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Table of Contents - Pages 351-400

Started by dedgren, February 28, 2009, 02:52:40 PM

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Table of Contents - Pages 351-400


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Table of Contents - Page 351 through 360 2-28-09 - 3-7-09

   Page 351 2-28-09 - 3-1-09

      Working on a little project this afternoon and watching the snow come down... 2-28-09

      10 p.m. in Alaska and we're under 500 page views... 3-1-09

Commenters include: TheTeaCat (x2), BigSlark, citycapitalizer, burgsabre87 (x2), thundercrack83, Korot, bob56, GNUCyberKat, metarvo, girlfromverona, nerdly_dood, dedgren (x2), ecoba, Pat, sim-al2, Gaston and carkid1998. 

   Page 352 3-1-09

Commenters include: wes.janson, korot (x4), mrtnrln, CCFC (x5), metarvo, simsamerica, Dark_Jedi06, Warrior, bob56 (x2), GNUCyberKat, carkid1998 and Pozzessed. 

   Page 353 3-1-09

      250,000 page views!!! WOO-HOO! 3-1-09

      Good morning from Alaska 3-1-09

Commenters include: Warrior, bob56, Pozzessed, carkid1998, Ennedi, GNUCyperKat, Korot, CCFC (x4), Albus of Garaway, dedgren (x2), simsamerica (x4), art128 and  CaptCity.

   Page 354 3-1-09

Commenters include: Pat, simsamerica (x4), kimcar, bat, TheTeaCat, metarvo, Battlecat, deathtopumpkins, Olasz, Sheep49, BarbarossaS, citycapitalizer, calibanZ, thundercrack83, Jmouse, girlfromverona and Rayden.

   Page 355 3-1-09 - 3-2-09

      ...I'm the official cause of the holdup of the surprise... 3-1-09

      Dealing with RL stuff today and NAM RUL 10000002 files. 3--09

Commenters include: simsamerica, Pat (x2), CCFC, dedgren (x2), BigSlark, bakerton (x2), threestooges, FrankU, capitalize, mayorfabz, Albus of Garaway, metarvo, GNUCyberKat, LE0, mrtnrln, Warrior and io_bg.

   Page 356 3-2-09 - 3-4-09

      Single Track Rail, a NAM Plugin by the RAM Team – imminent. 3-4-09

Commenters include: CaptCity (x2), Pat (x2), rhizome21, Battlecat, caspervg, Gaston, simsamerica (x3), girlfromverona, Darmok (x2), frdrcklim, FrankU, bob56, dedgren, dino007 and metarvo.

   Page 357 3-4-09 - 3-5-09

      An introduction to STR... 3-5-09

Commenters include: girlfromverona, GNUCyperKat, meinhosen, running naked in the snow, calibanX, dedgren, rhizome21, abcd, Orange_o_, Jmouse, Simpson, FrankU (x2), frdrcklim, io_bg, beutelschlurf, Glazert, JoeST, mayorfabz and Youchefk69.

   Page 358 3-5-09

      Imm-i-nent and to-mor-row don't rhyme, but they have something in common... 3-5-09

Commenters include: Darmok, bakerton, Pat, calibanX, metarvo (x2), BarbyW, Warrior, Kokopelli, Korot, dedgren, buddybud, Battlecat, pagenotfound, thundercrack83, just_a_guy, BigSlark, mattb325, GNRCyberKat and kimcar.

   Page 359 3-6-09

      Country crossing. 3-6-09

      "It's like taking a can of spray paint to the Mona Lisa." 3-6-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x2), wouanagaine, girlfromverona (x2), FrankU, LE0, Gaston, simsamerica (x2), bob56, metarvo, Pat, threestooges, running naked in the snow, sighlrd98, CaptCity, Battlecat, thundercrack83 and dragonshardz.

   Page 360 3-7-09

      We're at the "finishing touches" point. 3-7-09

      Another pic to keep your attention distracted... 3-7-09

      You can breathe now, Pat; The STR has been released! Get your [linkie!] here. 3-7-09

Commenters include: callibanX, frdrcklim, Dino007, simsamerica (x2), Darmok, pvarcoe, LE0, bat, dedgren (x3), sim-al2, burgsabre87, girlfromverona, bob56 (x2), Pat, running naked in the snow and Andreas.

