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Updates (Turn 20)

Started by nedalezz, July 27, 2011, 03:10:30 AM

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Actually, I forgot :) I will fix that up ASAP!

Im not sure what the links are, but if you go to simpeg.com or search for the SPAM farms, you'll find what you're looking for!


town's looking good, sorry I haven't been checking in in a while though. D:
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I like how my property has almost doubled in value.  ;D  I can sense a future, with skyscrapers surrounding my land, and the property being worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Turn Fifteen

Population: 3,066
GDP: $15,299,340 ($4,990 per person annually)
Labor Force: 1,340
Education Level: 0.07 out of 4

The government's latest project, Treelane High School, will open its doors to the public next semester, with King Edward Ezamsi heralding the advancement of education for each Dunyan citizen a "must." The King, who gave a speech alongside Queen Dora, announced that the $1,000,000 project on Plant Road will allow the citizens of Rawa'a to continue to further their education, and will also allow the living standard of the town to continue to rise.

A farm has been put up for sale by the owners, the Verdi family, on Third Street in northern Rawa'a. The Verdi family is looking to take advantage of the government's initiative that offers discounted farmland more in land, and have put the land up for sale in hopes of raising the capital to acquire a bigger land. All interested party can contact the Verdi family directly or through the government's real estate office (the Business Board!)

As the town continue to expand, mostly to the south and north, poorer residents (and all of you RL lot!) have been pushed north, a where a growing shanty town has to be of some concern to the government and the King. The shanty town, nicknamed Desert Town because of its location away from the roads and development of Rawa'a, holds over 1,400 people within in its borders. All shacks have to pay a monthly rate to the government because they have been built on government land, and despite the best efforts of the government to make sure everyone has decent and affordable housing, Desert Town continues to grow.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Fifteen!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 15


There's something strange about that night picture  ()what() ... Is it mirrored?

Great update once again, and who are the Verde family? I didn't find them in factbook  &mmm
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Turn Sixteen

Population: 3,774
GDP: $19,020,960 ($5,040 per person annually)
Labor Force: 1,698
Education Level: 0.08 out of 4

After reacquiring the Verdi land in northern Rawa'a for the listed price of $60,000, the government turned round and sold all the plots. Residents have popped up in northern Rawa'a, for the first time, at a faster rate than the Treelane neighborhood in the south, although the trend is unlikely to continue. The Verdi family have taken advantage of the government's farm initiative and have begun operating a farm to the west of Rawa'a.

Making good on their promise to give the clients of the Bank of Dunya a bigger and more efficient building, the government has opened the new Bank of Dunya branch found at 6 Edward Ezamsi Street, on land bought from the Woynitsch family. Their used to be a farm on that land, initially owned by the Terrell family, then the Woynitsch family, but the recent construction of the building, along with the new showroom for WD Agro Limited, Dunya's first partnership business between the Davis and Woynitsch families, has expanded the CBD westward.

Finally, here is a comparison between the two cross-border shots – taken one year apart!

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Sixteen!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 16

Note: You will notice that I have changed the format slightly – for any character with a business, please look in the Business sheet for information on that. On the character sheets, only the money that was made by the business is brought over. I also used default settings – if you would like to change the default setting for Turn 16 by making other decisions that what is currently listed, let me know, and it will be done accordingly :)


Here is a mosaic I made of Rawa'a, heading east into the CBD!


Turn Seventeen

Population: 4,162
GDP: $20,976,480 ($5,040 per person annually)
Labor Force: 1,873
Education Level: 0.08 out of 4

After seeing the success the Verdi family had in selling their farm and setting up a new one to the west of Rawa'a, the Grover family has followed suit and is looking at selling their 70 plots in northern Rawa'a as well. The price for the land is $84,000 – the money will be used to acquire a much larger land for farming to the west.

Congratulations to the Terrell family, who have completed their acquisition of 1020 Drift Lane – their very own residence! The recently built house was constructed by the government, and its sale is representative of the popularity of the Treelane neighborhood as the area for middle and upper class families.

