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September 30, 2022, 09:50:50 AM

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Props, models , dependencies and things

Started by BarbyW, July 25, 2007, 09:46:55 AM

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I am often asked for permission to use props from BSC prop packs. The policy of BSC is to provide prop packs that contain models and prop exemplars for a variety of items. These may be small props or buildings but are provided in packs for the community to use. The terms of use are that uploaders may not include the models with their uploads but must point downloaders to the packs containing the models.
New exemplars may be made and included with an upload so an exemplar of a house, for example, may be made as a R§, R§§ or R§§§ in PIM. At no time is permission required before use of these prop packs as they are freely available to all to use under the terms of use.
This, of course, creates dependencies and this has been an over debated subject. Northcountrydude wrote an excellent guide to dependencies at Simtropolis and there should be no need to reopen any debates. All lot makers should read the Guide to the creation of custom content for sharing with the community as this has a lot of tips on good practice including making sure you have the latest prop packs and also do not keep outdated packs in plugins. This is especially important if you want to share your creations with the community.
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one little thing i would like to ask in relation to using the packs,  is there a tool that would alow one to decompile the DAT file and use parts out of it. as long as the credits for the parts are listed in the upload?  Thank you. God bless


I am not sure what you are asking as the only reason to do that would be to include the models. That is not allowed and the whole pack must be given as a dependency. Including other creators' models in an upload is striclty forbidden unless you have direct permission from the creator.
Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

Barbypedia: More alive than the original