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Table of Contents - Pages 251-300

Started by dedgren, October 05, 2008, 12:07:24 AM

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Table of Contents - Pages 251-300


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<a name="toc251to260">___________________________________</a>

Table of Contents - Page 251 through 260 10-1-08 - 10-13-08

   Page 251 10-1-08 - 10-3-08

      A labor of love... 10-3-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87, Masochist, Heblem, threestooges, bat, Simpson, art128, metarvo, thundercrack83, Grneyes, emilin, j-dub, nerdly_dood (x2), savagemuppet, dedgren, wouanagaine, JoeST (x2), and wes.janson

   Page 252 10-3-08 - 10-4-08

      Animated .gifs show seasonal trees in action 10-3-08

      First snow at Piper's Point 10-4-08

Commenters include: Pat (x2), sim-al2, flame1396, Darmok, dedgren (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Jmouse, threestooges (x2), Simpson, savagemuppet, mrtnrln, Andreas, metarvo, bat, pagenotfound, and JoeST

   Page 253 10-4-08 - 10-5-08

      Got off track and switched directions 10-4-08

      Another FARR switcheroo... 10-5-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87 (x2), nerdly_dood, dedgren (x2), Tarkus, Haljackey, Pat, thundercrack83, threestooges, Jmouse, JoeST, toxicpiano, sim-al2, Ennedi, bat (x2), Nardo69, debutterfly, and Swamper77

   Page 254 10-5-08 - 81006

      More FARR alpha pieces finished... 10-6-08

Commenters include: psander5 (x3), JoeST (x2), sim-al2, Tarkus, deathtopumpkins, toxicpiano, sithlrd98, flame1396, Masochist, mrtnrin, Andreas, bat, ben.meissner, dedgren, thundercrack83, Sheep49 and metarvo.

   Page 255 10-6-08 - 10-7-08

      Cranking out single-rail alphas 10-7-08

Commenters include: un1 (x2), MassHelper, metasmurf (x2), nerdly_dood, pilotdaryl, inspecter, TheTeaCat, sithlrd98, dedgren, thundercrack83, bat, Duvad, girlfromverona, Geronimo, Simpson, JoeST, inspecter and dragonshardz.

   Page 256 10-7-08 – 10-8-08

      Sitting down? Matt's (threestooges) single-rail trestle bridge unveiled. 10-8-08

Commenters include: inspecter, dragonshardz, caspervg, Warrior, art128, ejc, Tarkus, thundercrack83 (x2), dedgren, threestooges, Masshelper (x2), sim-al2, un1, Simpson, metarvo, deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98 and Jmouse.

   Page 257 10-8-08 - 10-9-08

      'The High Line' 10-9-08

Commenters include: nerdly_dood (x2), Livin in Sim, Toichus Maximus, Pat, bat, inspecter (x2), metarvo (x2), dedgren, sithlrd98 (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), un1, threestooges, MassHelper, Ennedi and girlfromverona.

   Page 258 10-9-08 - 10-10-08

      Aspen Pass meets the STR 10-9-08

      How long has it been since we saw some exit signs? 10-10-08

Commenters include: metalheadfromny (x2), burgsabre87, Jmouse (x2), FrankU, girlfromverona, metarvo, dedgren (x2), art128, BigSlark, Pat, PhilsCafe, thundercrack83, pvarcoe, Simpson, nerdly_dood, ben_meissner and bakerton.

   Page 259 10-10-08 - 10-12-08

      FAR and FARR to 45-degree curves. 10-11-08

Commenters include: burgsabre87, metarvo (x2), psander5 (x2), art128 (x2), penguin007, inspecter, pagenotfound, dedgren, threestooges, j-dub, sithlrd, thundercrack83, Haljackey, mrtnrln, jacqulina, Simpson and cggg.

   Page 260 10-12-08 - 10-13-08

      It's snowing in Alaska10-12-08

      Now you see 'em, now you don't – where'd the double track go? 10-13-08

Commenters include: bat, dedgren (x2), deathtopumpkins, M4346, TheTeaCat, debutterfly, Kokopelli, sithlrd98, metarbo, Sim-al2, Sparrowsraven, BigSlark, thundercrack83, wes.janson, Geronimo, PhilsCafe, Andreas, Simpson and JoeST.

