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November 29, 2022, 09:49:27 AM

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Ursador - Needs your help! ("Updated" 03/15/10)

Started by soulchaser, August 01, 2009, 12:20:21 PM

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Which suggestion of the Highway is best? (END: 02/28)



@danielcote: I think you'll find some more, this time.

@ecoba: Motorways will come for sure, just keep watching ;)

@Battlecat: Yes, polls were still open. Now that I can set up "reale" polls, again, it will be simpler :) .

@Thomas Neto, bat & djvandrake: Thanks for your nice comments, some nice pics will follow, hopefully ;)

@RippleJet: Thank you for your help, I'll have to set up polls from time to time, so this was kind of complicating. $%Grinno$%

So, as almost noone voted (3 votes, 2:1 for A) and the update is that far away, I've decided to go on building ;) . Simply: I couldn't wait :D

So this is what the DoD has initiated:

As the people voted, the bigger peninsula was offered to the refugees. And the population almost doubled.

The central part of the mostly residential settlement is not very far from the northern end of the dam.

We've built a school (red), a church (blue), a watertower (green) and a central market (orange) for them.

Most of the inhabitants work in the commercial sectors.

They focus on tourism related money.

This also attracts more and more people, so we have to plan for bigger houses now.

Thank you for your attention.  :thumbsup:

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where did this come from eh???? fantastic work soulchaser, i will be back here soon to read the rest.
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fantastic update!Very nice comercial waterfront  :thumbsup:
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You really have a beautiful region, and I love the waterfront. Brilliant!  &apls




Great update, that's a fantastic looking small town you're developing!

Tomas Neto


That is looking really really nice! Great work on it... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


That's a really nice waterside small town! The region picture is very cool as well! :thumbsup:
Looking forward to more!
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@mightygoose: Just been here for a while ;), I hope you like it.

@Luke09, BuildingUp, scott1964, djvandrake, Battlecat, Thomas Neto, bat, io_bg: Thank you all for the kind words. Some more pics will follow soon.

Semester break is near, hopefully more time for more pics, then.

So here is a short new update, waiting for your submissions.

The DoD recently was asked by the supraregional authorities to throw in a possible route for a highway, leading traffic from north to the south-east.

There have also been regional stake-holders that heard of these plans and wanted to be involved in these plans (bif industries; see picture below).

So this is the plan worked out by the DoD, but we are not sure, if his is really the best, so we want YOU, the residents to send in some other plans (1 or 2 per submitter).

We will provide further pics, if neede, just point the place, we'll take some.

I'm looking forward to your submissons (Deadline: 02/20/10; yes, that's ten days ;) )

Just want to add a pic, that might help on plans. A traffic view with gridnames.

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Nice region overviews there... And looking forward to the construction of the highway...


while all very well and good as a realistic highway unless it approaches closer to your towns it will not see use.
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....



@bat: Thank you, feel free to add another pic, if you have a better suggestion for the path.

@mightygoose: I'm not sure if I completely understand you right (there might be a missing dot somewhere?!). So you suggest a path converging to the main town less distant? Show me ;)

Here are just some more (wordless) expressions from Ursador.

Ok, some words here: The settlements are right behind the (8m) dam. Recently the inhabitants are a bit afraid of floods caused by climate change.

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The highway alignment looks pretty good already, my only suggestion would be to swing it a bit more south towards the urban core in A3 and B3 to provide better access.  The city there can grow up around the highway in the future.

I like the shots in your latest update as well, your town looks very nice!


ONE?...Thank you, Battlecat, I hope your suggestion is resembled in the following possibilities.

So these three suggestions were thrown into the process:


  • Slow lanes! (because of the curves)
  • Cheap to build!
  • Only 2 ramps!


  • Fast lanes!
  • More expensive!
  • Less traffic noise!
  • 1 Extra-Part & 1 ramp!


  • Fastest lanes!
  • Most expensive to build!
  • Least traffic noise!
  • 2 Extra-Parts!

Please vote in the poll.

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B sounds like a good decision to me. It plans for future growth, while being close enough to cities to be of use.


I also chose B. It would be most realistic IMO.
Also great job on the last update! I particularly like the foggy shot! :thumbsup:
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Last updated: 28 November


I have to make a third vote for B. Also, sorry, I lurk when I should post.



Thank you for showwing interest so far.                           
I hope you're all voting in the poll waaaaaaaaaay up there.


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You might also visit my participitation in GRVII - Bordertown!