Table of Contents - Page 361 through 370 3-7-09 - current

   Page 361 3-7-09 - 3-8-09

Commenters include: Tarkus, girlfromverona, kimcar, Pat, threestooges, Jmouse, Battlecat (x2), CaptCity (x2), alfadriver12345, deathtopumpkins, owlsinger, Dino007, jpj_starfleet, BarbarossaS, metarvo, bob56, Warrior and Dark_Jedi06

   Page 362 3-8-09 - 3-9-09

      SAM level crossing patch.zip 3-8-09

      More on the subject of spray paint and the Mona Lisa... 3-9-09

Commenters include: Andreas (x3), dedgren (x2), Pat (x2), CaptCity, Swamper77 (x2), thundercrack83, JoeST, FrankU (x2), frdrcklim, pvarcoe, Battlecat, bat, deathtopumpkins and CCFC.

   Page 363 3-9-09 - 3-11-09

      Creating smooth SAM curves – A Tutorial. 3-10-09

      On the subject of collaboration... 3-10-09

Commenters include: girlfromverona (x2), dedgren (x2), Gwail, mightogoose, sithlrd98, BarbyW, metarvo, dragonshardz (x2), Battlecat, bat, Korot, deathtopumpkins, pvarcoe, jplumbley, Pat (x2) and Unkles27.

   Page 364 3-12-09

Commenters include: emilin, metarvo, kimcar, JoeST, GNUCyberKat, FrankU, BarbyW, BarbarossaS, homefryes, LE0, caspervg, Battlecat, mrtnrln, TheTeaCat,  BigSlark, pvarcoe, Jmouse, CCFC, mayorfabz and deathtopumpkins.

   Page 365 3-12-09

      A brief look at 3RR's three year history 3-12-09

Commenters include: Haljackey, Pat, dedgren, sithlrd98 (x3), Toichus Maximus, bob56, metasmurf, mightygoose, Tarkus, Orange_o_, threestooges, Rayden, bthersh, buddybud, metarvo, Gaston, dragonshardz and Darmok.

   Page 366 3-12-09 - 3-13-09

      Continuing 3RR's history – breaking the orthogonal/diagonal transit network lock... 3-12-09

      Continuing 3RR's history – June 2008 started out with a Google map. 3-13-09

Commenters include: mrbisonm, dragonshardz, thundercrack83, burgsabre87 (x2), dedgren (x2), CaptCity, Idvger, Livin in Sim, meldolion, girlfromverona, BarbarossaS, bob56, bakerton, bighead99, BigSlark, Battlecat, Kokopelli and Pat.

   Page 367 3-13-09 - 3-16-09

      July 2008 started slowly... 3-14-09

      Been trying to get this to work out this weekend... 3-15-09

      If you were doing this, what would you want to improve on? 3-16-09

Commenters include: dedgren (x3), Pat, io_bg, Korot, metarvo, mightygoose, CCFC, LE0, BigSlark, Idvger (x2), bat, Schulmanator, Battlecat, bakerton, wouanagaine, threestooges and thundercrack83.

   Page 368 3-16-09 - 3-17-09

      August 2008 – I was bookended by trains.  3-16-09

      I love this game... 3-17-09

Commenters include: mightygoose (x2), Andreas, wouanagaine, FrankU (x2)dedgren (x2), frdrcklim, Battlecat, burgsabre87 (x2), TheTeaCat (x2), Idvger, metarvo, bat, Pat, nerdly_dood and just_a_guy.

   Page 369 3-17-09 - 3-19-09

      A basic texture idea for the field edges... 3-18-09

      The collaboration quads as of today – check the current list here... 3-19-09

      Each collaborator will get a complete package – here's how it will work... 3-19-09

Commenters include: XiahouDun, Idvger (x2), deathtopumpkins, dedgren (x3), mightygoose (x2), bighead99, girlfromverona, zilfondel, burgsabre87, mayorfabz, Rayden (x2), Darmok, Pat, metarvo and penguin007.

   Page 370 3-19-09 - 3-20-09

Commenters include: CCFC (x5), deathtopumpkins, metarvo, Toichus Maximus, mightygoose (x2), BigSlark, Pat (x2), allan_kuan1992 (x2), Idvger, rhizome21, bakerton, girlfromverona and mayorfabz.

Table of Contents - Page 371 through 380 3-20-09 - 4-10-09

   Page 371 3-20-09 - 3-23-09

      Checking in...be back this evening 3-21-09

Commenters include: CCFC (x5), nerdly_dood, mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), JoeST, dedgren, BigSlark, just_a_guy, flame1396 (x2), mayorfabz (x2) thundercrack83, and Rayden.

