose, kj3400, a_muses, abcvs, dahemac, FrankU, gn_leugim (x4), mike3775 (x3), Silur (x2), Rady and Lowkee33.

Table of Contents - Page 541 through 550 5-4-12 - current

   Page 541 5-4-12 - 5-19-12

Commenters include: mike3775 (x3), NCGAIO (x2), mrtnrln, Lowkee33 (x2), gn_leugim, FrankU,  frdrcklim, metarvo, catty, vortex, Jmouse (x2), sithlrd98, abcvs, Silur and ivo_su.

   Page 542 5-19-12 - 5-26-12

  We're almost there, folks. 5-26-12

Commenters include: Silur (x5), mike3775 (x3), mayorfabz, threestooges, io_bg, vortext, art128 (x2), NCGAIO (x2), Haljackey, FrankU, dedgren and Schulmanator.

   Page 543 5-26-12 - 5-27-12

      10...9...8... 5-26-12

      Thank you, everyone. 5-26-12

Commenters include: noahclem (x2), art128 (x3), dedgren (x2), NCGAIO, vortext, Lowkee33, Silur, catty, mayorfabz, Badsim, mike3775, mrtnrln, ivo_su, Haljackey, ecoba and carlfatal.

   Page 544 5-29-12 - 12-25-12

      I'm posting from Three Rivers Region... 6-10-12

      Six years here. 12-20-12

Commenters include: calibanX, dragonshards, gn_leugim, metarvo (x2), rooker1, sc-4, blueeyesman, dedgren (x3), Silur, kj3400, Kitsune, catty, Pat, Swordmaster, NC GAIO, noahclem and sunv123.

   Page 545[/b] 12-25-12 - 1-1-13

      Thanks for the holiday wishes, folks. 12-26-12

      Just a question I've always wondered about- 12-30-12

      Frank, I'll start with your comment. 12-30-12

      Back from..."The Hobbit." 1-1-13

      First order of business... 1-1-13

Commenters include: vester, art128, Swordmaster (x3), metarvo, noahclem, dedgren (x5), homefryes, Jmouse, z, Tatkus, FrankU (x2), Girafe and M3446.

   Page 546 1-2-13 - 1-13-13

      Like this, my friend? 1-2-13

      Well, I spent the day redoing a few of the TTR puzzle pieces... 1-3-13

      Well, I spent the day redoing a few of the TTR puzzle pieces... 1-3-13

      Had a pretty rough last week recovery-wise... 1-13-13

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), M4346, rooker1, noahclem, catty, Swordmaster (x2), Tarkus (x3), metarvo (x2), ecoba, mightygoose, ldvger, FrankU, memo and mike3775.

   Page 547  1-13-13 - current

      Happy 10th Anniversary, Sim City 4!! 1-15-13

      "Simcity has truly connected cities within larger regions for the first time." 1-15-13

      Happy Birthday 3RR    3-12-13

Commenters include: Jmouse, jdenm8 (x3), j-dub, dedgren (x3), metarvo, vortext, sunv123, noahclem (x2), metarvo (x2), FrankU, girlfromverona, APSMS, rooker1 and swordmaster.

   Page 548 3-12-13 - 5-15-13

Commenters include: vortext, kj3400, Terring7, MTT9, Delecto, Nardo69, art128, metarvo, sunv123, calibanX, tchaos, Jmouse, thundercrack83, threestooges, io_bg, allan_kuan1992, j-dub, mightygoose, kalanc and north

   Page 549 6-12-13 - 9-18-13

      ...Happy Birthday from Alaska. 6-12-13

      Still here. 9-18-13

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), kalanc69, vester, Tarkus, rooker1, TheTeaCat, art128, Swordmaster, catty, memo, vortext, sunv123, MTT9, Jmouse, APSMS, Girafe, metarvo, Delecto and kj3400.

   Page 550 9-18-13 - current

      It's fall here in 3RR 9-18-13

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