Table of Contents - Page 261 through 270 10-13-08 - 10-27-08

   Page 261 10-13-08

      Where's the track going? To the bridge, of course, thanks to Matt (threestooges)! 10-13-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins, threestooges (x2), inspecter (x3), thundercrack83, BigSlark, nerdly_dood, sighlrd98, Godzillaman, j-dub (x2), MassHelper, metarvo, dedgren, Gaston, sim-al2, Heblem and Swamper77.

   Page 262 10-13-08 - 10-14-08

      The track checker escaped unharmed! 10-13-08

      We look at railroad signals... 10-14-08

Commenters include: Pat (x3), dedgren (x2), CaptCity, Jmouse, DFire870, emilin, Andreas, bat, metarvo, gardenwong, art128, Geronimo, CarmineHilton, burgsabre87, TheTeaCat, thundercrack83 and inspecter.

   Page 263 10-14-08 – 10-16-08

      We have a fully-functional, draggable STR... 10-16-08

Commenters include: Warrior, inspecter (x2), MassHelper, txrailcat74, burgsabre87, dedgren, girlfromverona, threestooges, CaptCity, Tarkus, Badsim, art128, Pozzessed, FrankU, metarvo, BigSlark, mrtnrln, Geronimo and bat.

   Page 264 10-16-08

      150K views!!! We're in STR heaven! 10-16-08

Commenters include: Toichus Maximus, Pat (x2), TheTeaCat, Andreas, dedgren, Sheep49, jestarr, un1, JoeST, deathtopumpkins, Jmouse, thundercrack83, nerdly_dood, threestooges, pvarcoe, metarvo, metasmurf, genemc777 and inspecter.

   Page 265 10-16-08 - 10-18-08

      STR crosses the road... 10-17-08

Commenters include: wes.janson, girlfromverona, Andreas, Dark_Jedi06, MassHelper, inspecter (x3), north country dude, dedgren, Pat, sim-al2, rhizome21, caspervg, bat, gardenwong, freedo50, PhilsCafe, nerdly_dood and sithlrd98.

   Page 266 10-18-08 - 10-20-08

      We look back at Terraforming Teton by pvarcoe. 10-18-08

      Working on a new work-in-process pre-alpha STR element. 10-19-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), Pat (x2), Simpson, art128 (x2), metarvo (x2), sithlrd98, papab2000, TheTeaCat, Grneyes, inspecter, ejc, gardenwong, bat, pvarcoe, thundercrack83 and threestooges.

   Page 267 10-21-08

      A few STR switch pix 10-21-08

      Anatomy of a train wreck on STR... 10-21-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), newsimaddict, burgsabre87, XiahouDun, thundercrack83 (x2), emilin, art128, TheTeaCat, inspecter, sithlrd98, metarvo, MassHelper, Dark_Jedi06, Haljackey, un1, nerdly_dood, threestooges and Pat.

   Page 268 10-21-08 - 10-24-08

      Playing in the STR sandbox... 10-21-08

      Another teaser from the sandbox... 10-22-08

      And a bit more eye candy! 10-24-08

Commenters include: MassHelper, Swamper77, j-dub (x2), dedgren (x3), girlfromverona, art128 (x2), metarvo, bat, Toichus Maximus, frdrcklim, thundercrack83, allan_kuan1992, gardenwong, sciurus54, un1 and deathtopumpkins.

   Page 269 10-24-08 – 10-25-08

      A few more STR eye candy pics... 10-25-08

      Still doodling but hoping to show some new STR pieces soon... 10-25-08

Commenters include: Kitsune, inspecter, metarvo (x2), bob56, MassHelper (x2), Pat (x2), un1 (x2), dedgren (x2), Pozzessed, sim-al2 (x2), art128, bat, penguin007 and Haljackey.

   Page 270 10-25-08 - 10-27-08

      Learning to make transportation puzzle pieces... 10-27-08

      The second piece took 45 minutes to make! 10-27-08

Commenters include: Toichus Maximus, thundercrack83, Heblem, MassHelper (x2), inspecter, Pat (x2), dragonshardz, art128, toxicpiano, abcvs (x2), metarvo (x2), debutterfly, dedgren (x2), sithlrd98 and girlfromverona.

