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Decision Board (Turn 19 Decisions Needed!)

Started by nedalezz, July 31, 2011, 05:04:46 AM

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I will also be gone for about a week, Addison Martin probably will only need to pay bills and loan payments, I assume, though, right?



Decisions for Turn Eight!

Areameder: Already got your decision - out of cash till the next turn :)

Dave Davis: $12,900 - You've invested in a Large Wooden Fishing Boat, and next turn will reflect your sales from this turn's catch. Otherwise, you have $12,900 to basically invest in whatever you want. A wise investment at this juncture would be land!

Garvei: Since Im handling his character till he gets back from vacation, I spent all his money on Electronics and Life Neccessities!

Harvey: $10,575 - Your Vegetables farm harvested $4,160 worth this turn (30% bonus.) Let me know if you want to do anything with your extra cash!

Martin: $4,734 - $1,000 has been spent on your School Fees!

Meade: $10,950 - $1,000 has been spent on your School Fees!

Terrell: $6,500 - $1,000 has been spent on your School Fees!


I figure Dave Davis should start going to school, since he dropped out early in life to become a California beach bum. I'm also interested in purchasing a plot of land in the business district for the future site of "Smells Fishy" Fish Market/organized crime hangout. Is there something that tells me what land is available and what land is player-owned?


Right, will sign up Davis for school starting next turn. As for the land, I did this map for you, complete with street names and land each player owns. I think its pretty straightforward, all the lands are either fenced or have something built on them.

I also turned on the grid so itll make it easier for you :)

The only thing to note is the dark ground on the corner of Main and Edward Ezamsi Streets, and Main and Madrasa Streets are owned by the government, and thus cant be bought. Otherwise, all the rest are fair game :)


Fantastic, thank you. Davis will buy the 2x2 plot at the southwest corner of Main Street and Second Street. It's $1,000 per square, correct?

Does the boat (hereafter named "Rawa'a Sunrise") reside at the dock, or is it pulled up onto the beach like those other boats near the dock? If possible, I'd like to pull it onto the beach near the land I'm buying.


Yes, so it's $4,000 total. I'll place your boat next to the beach across the road from your plot :)


Get your decisions for Turn Nine in!

Areameder: $17,436 - Split evenly amongst the 3 Life Neccessities?

Davis: $11,443 - Let me know if you decide to do anything with the cash!

Garvei: Buying up Electronics and Life Neccessities.

Harvey: $13,312 - Your farm produced $3,200 worth of products, which you will sell next turn. In the mean time, let me know if you want to do anything with your cash!

Martin: $4,235 - Let me know if you decide to do anything with the cash!

Meade: $11,300 - Let me know if you decide to do anything with the cash!

Terrell: $6,310 - Let me know if you decide to do anything with the cash!


Yup, even split. Just trying to build up some money atm :P


Hm, I'm contemplating on what I would like to do with the cash. I would like to purchase the 2x2 plot behind that building on Main Street and with its front on First St.


Done! That would be the BuyPlus Supermarket building. 3 First Street is now officially Meade property :)


How much will it cost to construct a 2x2 residence upon my land?


Your typical CP 19th Century R$$ 1x1 is going for $80,000, the 2x1 is going for $100,000, the 2x2 for $120,000. We can go over some numbers and see if your income can handle the loan payments if you're still interested!



Okay, not ready to make that big of a purchase right now. How about I buy a 1x1 plot of land as indicated in red to set up a stand and plant some fruits on my 4x4 land?

I'd like another income source. I think this will work for the time being.

-Terrell  :thumbsup:


Exla357, have a look at the discussion board and let me know what you think!


How many employees does it take to man one of those fancy new commercial fishing boats? And do I wualify for a big enough loan to get one?


It takes 2 Employees + $3,000 Maintenance per month. Forgot to put that up on the information page, but it is now :)

The loan will be for 20 turns at an interest of 20%, so a total of $120,000. Your payment would be $6,000 per turn - given your expected profit, I think you can manage that, so your loan is approved if you would like it!


Yep. Let's do that. I won't be able to pull this one up onto the beach, will I? ;D