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Updates (Turn 20)

Started by nedalezz, July 27, 2011, 03:10:30 AM

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Welcome! This will be the main board on in this thread - where the updates happen! Lurkers and any viewers are free to comment, and participants are free to roleplay to their hearts' delight!


Preliminary Update


The Monarchy of Dunya, situated in the Indian Ocean south of the Arabian Peninsula, is a small island dominated by desert and roamed by nomads. Recently, the current ruler of Dunya, King Edward Ezamsi, has decided to open the doors of his small kingdom to the outside world and has called upon any person looking to start a new life in a land of hope and peace to come to the island, where they will be greeted with open arms.

King Edward Ezamsi, who is only 28 years old, and the other members of the small ruling family wish to turn their kingdom into a developed nation and have very high ambitions of doing so. They have already mandated the very first permanent settlement of their nomadic people have called it Rawa'a, or peace in the local dialect of Dunyan. There they have established the humble Royal Residence, and in order to financially and economically be part of the world, they have also opened the state owned Bank of Dunya. Their 20 man strong personal security team are personally ensuring the safety of all 50 people who have decided to call Rawa'a their permanent home (which includes the security team!)

The King has issued an order than any incoming immigrant be immediately issued a Dunyan passport, and be given one of the houses constructed for a mere $200 a month. He has also issued an order stating that if the said immigrant wishes to be employed, there will be a guaranteed job awaiting them at the Bank of Dunya. Furthermore, any investors looking at potential investment in Rawa'a, whether it be through business venture or simply buying land and real estate, should take note that soon, a law will be enacted opening up such opportunities for outsiders and, in fact, Dunyans.

Finally, here is some general information that will help assimilate all newcomers into Rawa'a and Dunya:

Temperature: Desert
Currency: Dunyan Dollar ($)
Ethnicities: Mix of Arab and Europeans
Taxation: 5% on Income
Resources: Fish (As of now)

Welcome to Dunya!

(PARTICIPANTS: I need to know 2 things at this point: What would you like your character's profession to be, and where you would like him to live - first come, first served! Oh, and WELCOME! Im really excited to get this off the ground, and I hope you feel the same way. We got space for a few more, so please, if you know anyone interested, let me know! Still working on the map and such, but given that I wanted this to be as open as possible and have all of you as involved as possible, I decided to show you what I have so far :))


First one Yihaa  &hlp

House number 6 in the middle of the CBD
as a trader


Awesome to finally see this off the ground.  &apls

I'll take house #12 and I'm going to be a trader as well. :)


(Recorded, peter007 and marsh :))

The Monarchy of Dunya wishes to let the world know that the Rawa'a Pier, while small in size, will begin accepting goods arriving from Dubai soon, facilitating life on the island with provision and food products.

It also wishes to inform the public that it has done what it can with its limited coffers to pave the two roads of Rawa'a, and hopes the general public is pleased with the results.

Additionally, our investment in the Geothermal Power Plant situated north of the town has paid off as electricity and running water are now permanent fixtures in each of Rawa'a's homes.


I'd like house number 4 in the CBD, as a Government Employee.


King Edward Ezamsi is pleased to announce that the government has approximately $1,000,000 in its coffers. The Bank of Dunya, which also serves as the Dunya Treasury, will be the recipient of all bills and taxes paid to the government of Dunya by its residents.

With local suppliers dwindling, the shipment from Dubai is expected any day now, and the government will be stocking up on its inventory to make sure that the residents of Rawa'a are not left without products that are neccessary for everyday life.

King Edward has also petitioned to continue campaigning in order to bring more immigrants to settle in the capital city, both from overseas and from inside Dunya.


Turn One

Below, the current state of Rawa'a with the grid on. For Hank Garvei and Michael Areameder, they have to decide where they want to set up their stands. For Nick Terrell, as the new bank teller in town, you don't have to do anything to start earning your money!

Land will be sold per plot, clearly marked in the below picture by the grids. Each plot is 10 meters by 10 meters, or 100 square meters, and each plot is currently worth $1,000. However, no land is for sale just yet, as I would like to get the game flowing first before delving into more detail.

As discussed in the discussion board, the expenses should be pretty clear. For the traders, the population of the town is 50, and since we're not getting into any other type of goods but the Life Neccessity products, they will be spending $200 each per month, or $1,200 per turn - that gives a total of $60,000. After the stand and the expenses you will both be starting out with $16,600. I recommend buying up goods with $16,000 - which would turn you a profit of $4,000, enough to cover the $2,400 fixed expenses and the $1,000 tax to be taken at the beginning of next turn.

I'm still waiting on travismking to respond, but as long as he does so before the beginning of Turn Two, he will be alright.

Anyway, thats the little guide for now, below you can find the neccessary information pertaining to this turn. Desicions that are made from now till the beginning of next turn will show at the beginning of the next turn.

One more thing - if, for any reason, you find your character having spent too much money and can't cover his or her expenses the next turn, you will go into the RED, and will forced to either: sell some of your assets, or take a loan from the Bank of Dunya on an interest. More on that later!

Finally, I will start listing things you can buy on the files and information page. Enjoy!