   Page 372 3-23-09 - 3-25-09

      On the volcano front...3-26-09

Commenters include: Bishop Hawke, Battlecat, bat, dedgren, homefryes, Rayden (x2), BarbarossaS, kimcar, nerdly_dood, Pat, io_bg, CabraBuitre, bakerton, threestooges, just_a_guy, sithlrd98, mightygoose, flame1396 and magee_b

   Page 373 3-26-09 - current

      Ka-BOOM!!! The Redoubt Volcano blows its stack... 3-26-09

      Just another drive-by 3-27-09

Commenters include: emilin, Idvger (x2), projectadam, dedgren (x2), calibanX, burgsavre87, Pat (x2), bakerton, Llmac, bat, Rayden (x2), LE0, metarvo, bob56, deathtopumpkins and turtle.

   Page 374 3-28-09 - 3-30-09

      A note about Vista and SC4... 3-29-09

      It's Seward's Day. 3-30-09

Commenters include: frdrcklim (x2), Albus of Garaway, CaptCity, ldvger (x3), bat, Bishop Hawke (x2), dedgren (x2), deathtopumpkins, sithlrd98 (x2), Darmok (x2), just_a_guy, burgsabre98 and mightygoose.

   Page 375 3-31-09 – 4-2-09

      Redoubt eruption goes on and on... 3-31-09

      We escaped to Seattle. 4-1-09

      Doodling around on some miscellaneous road and rail puzzle pieces. 4-2-09

Commenters include: Pat (x2), GNUCyberKat, sithlrd98, dedgren (x3), thundercrack83, ldvger (x3), threestooges (x2), bakerton, burgsavre87, edoba, just_a_guy, Bishop Hawke, girlfromverona and metarvo.

   Page 376 4-2-09 - 4-4-09

      Working on road-curve textures today... 4-3-09

      Earlier intersections with rounded corners. 4-3-09

      Completed game road wide curves textures. 4-3-09

      Any interest in this replacement texture? 4-3-09

Commenters include: jmdude1, mightygoose, io_bg, homebryes, dedgren (x4), Korot, j-dub, kbieniu7, dsrwhat316, burgsabre87 (x2), just_a_guy, JBSimio, metarvo, thundercrack87, deathtopumpkins and Pat.

   Page 377 4-4-09 – 4-5-09

      Plopable water on steroids! 4-4-09

Commenters include: io_bg (x2), dedgren, pvarcoe, Pat, homefryes, calimanX, dragonshardz, threestooges, jacqulina, jmyers2043, jeronij, mightygoose (x2), metarvo, kimcar, Gaston, Dark_Jedi06, Haljackey and bob56.

   Page 378 4-5-09 - 4-7-09

      Offsetting a prop by hand-editing the "Vert" property. 4-6-09

      "It doesn't look like the Peg Hydro Dam that I have." 4-7-09

Commenters include: ldvger (x3), bob56, shoreman905, dedgren (x2), nerdly_dood, girlfromverona, Jon, Pat, BarbyW (x2), threestooges, wouanagaine, metarvo, Darmok, Rayden, choco and Battlecat.

   Page 379 4-7-09 - 4-8-09

      First thing I've ever lotted... 4-7-09

      If I were developing a quad... 4-7-09

      Old road – new road... 4-8-09

Commenters include: Darmok, threestooges, Pat, dedgren (x3), Pat, homefryes, burgsabre87, metarvo, Jonathan, mayorfabz, wes.janson, nerdly_dood, bob56, Swamper77 (x3) and Rayden.

   Page 380 4-8-09 - 4-10-09

      Big SC4 lakes are cool, eh? 4-8-09

      Fine Terraforming – a tutorial 4-10-09
Commenters include: buddybud (x2), just_a_guy, dedgren (x2), Pat (x2), BigSlark, wouanagaine, FrankU, JoeST, bat, thundercrack83, mayorfabz, un1, wes.hanson, Nexis4Jersey, calibanX, ldvger and BarbarossaS.

Table of Contents - Page 381 through 390 4-10-09 - 5-4-09

   Page 381 4-10-09 - 4-15-09

      Fine Terraforming – A tutorial continued... 4-11-09

Commenters include: Rayden, mayorfabz, bat, Pat (x3), Dark_Jedi06, nerdly_dood, frdrcklim, dedgren, ldvger, JoeST, callibanX, JBSimio, abcvs (x3), Korot, sim-al2 and mightygoose.