Table of Contents - Page 271 through 280 10-27-08 - current

   Page 271 10-27-08 - 10-28-08

Commenters include: Grneyes, bakerson, Toichus Maximus (x3), MassHelper (x2), girlfromverona, thundercrack83, abcvs (x3), BigSlark, allan_kuan1992, frdrcklim, Pat, bat, JoeST, vester and Kitsune.

   Page 272 10-29-08 - 10-31-08

      Finishing up the last FARR pieces... 10-29-08

      A current puzzle piece in progress; Unexpected weekend travel plans. 10-30-08

Commenters include: MassHelper (x3), caspervg, dedgren (x2), jmdude1, Pat, sim-al2, metarvo (x3), PhilsCafe, rooker1, burgsabre87, Geronimo, thundercrack83, nerdly_dood, Dark_Jedi06 and Dfire870.

   Page 273 10-31-08 - 11-1-08

      Today's output from the 3RR Puzzle Piece Machine. 11-1-08

Commenters include: abcvs (x2), Pat (x3), stingstingsting, dedgren (x2), Jmouse, JanYpe, bat, metarvo (x2), un1, Gaston, jmdude1, sim-al2 (x2), , Godzillaman and rooker1.

   Page 274 11-1-08 - 11-3-08

      Ooooops, where did that road come from! 11-2-08

      SC4 belongs to us, the players, now... 11-2-08

Commenters include: Swamper77, Pat (x3), bat, thundercrack83 (x2), JoeST, dedgren (x2), j-dub (x2), sim-al2, nerdly_dood, metarvo (x2), burgsabre87, caspervg, BigSlark and Geronimo.

   Page 275 11-3-08 - 11-4-08

      The curves are coming along nicely... 11-3-08

      Ever wanted to do this? 11-4-08

Commenters include: stingstingsting, bighead99, Tarkus, nerdly_dood, Darmok, abcvs (x2), j-dub, Gaston, sim-al2, MassHelper, Dark_jedi06, dedgren (x2), Pat, thundercrack83, Toichus Maximus, bwatterud, Youcefk69 and deathtopumpkins .

   Page 276 11-4-08

      The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, Alaska. 11-4-08

      Works pretty good in STR... 11-4-08

      Almost forgot the birthday cake! 11-4-08

   Page 277 11-4-08 - 11-6-08

      A double track to FARR double track switch to tide you over. 11-6-08

Commenters include: Toichus Maximus (x2), Swamper77, art128 (x2), rooker1 (x2), MassHelper (x3), debutterfly, bat, Kitsune, girlfromverona, abcvs, dedgren, metarvo, burgsabre87, thundercrack83 and Pat.

   Page 278 11-7-08 - 11-8-08

      Bringing home the impact of STR on the game 11-7-08

      More on the double to STR switches. 11-8-08

Commenters include: Simpson, Nardo69 (x2), dedgren (x2), homefrys, Pat, Geronimo, art128, Haljackey, deathtopumpkins (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), metarvo, Toichus Maximus, threestooges, wes.janson, pilotdaryl and jacqulina.

   Page 279 11-8-08 - 11-10-08

      We look at nine FARR switches. 11-8-08

      The last piece in a full set of STR version 1 trackage. 11-8-08

      The 3RR-ST archive is coming right along. 11-9-08

      Grid? What grid?11-10-08

Commenters include: bat (x2), FrankU, Pat (x2), dedgren (x4), TheTeaCat, deathtopumpkins, thundercrack83 (x2), metarvo, wes.janson, nerdly_dood, art128, JoeST, debutterfly and un1.

   Page 280 11-10-08

      Guess what I'm working on ... could it be airport runways? 11-10-08

Commenters include: Livin in Sim, kimcar, Toichus Maximus, sim-al2 (x3),  FrankU, dedgren (2), BigSlark, bat, deathtopumpkins, metarvo, Simpson, ben_meissner, dsrwhat316, un1, Andreas, jpj_starfleet and thundercrack83

Table of Contents - Page  281through 290 11-10-08 - current

   Page 281 11-10-08 – 11-12-08

      Some more FAR/FARR doodles11-10-08

      Ploppable telephone poles by Matt (threestooges), available on the 3RRX later today. 11-12-08

Commenters include: sithlrd98, abcvs (x2), Duvad, dedgren (x2), Heblem, Nardo69, Toichus Maximus, bat, deathtopumpkins, thundercrack83, Jmouse, JoeST, art128, Grneyes, The TeaCat, Sheep49, metarvo and kimcar.