The new power plant that King Edward Ezamsi announced has started to take shape. Located to the north of Rawa'a, the plant is expected to cost the government $4 million upon completion in 2 years time.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Seventeen!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 17

Note: I am travelling today on a business trip, hence the short update! Don't worry, there will be no stoppage in updates – I have been updating every 3-4 days, and that will continue. They might just a little shorter than usual! As for the information sheet, in all the businesses, the default decisions for Turn Seventeen are there. If you want something changed, just let me know, and it will be reflected in the Turn Eighteen sheet.


looks good, I should consider buying a house after I get my Loan payed off.
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Turn Eighteen

Population: 5870
GDP: $29,878,300 ($5,090 per person annually)
Labor Force: 2642
Education Level: 0.09 out of 4

The Grover land has been bought out by the Baker family – most of it, at least. The government took back the eastern edge of the land and has extended Hansford Street all the way to Kearson Drive. It has also constructed affordable, high density housing as it looks to battle the growing problem that is Desert Town. Reasonable success has been achieved, but a lot more housing will have to be constructed in order to get rid of the shanty town developing on the northern edge of Rawa'a.

Rawa'a's population has skyrocketed to 5,870 residents the past few months, and that has taken its toll on the general infrastructure of the town. The King, however, has announced plans to rapidly expand the transportation network, and there has been talk about initiating a public transportation scheme.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Eighteen!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 18


Turn Nineteen

Population: 7,162
GDP: $36,454,580 ($5,090 per person annually)
Labor Force: 3,223
Education Level: 0.09 out of 4

The most evident change the past few months in Rawa'a has been the expansion of the downtown area, which we will be reviewing in further detail in the next update. Where the Bank of Dunya used to be is a new building, and the land that was for sale by the government have been sold and developed.

The government is also ready to start developing its own building near the Central Mosque and House of Christ Church. The project would take about 2 years after the groundbreaking, and the initial cost would be around $1 million.

Rawa'a now has 2 developed residential neighborhoods – the lower/middle class Hansford neighborhood, named after Hansford Street that cuts directly through it, and the more affluent Treelane neighborhood in southern Rawa'a.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Nineteen!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 19


Turn Twenty

Population: 10,495
GDP: $53,944,300 ($5,140 per person annually)
Labor Force: 4,723
Education Level: 0.1 out of 4

Celebrating ten years of independence, Dunya has now officially passed the ten thousand residents mark, achieving one of the primary goals of development King Edward Ezamsi had set for his government. There have been numerous developments the past year, with most of it based in the center of Rawa'a involving commercial activity. The Jawad Building, constructed by the Jawad family, sits on the former site of the Bank of Dunya, on the corner of Main and Edward Ezamsi Streets. The building contains some apartments on the upper floors, and 3 stores on the ground floor. Further down Main Street sits the McCormick Building, built by the McCormick family. Although the architecture is drastically different than the Jawad Building (given the owners' European background), the premise is the same. They have rented a large showroom on the ground floor, and each floor above that has 4 apartments for rent. Finally, the Yassar Building, situated on the corner of First Street and Cross Lane, has officially taken the title of tallest building in Rawa'a, standing at 4 floors. It is also the costliest private development in the history of Dunya, costing the Yassar family $800,000 upon completion. Unlike the first 2 development mentioned, the Yassar Building is exclusively an office facility, with the ground floor used by the Yassar family for their new marketing company. The rest of the floors have 3 offices per floor.

The other new developments have been the farmlands on Fairview Road, to the northwest of Rawa'a. The new farms owners include the Grover and Verdi families, both of which had sold farms closer to the town in order to take advantage of the government initiative that gives discounted land for agricultural development further out of town.

As Rawa'a continues to develop, so does the demand for land closer to the center of the town. Land prices continue to rise, and the unofficial price now stands at $5,000 per plot, a far cry from the $1,000 per plot that a lot of land owners had bought their land at.  The extra income generated by taxes and other income has allowed the government to finish up its Power Plant and make lots of headway on the new Rawa'a International Airport, which is becoming closer to finishing. The next few months should see the completion of both projects.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Twenty!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 20