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Started by nedalezz, July 27, 2011, 03:11:31 AM

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Welcome! This will be where we discuss the continued evolution of the game, along with additions and what not! If any participants has any suggestions and/or comments, please free to leave them here!


Ok guys, please dont be afraid to give me any suggestions whatsoever!

Im still preparing the asset list and what not, but in the meantime, check out the update page and tell me your profession and where you would like your first home to be!

The files will be in Excel format - everyone ok with that?


Just waiting on the other two participants to choose their professions before we get this thing really rolling. Thought Id take this time and explain whats going to happen next.

Basically at the beginning of the first turn, the traders will have to acquire a small stand, each costing $1,000. You will get to choose the location of your stand simply by saying where you want it. Remember, the location you choose directly related to how much the trader can sell to the public, and is also subject to final approval from the government. The government will also take rent for the land used - $50 a month, or $300 a turn.

Since the town is still so small, pretty much anywhere in town will cover the entire town. The population of the town is 50 right now - meaning if each person is going to spend $200 on LIFE NECCESSITY products (the only type to be coming in for import currently), that is $10,000 a month, or $60,000 a turn.

Given that each trader will have spent $1,000 on the stand, and $300 rent will also be taken at the beginning of the turn, that leaves each trader with $18,700. You also have to remove the $1,200 to be spent on LIFE NECCESSITY products, and another $300 ($50 per month) for utilities, and $600 for house rent ($100 per month)

The boat coming in with the LIFE NECCESSITY products is bringing $60,000 since that is what's needed. As traders, you can buy as much as you want - and you will be guaranteed to sell it for 25% margins. So if you decide to acquire $10,000, you will sell it for $12,500. If both traders use $10,000, that will be $40,000 left which the government will buy and sell at 25% the market price.

I want to make the start easy so that everyone can ease into it, but as the population grows, NPC traders will start to show up. I havent worked out the ratio yet, but we'll figure something out together.

I hope that clarifies how things will work for the first Turn - we will take it step by step as we go along.

Any questions?

EDIT: Fixed the numbers - they didnt make sense, but now they do!


As a government employee, is the only thing I'm paying for power and life necessities? And if I remember correctly, that's 50% off. So my startup expenses for the begining are...?


This one is for Exla357 - as a Government Employee, you have the chance to move up the ranks, earning a fixed salary and also earning free housing (atleast, the one that the government assigns to you. You can, ofcourse, choose to have your own accomodations!) In addition, LIFE NECCESSITY products will cost you 50% less, so you will only pay $100 a month to start with.

There are two types of government jobs available - a teller at the bank, or a dockhand at the Rawa'a Pier. They both will pay a salary of $300 a month, or $1,800 a turn. As wealth of the country increases, so will the starting paying jobs - this will be worked out as a ratio a little later on.

The only way to progress and get promoted through the government is to increase your character's education level, of which there are 5 total: 0 (No education), 1 (Primary school), 2 (High school), 3 (University), and 4 (PhD). Seeing as there is currently no schools in Dunya right now, the only way to get a raise is through the country's wealth increasing.

Of your $20,000, you will pay $600 on LIFE NECCESSITY products and $300 on utility bills. That will bring your total down to $19,100 to start with. At the beginning of Turn Two, $1,800 will be added and $900 subtracted.


Thanks for clearing that up, Naldezz. I'd like to be a bank teller!

-Alex  :thumbsup:


I forgot to mention - whatever your income is each turn, the government gets 5%!

So if you made $1,800, $90 go to the government!

As a trader, if you decided to sell $15,000 and sold it for $18,750, $930 will go to the government.

I just thought Id clarify the trader thing up a bit:

Starting: $20,000 - $1,000 (Stand) - $1,200 (Life Neccessity Products) $600 (House Rent) - $300 (Land Rent) - $300 (Utilities) = $16,600. If you use $16,000 to buy products, your total sales are $20,000, so deduct the 5% and you are left with $19,000. Now its the beginning of Turn Two, you have a total of $19,600, and you have $2,400 in Fixed Expenses, that leaves you with $17,200. You wouldve made $600 profit per this turn!