   Page 382 4-15-09 - 4-17-09

      Fine Terraforming – a tutorial; Here we go again... 4-6-09

      Trove of 2004-2005 dedgren SC4 pix discovered!! 4-17-09
Commenters include: Just_a_guy, threestooges, bob56 (x2), girlfromverona (x2), dedgren (x3), ldvger, frdrcklim, Korot, burgsabre83, matarvo, thundercrack83, Nardo69m, abcvs (x3) and Pat.

   Page 383 4-17-09 - 4-20-09

      Picking up our recap of 3RR's third year... 4-18-09

Commenters include: bob56, mayorfabz, burgsabre87, CaptCity, dedgren, Pat (x2), CCFC, abcvs (x2), burgsabre87, meinhosen, kimcar, metarvo, mightygoose,Haljackey, j-dub, ldvger, thundercrack83 and homefryes.

   Page 384 4-20-09 - 4-23-09

      Fine Terraforming – a tutorial ... picking up where we left off 4-21-09

      I've always liked gizmo28's water flora... 4-23-09

Commenters include: Andreas, bat, burgsabre87, mightygoose (x2), Tarkus, Pat (x2), swamper77, bakerton, ldvger (x5), dedgren (x2), j-dub, Rayden and Copperalis.

   Page 385 4-24-09 - 4-26-09

      Plopable, readable road signs... 4-24-09

      More from the lab... what's next? 4-24-09

      Figured out how to reduce spacing between the lily pads. 4-24-09

      Two new icons shortly to grace your "Water" submenu. 4-25-09

      Fine Terraforming – a tutorial _art 4. 4-25-09
Commenters include: dedgren (x5), Haljackey, metarvo, meinhosen, thundercrack83 (x2), rooker1, Jmouse, ldvger (x2), threestooges, mightygoose, burgsabre87, Pat, RickD and Glazert.

   Page 386 4-26-09

      Sometimes things just come together. Behold SCPW! 4-26-09

      The big thing was to prove the concept. Now I can get busy on the details. 4-26-09

Commenters include: homefryes (x2), just_a_guy, dedgren (x2), deathtopumpkins, Rayden (x2), JoeST, Korto, evanator, Johnathan, metarvo, Copperalis, mightygoose, BarbarossaS, burgsabre87, Ennedi, Tarkus and Darmok.    

   Page 387 4-26-09 - 4-27-09

      Another doodle... 4-27-09

      Here's another look... 4-27-09

      So how far did the mountain stream drop? 4-27-09
Commenters include: metarvo (x2), Pat, ldvger (x2), calibanX, jacqulina, dedgren (x3), thundercrack83, TheTeaCat, mrtnrln, JoeST, Copperalis, Nardo 69, meinhosen, evanator, Ennedi and frdrcklim.

   Page 388 4-27-09 - 4-29-09

      Let's see if plopable rapids work with the new TPW panes. 4-28-09

      I don't know how to BAT, but I can manipulate the heck out of S3D files. 4-28-09

      Some pond TPW eye candy for the late-night munchies. 4-29-09

Commenters include: matt325, ldvger (x2), jacqulina (x2), dedgren (x3), pvarcoe, nekseb, BarbyW, Dark_Jedi06, sithlrd98, mike3775, bakerton, thundercrack83, calibanX, CaptCity, frdrcklim and Darmok.

   Page 389 4-29-09 - 5-2-09

      Fine Terraforming – a tutorial, continued... 4-30-09

      The outcome of an idea I had after discussing PW at SimPeg. 5-1-09
Commenters include: RickD, ldvger (x5), just_a_guy, Ennedi (x3), JBSimio, dedgren (x2), girlfromverona, Pat, RyanB., Korot, threestooges, Rayden and TheTeaCat.

   Page 390 5-2-09 - 5-4-09

      Finished up a couple more FARR pieces... 5-2-09

      Could these be among the missing links? 5-4-09
Commenters include: debutterfly, jacqulina, Nexis4Jersey, dedgren (x2), Alfred.Jones, ldvger, TheTeaCat, Rayden, JBSimio, bat, Orange_o_, io_bg, abcvs (x2), threestooges, mightygoose, BarbyW, sithlrd98 and wes.janson.

