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Updates (Turn 20)

Started by nedalezz, July 27, 2011, 03:10:30 AM

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Turn Four

Population: 520
GDP: $2,080,000 ($4,000 per person annually)
Education Level: Lowest
Government Projects: Rawa'a Primary School ; Police Station

A lot of thing happening this turn. The government has taken the initiative to pave Corner Street and parts of Drift Lane with the promise it will continue to do so in the next few months. It hopes to have Drift Lane paved up to the new Rawa'a Primary School, which set to be completed after 6 months. On the other side of Madrasa Street, work on the new police station has started, set to be complete in 1 years time. The government has budgeted the project for $500,000 – once these 2 projects are completed, the living standard of Rawa'a will rise, making it a more desirable place to live.

Hank Garvei has purchased the land which he was renting from the government for $1,000. The 1x1 plot will be the site of his new electronics showroom. Currently, his stand is still on the land, but in 6 months, it will be relocated to make room for his new showroom. He has taken out a loan from the Bank of Dunya to finance the construction project, believed to cost about $50,000. The loan will extend for 12.5 years, and will have a 20% fixed interest rate on it.

Salford Construction Company, a privately owned construction company owned by Terrence Salford, has bought land on Main Street for $2,000  and is currently developing its new offices. Once completed, Salford Construction will be the first construction company operating in Rawa'a. On the otherside of the Royal Residence, a company called Hi-Fashion also bought a 1x2 plot and is constructing a showroom for garments and accessories. Both projects will be ready 6 months from now.

Participants: A new profession is available – Construction. Read about in the information thread. Also, I have put up some new rules on players wanting to own companies that are not in their chosen profession. That is also up in the information thread!


I have a few random thoughts I would like to write down and see what you guys think:
1: The pavement of the roads. I completely support it in every aspect though I wonder where the cars that will eventually use the roads will come from? Dubai?
2: In relation to question one, I think the dock is remarkably small for the town's only supply line. I think at some point in the next 5-6 turns the dock should be upgraded and/or a small unpaved landing strip might be considered.
3: With the current population of the town a little over five hundred I think it's a little unrealistic that only the less than ten participants are making major choices. Out of 520 people, I'm sure more than two would want to own land, etc. Naldezz, maybe you could make a few descisions for other citizens?

Just my two cents, what do you guys think?

-Alex  :thumbsup:


This is exactly what Im after, Involvement, people! :)

1) Dunya is an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean (Check the map thread), so the roads wont be connected to any neighboring country :) However, if you mean where they will be imported from, well then Dubai could be an option. Further down the road, characters will be able to buy cars as luxury items (real make cars, i.e: BMW X5 4.0). You actually touched upon something I was going to introduce soon - the car showroom! There will be used salesmen offering specific cars, and further down the road, actual brands will be looking for agents in this new frontier ;)

2) You are right - the dock is tiny! Everything depends on the government budget however - after the latest projects involving the school and the police station, the coffers have run dry! Dont worry though, the government makes a pretty penny from taxes, utilities, and sales of Life Neccessity products.

3) Actually, I was thinking the same thing! Thats why Ive opened a few NPC owned companies this turn and last - for now, we can assume most residents work for the government in its different formats. Once your businesses grow, expenses will come into account, and part of those expenses will be employees. As the project evolves, so will the numbers I will present - including unemployment numbers and the like. Right now, 3 NPCs own land other than 3 real life characters that do: Khassem, Salford, and Hi-Fashion.


Well people do own land. considering all the shops opening up. In fact many npc's are ahead of us as they already own stores. :D I think it's safe to say other people own land. But they just don't have their land fenced.

Although 1 thing I need to ask, nedal I hope you plan on making some streets and not just all roads. ;)


Yeah, there are currently 3 NPCs that own land and businesses. I even have their worths and what not on the excel sheet. Basically Im treating them just as real characters, but with less detail.

Actually, I was planning on all roads since they have those awesome yellow lights! But hey, if you want some streets, we'll get some streets :)


I've been lurking a lot on this forum, and I've been reading Nesara/Haven.  When I saw this project, I thought I might as well get involved with this roleplay.  I was wondering if I could add a character: his name would be Addison Martin, a former port worker from Darwin, Australia, with some technical training (equivalent of 2 years of college).  I was hoping that he could work at the Rawa'a Pier, as a customs inspector/port manager for the government, if that position is still available.


Hey rjet13, and welcome! Most definitely you can join up - welcome to Addison Martin, Customs Inspector at the Rawa'a Pier! Everything looks in order, except that the default starting Education Level for every new player is 0. Now that the government is investing in education (Primary School almost done, and plans for a high school will be revealed soon), players can pay for their education and raise their levels. We'll get your character registered in Turn Four, and he'll start earning his money come Turn Five.


Ah...that works fine, I was unsure if he could have education before the project, thought I'd see anyways.  My plans won't really be affected by that anyways.


Alright, a new land purchased by the Meade family!

From Garvei, I need to know what the new electronics showroom will be called (name of the company.)