Ofcourse, a lot more is taken from the self employed than the government employees, who only get taxed on their salaries, but so are the perks for working for the man!


Just to note, I'll be replacing the Royal Residence - peter007 has been kind enough to contribute a BAT, so it will serve as the first Royal Residence of Dunya :)

Just waiting on Tyrone Harvey (travismking) to let me know what he wants his profession to be, and we will proceed with Turn One - lets treat it as a trial run to iron out any flaws, and please, leave your suggestions!

We can also use a few more members, so anyone interested in participating, please let me know!

All I would need from you right now is the character's name and his profession (find out more in the Information thread!)



Now that we're getting our feet wet with Turn One and testing to see how things go, we'll try to iron out any issues.

In Turn Two, we'll open it up more - land will be available to be bought, the government will began developing the land, etc. I just wanted to make sure everyone got how the game is played first.


Im trying to stay as hands on as possible, throwing in mini updates within each Turn to keep things entertaining. Is that type of format OK with everyone?

Also, I wanted everyone to know that I have an excel file that stores everyone's information, so everything is recorded :)


I'll do my best to check in daily, but don't hold me to it  :thumbsup:



Oh you dont need to check every day! Even if you manage to skip a turn, its not life or death - especially in your case, your salary keeps coming!


Right, in order to promote the traders to buy from the local market (i.e: the farmers), I was thinking we could make it rewarding for both. Since traders make 25% markup from imported goods, they can now make 30% markup from locally bought products resold to the market. This works out for the farmer as well, because instead of selling the products for 80% of their value to the traders, the farmer can now sell it at 100% of its value to the trader of his choice.

Tell me what you guys think about this change. This will be implemented immediately in Turn Two.


Well it's your party.
I think it's good. More money means more products ;)
And the farmers can work together with the traders


Alright, Player Factbooks has been updated up till beginning of Turn Two. This includes Expenses paid in Turn One and Two, and money and desicions made in Turn One.

Turn Two update will becoming shortly - after the update is up, I need the following from each:

Areameder, Garvei: I need to know how much you want buy from the Turn Two shipment coming in from Singapore!

Harvey: Your farm gave you $3,200 worth of goods. The Random Calculator (fancy name!) gave you an 80% selling rate, so you sold $2,560 worth of goods for $3,072. You are left with $128 inventory. You can use them against your Life Neccessity products (since vegetables is considered a Life Neccessity product), make a deal with a trader, who can them make a 30% mark up on them, or sell them to the government for 75% of their worth. Choice is yours, let me know!

Terrell: Pretty straight forward here - the only desicions you have to make are optional! Land is open to be bought if you're interested - anywhere alongside the roads (east of Edward Ezmasi St. and north of Main St.)



Turn Two is up on the Updates page!

So I havent heard much in terms of how you guys think its going so far...what do you think? What can we improve on?

I have an excel sheet which features full details on all characters, as well as government spending and town info. I update it every Turn - if you are interested in seeing it, just drop me a message with your email and I'll email it to you!

As I stated before, all calculations for a Turn will be done at the beginning.

I was also thinking not to limit each person to one profession - namely, if a farmer wants to open up a store, he or she can - or if a government employee want to buy some farmland, he or she can. But I was thinking there must be some sort of penalty, maybe extra expense (perhaps having to employ a manager for the business and pay the salary). What do you think? Suggestions, people, suggestions!

As for Turn Three, most people have already made their desicions for Turn Two, so I will work on it tomorrow. I will update the Player Factbooks first, then showcase the Turn Three update! What would you guys like to see in the updates? More information? More specific pictures? Please tell!

Lets try and get more players involved - we still have room for quite a few more!


I think the idea of people besides farmers owning land would be a good idea. Even if they weren't going to use it, just having that investment gives them the opportunity to sell it in the future, when property values increase.


Oh, definitely! Anyone can own land! Its actually a very important part of the game :)


I think since it's the farmers job to own land, possibly give them a discount on price. Because at the moment I can buy as much land as a farmer has. :P