   Page 282 11-12-08 - 11-13-08

       Matt's (threestooges)  telephone poles are attached here 11-12-08

Commenters include: ben.meissner, deathtopumpkins (x2), girlfromverona, dedgren, abcvs (x3), thundercrack83, threestooges, Aérius, MassHelper, FrankU, bat, kimcar, Sheep49, sim-al2, inspecter, Andreas and  metarvo.

   Page 283 11-13-08 - 11-15-08

      Showing off the 45 degree to FAR curve transition 11-14-08

      We go into clean-up mode as the weekend approaches 11-14-08

      Plopable seasonal mayor-mode trees - whaddaya think about that? 11-15-08

Commenters include: buckbeach, un1, deathtopumpkins, Kitsune, Swamper77, ben.meissner, metarvo, dedgren (x3), frdrdklim, Big Slark, Toichus Maximus, metarvo, sim-al2, projectdam, Pat, thundercrack 83, allan_kuan1992 and abcvs.

   Page 284 11-15-08 - 11-16-08

      How 3RR organizes the plugin folder.  11-15-08

      Wishing Dustin (thundercrack83) a Happy Birthday.  11-15-08

Commenters include: PhilsCafe, Biship Hawke (x2), bat, deathtopumpkins, scirurus54, un1, dedgren (x2), Pat (x2), TheTeaCat, thundercrack83, metarbo, frdrcklim, nerdly_dood, abcvs (x2), ben.meissner and Swamper77.

   Page 285 11-16-08 – 11-17-08.

      Seasonal plopable trees are on the way; We answer Allan's (allan_kuan 1992) question. 11-17-08

      Seasonal plopable trees are on the 3RREX here. 11-17-08

Commenters include: abcvs (x3), Duvad, dedgren (x2), Tarkus, thundercrack83, Pat (x2), allan_kuan1992, emilin, Nardo69, metarvo, Toichus Maximus, threestooges, deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98, bob56 and frdrcklim.

   Page 286 11-18-08 11-20-08.

      It's pretty darn cold here in Wasilla, Alaska. 11-18-08

      Now we have ice fog. 11-19-08

Commenters include: bakerton, dedgren (x2), M4346, JoeST, abcvs (x2), threestooges, CarmineHilton, wes.janson, metarvo (x2), Geronimo, buckbeach, Pozzessed, thundercrack83, rooker1, Grneyes, choco and bat.

   Page 287 11-20-08 - 11-23-08

      It's still winter in 3RR 11-22-08

Commenters include: Toichus Maximus, rooker1, choco (x3), threestooges, JoeST, thundercrack83 (x2), Jack Bauer, bat, art128, metarvo, dedgren, burgsabre87, deathtopumpkins, Pat, Heblem, rhizome21 and metarvo.

   Page 288 11-23-08 - 11-27-08

      Like Bilbo Baggins, I have passed the ring on. 11--08

Commenters include: bakerton, sithlrd98, yochananmichael, FrankU (x2), choco, silur, Kitsune, Warrior (x2), dedgren, JoeST, threestooges, un1, metarvo, projectadam, Pat, Toichus Maximus, Gwail and burgsabre.

   Page 289 11-27-08 - 11-28-08

      Happy Thanksgiving11-27-08

      How about rural roads with gravel shoulders? 11-28-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), rooker1, Pat (x2), thundercrack83, metarvo (x2), , Darmok (x2), wes.janson (x2), threestooges, callagrafx, FrankU, JoeST, deathtopumpkins, Geronimo, pvarcoe and CaptCity

   Page 290 11-28-08 - 11-29-08

      Roads minus the shoulders look like this... 11-28-08

      Look Ma, no sidewalks! 11-28-08

      We darkened the texture and added the darkened shoulder back in. 11-29-08

Commenters include: thundercrack83 (x3), jmdude1, bakerton, dedgren (x3), metarvo (x2), deathtopumpkins, nerdly_dood, Pat (x2), homefryes, threestooges, mrtnrin, art128, TheTeaCat and buckbeach.