I also need names of companies from the following: Harvey (farms).

Finally, for Martin, I need him to choose where he wants to live! I numbered them in the above picture, just let me know!


Turn Five

Population: 630
GDP: $2,520,000 ($4,000 per person annually)
Education Level: Lowest
Government Projects: Police Station

As the town has grown and expanded, so has the number of people opening businesses. As you can see from the pictures above, Hank Garvei has finished construction on his showroom and opened up Garvei Electronics. Right next to him, Ahmad Yamini bought the piece of land located at 10 Main Street and will be opening up Citi-Furniture in 6 months.

On the other side of town, Hi-Fashion, owned by Warren Franks, has opened up for business. Their plans for expansion, however, will have to run through the new Customs Inspector at the  Rawa'a Pier. He has invested in real estate, acquiring 1002 Main Street for $12,000. Just north of Hi-Fashion is Seaside Restaurant, owned by Jim Franks, and on the corner of Trait Lane and Jalmi Lane, the residence of Chris Khassem, owner of the Khassem Inn is under construction. The land, which cost $2,000, is 200 sq. meters, and his home will cost $80,000 upon completion. Chris Khassem is currently the richest person in Rawa'a.

Elsewhere, the Rawa'a Primary School has opened its doors for business. The initial enrollment was 74 students through all grades. The project, which cost the Dunyan government, cost $700,000 and was publicly opened by King Edward Ezamsi. Across Madrasa Street, which was recently paved, is the Rawa'a Police Station #1, scheduled to open in 6 months. The small station set the government back $500,000.

The expansion of the town has led to further paving of roads by the government, and they recently opened up a new road called First Street, between Corner and Madrasa Streets.


Good to see some major expansion here!


Nice to see all of the expansion!  Looks like there were many new, different businesses opened.  I'll probably be treating my land as a investment when land values go up, not sure if I'll be opening one in the future yet.


In terms of keeping your land, you can do whatever you wish with it :)

Your land is your land - even if the area around it becomes skyscrapers and its worth $100,000,000 and you wish to keep it, no one can force you to do anything!


Brick builldings? :D Ra'awa is moving on up.  You cannot fathom that amount of how much we players are anxious to see what this develops into.


Rawa'a is certainly starting to develop, which is why the official price of lands on Main Street between Edward Ezamsi and Corner Streets, as well as parts of those two streets, has risen $200 per plot. A 1x1 plot, which was worth $1,000, is not worth $1,200!


How come most of the developement seems to be occuring towards the north, and not the south, west or east?  :)


Growing and growing. :) I better get a slice of that land before prices soar even more. ()stsfd() When the government gets some more money I would look at expanding the docks next. :)

Just a question, how do you get 630 people from the small amount of housing there? I would add in some more of those shacks around the place.


I calculate it as 10 people per shack, although I think I might be a bit generous with that count :) Dont worry, the next turn the towns population wont increase much, but there will be more development.

Naturally, the development will spread west and east, along the shore, Ernst!


Turn Six

Population: 760
GDP: $3,040,000 ($4,000 per person annually)
Education Level: Lowest
Government Projects: Housing Projects

The government has certainly put in a lot of work these past 6 months, expanding the road infrastructure in Rawa'a and officially opening up the Rawa'a Police Station #1. On Main Street, the government has contracted Salford Construction to develop a housing project costing $225,000, or $75,000 per residence. The government plans to rent each residence out for $5,000 annually, or $2,500 per 6 months (or turn.) The government has always has plans to develop land around the Bank of Dunya as well, and has developed some residences for its employees (including Martin, Meade, and Terrell) near the police station. The shacks on the land will be destroyed, but it is unclear what the government plans to develop in their place.

Development in and around central Rawa'a has continued, with 2 new businesses beginning construction on their properties. The BuyPlus Supermarket, owned by Hashem Saidi, will be the largest showroom in the city when it is completed in 6 months. Saidi will be in direct competition with Areameder and Garvei, both of who operate stalls that sell the Life Neccessity products that BuyPlus Supermarket will sell. The other business opening up on Corner Street is Dillon Hardware, owned by Brian Dillon. The 200 square meter showroom will sell exactly what it advertises: hardware products.

Clarence Fruit Farms has also opened for business northwest of the town, owned by Henry Clarence. The 4,200 square meter plot will harvest fruits and sell to the local market, slightly reducing imports. Locally grown products cost less than imported products, the news will be welcomed by residents of Rawa'a.

On the southern side of town, Chris Khassem has finished work on his $80,000 home and has become the first person in town to construct and move into his own residence. Khassem, who is the richest man in town with an estimated worth of $300,000, owns and operates the 12 room Khassem Inn, which is the only place in town that one can stay at. The bar/restaurant that he operates in the inn has also been a success, but with the opening of the new Seaside Restaurant, owned by Jim Howard, it remains to be seen whether there will be a drop in clients.

An aerial shot of Rawa'a


For anyone interested in numbers and stats - Dunya Information Turn Six