Table of Contents - Page 391 through 400 5-4-09 - 23-09

   Page 391 5-4-09 - 5-6-09

      Just now replaced the TPW panes with a new upload... 5-4-09

      Short of time, but been working on a few things like this... 5-6-09
Commenters include: sithlrd98 (x3), metarvo, carkid1998, dedgren (x2), jacqulina, ldvger, wes.janson (x2), mrtnrln (x2), mightogoose, nekseb, FrankU, Korot, dragonshardz and vershner (x2).

   Page 392 5-6-09 - 5-8-09

      Slow day? 5-8-09
Commenters include: nerdly_dood, Jmouse (x2), Gaston, bakerton, ldvger (x2), Ryan B. (x2), io_bg, jacqulina, Rayden, thundercrack83, metarvo, FrankU, carkid1998, frdrcklim, Pat, sithlrd98 and dedgren.

   Page 393 5-8-09 - 5-9-09

      Or then there's this one... Things are picking up. 5-8-09

      ...or howzabout this one... 5-8-09

      ...or this one... I'm just getting warmed up... 5-8-09

      I guess I could do these all night... 5-9-09
Commenters include: dragonshardz, sithlrd98, Glazert, dedgren (x4), thundercrack83, metarbo, JBSimio, petercintn, magee_b, Dark_Jedi06, Ennedi, Ryan B., deathtopumpkins, van1357, Tarkus, jerjonij and bighead99.

   Page 394 5-9-09

      How sausage is made (or pathing with Daeley). 5-9-09

      This was just handed off to one of the teams I'm on. 5-9-09

      Here are the Euro textures. 5-9-09
Commenters include: z (x2), BarbarossaS, Jmouse, bakerton, homefryes, dedgren (x3), mightygoose (x2), daeley, CCFC, Pat, io_bg, Bobbi, metasmurf, sithlrd98, meinhosen and Splime.

   Page 395 5-9-09 - 5-12-09

      Sneaked one more intersection in under the wire. 5-10-09

      Dave the builder, can we build it? Yes, we can. 5-12-09
Commenters include: nerdly_dood, z, Pat, JBSimio (x2), carkid1998, jacqulina, Glazert, threestooges (x2), metarvo (x2), BarbarossaS, captCity, dedgren (x2), art128, Battlecat, Nardo69 and just_a_guy.    

   Page 396 5-12-09 - 5-14-09

      I just love the ability to create offset plopable props. 5-13-09

      How about a little Riverwalk eye candy... 5-14-09
Commenters include: sithlrd98 (x2), Pat (x2), sim-al2, ldvger, threestooges, io_bg (x2), JBSimio, dedgren (x2), metarvo, bakerton, bat, Livin in Sim, metasmurf, carkid1998, Ryan B. and Tarkus.

   Page 397 5-14-09 - current

      Wish I'd known how to do this (plopable) stuff three years ago... 5-14-09

Commenters include: Ryan B., kwakelaar, BarbarossaS, Swamper77 (x2), io_bg, Tarkus, JBSimio, dedgren, j-dub, sithlrd98, ldvger, jacqulina, thundercrack83, metarvo, Darmok, bat, carkid1998, dragonshardz and girlfromverona.    

   Page 398 5-15-09 - 5-20-09

      Matt (threestooges) and I are playing around with this tonight. 5-19-09

      Matt (threestooges) and I have moved the ball a bit further down the road. 5-19-09

      Down the road a bit further... 5-19-09

Commenters include: ldvger (x2), Chrisadams3997, Tarkus (x2), io_bg, mightogoose, calibanX, dedgren (x 3), meinhosen, choco, JBSimio, thundercrack83, sithlrd98, metarvo, Johathan, BarbarossaS and frdrcklim.    

   Page 399 5-20-09 – 5-21-09

Commenters include: rooker1, io_bg (x2), ldvger, metasmurf, j-dub, Pat, z (x2), Tarkus, bighead99, girlfromverona, mrtnrin, JoeST, metarvo, mightogoose, sithlrd98, Johathan, evanator and homefryes.   

   Page 400 5-21-09 - 5-23-09

      Sorry I haven't been around this past week, but... 5-23-09

Commenters include: JBSimio (x2), nerdly_dood (x2), FrankU, Splime, z, ldvger (x2), frdrcklim, dragonshardz, JoeST (x2), Jonathan, mike3775 (x2), just_a_guy, dedgren, threestooges and Ryan B.

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