Traders: The ship from Dubai has arrived, importing LIFE NECCESSITY products worth $60,000. Whatever you don't end up buying, the government will. The current requirement for Dunya per turn is $60,000. Please point out where you would like to set up your Stands.

Improvements: A new dirt road has been made to the north of town called Drift Lane. Any land purchased for farming is required to be built on that road.


For anyone wondering, this is where Dunya's located.


I see the town is already growing.  :)

I would like to set up my stand on the corner of Main St. & Edward Ezmasi St. please.



I'm going to set my trading post at the beach but along the road.
Somewhere in in the face of the bank


With the shipment from Dubai arriving, how much worth of products will each of the traders be acquiring?

Both of your current cash amount is at $16,600.


Well I guess all of it at $16,000.  ::)


sorry, Only come online at night time for the US :) I would like house #2 as a farmer please :) do I need to purchase farming land as well?


Excellent! To start you off, lets get a quick guide on being a farmer. You start off with $20,000, ofcourse; and we will have to remove $1,200 for Life Neccessity products, $600 for house rent, and $300 for utilities. Thats leaves us with $17,900. Now as a farmer, your investment will have to be in land, and you're in luck! The Dunyan government has released land alongside Drift Lane for purchase! Each plot is 10m x 10m, or 100 sq. meters - I would recommend purchasing a 4x4 plot of land to begin with.

As a farmer, you get to select whether you want to produce fruits or vegetables - this isn't a factor in the first couple of turns but will be as we continue to delve into the game since the Life Neccessity products will be split into 5 groups: fruits, vegetables, meat, liquids (water, milk, etc.), and daily use household goods (cleaning products, body care products, etc.)

Each plot of land will generate a set number of income each turn - to start with, each plot of land will be generating $200, so thats $3,200 per turn. The REC (Random Event Calculator) will be rolled at the beginning of each turn starting with the next, and it will decide how much of that gets exported at 20% markup. For example, if 2 is rolled, that means 60% will be exported, which is $1,920 - with the markup, it becomes $2,300. That leaves $900 in inventory for the farmer.

At the point, the farmer has a few options: 1) Since we haven't split the Life Neccessities yet, use the $900 towards Life Neccessity products (so only $300 would have to be paid for Life Neccessities in Turn Two), 2) Sell it to a trader for 80% of its value (so $900 would be sold for $720), 3) Sell it to the government for 50% of its value, or 4) Hold on to it till the next turn.

Each plot of farmland will initially cost $25 per turn to maintain, so that will go as expense, so a 4x4 land will cost $400 to maintain. So, if the land turns $3,200 of which 80% gets exported - you are left with $3,070 in cash and $600 worth in inventory. The $600 gets sold to the government for 50%, or $300, so now the farmer has $3,370 in cash, of which he has to minus $400, which leaves us with $2,970. Covering expenses ($1,200 Life Neccessities, $300 utilities, $600 rent = $2,100) the farmer wouldve made a grand total of $870 this turn.

Hope that clarifies how the whole farmer thing works! For now, I need you to pick out how big you would like your plot and where on Drift Lane you would like to buy your land! Also, what you would like to grow - fruits or vegetables!


Lets start with a 4x4, and Vegetables please. As to where on Drift Lane, Right behind Micheal's house would be great :)


Above shows the current state of affairs of Rawa'a. Congratulations on Mr. Tyrone Harvey on becoming the first land owner in Dunya!
The farm will be ready to go in Turn Two.

The market stalls will be situated on Turn Two's map - I still need desicions from Michael Areameder and Hank Garvei's on how much they would like to buy from the $60,000 Life Neccessity products that have come in.

Nick Terrell will end the turn with $20,510. Starting with Turn Two, I have decided to implement a Random Calculator roll that will give a chance of bonus income for all government employee characters.

Also starting in Turn Two, the government will begin budgeting cash to improve the town in ways it deems fit. It calls on all residents to put in suggestions on what they would like. Land will be available to be bought by all residents in Turn Two, as long as it is situated EAST of Edward Ezamsi Street.


I want to buy a maximum amount life neccessity products.


Hank Garvei currently has $16,600 - I will allocate $16,600 of the incoming shipment to Hank :)

The Player Factbook will be your guide for your character - you can find assets, fixed expenses, and current cash, along with some other information as well.


I made a small list of what everyone can expect in terms of income after the first turn:

Areameder: Still waiting on purchase desicion!

$20,000 - $2,400 (Fixed Expense Personal) - $1,000 (Stand) - $16,600 (Purchase) = 0
$16,600 * 1.25 = $20,750 - $1,038 (5% Tax) = $19,712. This figure wille be carried over into Turn Two.

$20,000 - $2,100 (Fixed Expense Personal) - $400 (Fixed Expense Business) - $16,000 (Land Purchase) = $1,500. Thats the Cash left after Turn One.
16 Plots of Farmland at $200 each = $3,200 worth of products. At the beginning of Turn Two, I will Random Calculator roll to see how much you will be able to export at 20% markup, and the rest of your vegetable stock will be up to you to decide what to do with!

$20,000 - $1,200 (Fixed Expense Personal) = $18,800.
Salary is $1,800 - $90 (5% Tax) = $1,710 + $18,800 = $20,510 at the start of Turn Two.