Table of Contents - Page 291 through 300 11-29-08 - current

   Page 291 11-29-08 – 11-30-08

      Yesterday's 'quake mapped out... 11-29-08

      A little eye candy... 11-29-08

      Transit pathing... 11-30-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins, bob56, dedgren (x3), bat, Pat (x2), Darmok, j-dub, CaptCity, metarvo, un1, thundercrack83, burgsabre87, PhilsCafe, projectadam, frdrcklim, 05greene and threestooges. 

   Page 292 11-30-08 - 12-1-08

      Enjoying the snowfall 11-30-08

      Found a part of pathing I like 11-30-08

      We take a break and create a rock mod 12-1-08

Commenters include: sim-al2, dedgren (x3), thundercrack83, sithlrd98, un1 (x2), deathtopumpkins, c.p., metarvo (x2), ben_meissner (x2), threestooges, buckbush, Vandy, bat, debutterfly and Dejavu21.

   Page 293 12-1-08 - 12-3-08

      The 3RR Mossy Limestone rock mod is on the 3RREX 12-1-08

Commenters include: art128, Tarkus, deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98 (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Pat (x2), un1, blade2k5, dedgren, buckbeach, burgsabre87, metarvo, gardenwong, Darmok, bighead99, threestooges and Pozzessed.

   Page 294 12-3-08 - 12-7-08

      Pushing another STR piece through the PathCreator 12-3-08

      Slowly but surely STR moves forward; Another rock mod ready for the 3RREX 12-4-08

Commenters include: Pozzessed (x2), Ennedi (x3), dedgren (x2), sithlrd98, deathtopumpkins, thundercrack83, Pat, metarvo, Haljackey, sim-al2 (x2), threestooges, Geronimo, bat, Andreas and mjj55409.

   Page 295 12-7-08 - 12-12-08

      Extending the current mini-break... 12-11-08

Commenters include: metarvo (x2), BigSlark, bob56, Swamper77, thundercrack83, projectadam, debutterfly, kalanc69, threestooges, un1, dedgren, homefryes, catty, nerdly_dood, sithlrd98, wes.janson, girlfromverona, Darmok and Badsim.

   Page 296 12-12-08 - 12-17-08

      A little Python (Monty) in case you're worried... 12-16-08

      The Portland, Oregon, airport... 12-17-08

Commenters include: j-dub, Grneyes, thundercrack83 (x2), frdrcklim (x2), metarvo (x2), canibanX, dedgren (x2), sithlrd98, choco, wes.Janson, un1, deathtopumpkins, threestooges, bakerton, Dino007 and Silur.

   Page 297 12-17-08 - 12-19-08

      Agonizingly-slow progress on the STR pieces... 12-17-08

      Working on the last two pieces now... 12-18-08

Commenters include: bat, mjj55409, un1 (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), BigSlark, dedgren (x2), sithlrd98, buckbeach, threestooges, FrankU, metarvo, pvarcoe, Pat, projectadam, calibanX, bwatterud and Toichus Maximus.

   Page 298 12-19-08

      The big one that (almost) got away... 12-17-08

      Not much longer... 12-19-08

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), thundercrack83, threestooges (x2), bat, bertelschlurf, metarvo, buckbeach, BigSlark, RustyXL, Pat, io_bg, bob56, Simpson, pvarcoe, Jmouse, burgsabre87, un1 and debutterfly.

   Page 299 12-19-08 - 12-20-08


      Today is 3RR's second birthday on SC4D 12-20-08

Commenters include: deathtopumpkins (x2), homefryes, nerdly_dood, BarbyW, bwatterud, dedgren (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), Pat, frdrcklim (x2), sim-al2, gardenwong (x2), Earth quake, FrankU, threestooges and TheTeaCat.

   Page 300 12-20-08

      STR Bug Update- 12-20-08

Commenters include: bat, sithlrd98 (x3), Haljackey, metarvo (x2), BigSlark, Warrior (x2), deathtopumpkins, un1, RustyXL, dedgren, JoeST (x2), bwatterud, nerdly_dood (x2) and thundercrack83.

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