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December 02, 2022, 08:24:17 AM

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Ursador - Needs your help! ("Updated" 03/15/10)

Started by soulchaser, August 01, 2009, 12:20:21 PM

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Which suggestion of the Highway is best? (END: 02/28)



 Let me be the one that makes the 100th post and give my congrats on making it to the "Best Sellers" section. &apls

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Well done!

I like the fire, though Sand doesn't burn :P
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That's an excellent fire you have there. Marshmallows anyone? Congratulations on making the Best Sellers!  &apls

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Thank you for all the comments. I'm here to let you know, that this MD wasn't destructed after the fire!

Then I wanted to thank you, commenting me into "best sellers". Maybe we will reach some more honours ;)

@Luke09: It was kind of annoying, when I realized I couldn't rescue anything at all.

@djvandrake: As the farmers didn't want to go away from Forstgardsplass, not much changed, sorry. But it seems like they've built houses that are more fireproof.

@Maestro444: What sand, it's all crop... dry crop ;)

The people still are running into Ursador, like we have a final sale. The best places seem already to be gone.

Alajärvi is recently growing extremely since the Maestro Mining Corp. digged their hole. The population reached almost Fortgardsplass's.

The Town Center seems not to be able to supply the needs adequately, thinking in long terms.

And to tell you, why there's a lack of updates: I told you about my time management problems.

This took me about 4 hours to build (incl. starting SC4).

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It's good to see you back, my friend.

The way that you build your towns is very beautiful, and I like the way that all of your streets are windy, and make it look like all of your towns grew naturally.

Does Ursador have any mountains?



As you can see on my first post, there are no real mountains. only some more or less steep hills :thumbsup:

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You might also visit my participitation in GRVII - Bordertown!


I love the ponds you put into you're beautiful towns!


Very nice.  :thumbsup:  The addition of the mining corp adds a lot of interest to the landscape.



So thank you, for waiting another month. I had to write and read a lot of stuff for my masters degree, recently, so I'm really sorry. I wanted to update this more often.

thank you, ecoba, danliecote and djvandrake for your "recent" comments. Here's something new for you.

Just to let you know. Ursador still is mostly rural. Time's running, the main town is in year 60, now.
(Notice: one year in medium speed is about 20 minutes on my PC, and I'll never let it run faster than this.)

I still keep an eye on every single farm.

But there's already some, let's say, CBD. There was already a pic, but it has changed since then.

M = Market
E = Elementary School
S = Main Station
F = Freight Station
T = Town Hall
H = Hospital
and new:
U = Unemployment Center

Yes, the DoD has to deal with this to.

So what's next?

The DoD got a request for a small harbour village by some fishermen...ehm...families, who had to give up their houses downstream, because of a terrible storm. Their regional governance tydied eveything up, but they also planned some giant amusement park on the shores. (The DoD isn't sure if this is a good idea!)

So the regional population may vote, which "peninsula" we want to sell to them. Proposal A or B?

Please vote. I'll be back on Dec. 27th!

Ouh...I seem not to be allowed, to add a poll (don't ask me why, the button is missing!). So you'll have to comment for voting :(

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Good to see you back, my friend.

Working on a Masters Degree is perfectly fine, feel no stress of us here, Real Life comes first, no matter how crappy it may be.

Ursador is still as beautiful as ever, and the assortment of farm fields that you use make the region view stunning! Forstgardplass sure has grown a bit but, it's nice, there's a nice assortment of BAT's in that 'CBD', if you can call it that. (Well, I guess it is, 'cause it's the largest central commercial district...)

Anyway, I vote for peninsula B to go to the fishing folk. And, don't let them build a theme park.... IMO.



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Nice job there  :thumbsup: How about Penisula A?I would like to suggest that you develop the city only with coblestone streets and the normal roads,i really like coblestone streets  ::)
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@ecoba: Thank you very much, my friend. You're encouraging me, going on. :thumbsup: And no, they won't be allowed to build a themepark on their own.  ::)

@warconstruct: Thanks for your nice comment.

@Luke09: I like cobblestone streets, too...maybe I'll follow your suggestion. Thanks for the comment.

Your votes are counted in. Sadly, it was only you 2 who voted, yet. Maybe I'll find a MODerator, to help me with the POLL button and some more will vote, then. Or this update might encourage some more lurkers to comment  ;)

First, the DoD has to inform you, that the commercial big player in the region, the Meastro Minig Corp., widened their mining area and renewed their production facilities.

Ursador sometimes is really foggy, maybe also because of the high pollution. We lastly had to build a water purification plant near the Alajärvi Freight Station.

At the very end, here's a picture of the most popular neighbourhood in Ursador. It's next to the market and little lake in Forstgardsplass.

CU next time. I'll tell you then, when the ballot boxes will be closed ;)

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You might also visit my participitation in GRVII - Bordertown!


nice job! thats probably the first town of yours that I saw a tall building in.  :o


Everything's looking good here, soulchaser. I like how all of the towns are connected by farmland and also how close together they are. Reminds me somewhat of the New England US. It'll be interesting when you have to build motorways.  ;D



The latest vote slipped under my nose, so if polling is still open, I'm going to vote for Peninsula A for the fisherman's project.  The latest update looks great as always!  Looking forward to seeing what's coming next!

Tomas Neto

Nice suburbs, and rural area too!!! Great update!!!


You have there really nice rural images, soulchaser! Also the others are nice. Great work on them! Looking forward to more... ;)



Quote from: soulchaser on January 03, 2010, 01:25:09 PM
Maybe I'll find a MODerator, to help me with the POLL button and some more will vote, then.time. I'll tell you then, when the ballot boxes will be closed ;)

Thanks Robin for alerting me about this... :thumbsup:
Soulchaser, you can now freely add, edit and remove your own polls. ;)