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October 04, 2022, 06:05:38 AM

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Show us your night pics

Started by pagenotfound, March 17, 2008, 07:35:08 AM

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But my inspiration is coming from kodlovag's mod. :thumbsup:
Hope for use ;D
A lazy fox (=^ω^=)

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A couple of mine

You can find more in my MD ::)
Visit my MD, The region of Pirgos!
Last updated: 28 November


Visit my MD, welcome to Archipelago


Fancy!! Love those new streetlights :thumbsup: Would make them a bit brighter for myself though  ;)


More in my MD, though only one more at night  :D


@ noahclem: ... WOW! That has to be one of the most realistic night shots I've ever seen.  &apls


Thanks samerton!

I was fairly excited about this one:

My latest OSITM update's pretty packed with night pics & mosaics as well  ::)


Both of your shots are great, noahclem!

Same with you io_bg! Fantastic!


Nice night scenes everyone!

One from me


There is some update of my city.
Maybe I need a MD.. :D

Click image for download fullsize.
A lazy fox (=^ω^=)

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mikeski it's very beautiful :)
From where did you found the blue lights?
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@ louistsw (and everyone else) nice pictures!
@ terring7: I think that the blue lights may be from USL by kodlovag. It can be found here

and now a night pic from me  ;D

Uploaded with
Nemo sobrius saltaret


Probably the only night shot you'll see from me in a long time (for some reason, BAT nightlights aren't working even though I've installed all of the patches):

Evidently this plaza uses one of the streetlights used on the T21's, and so it's picked up kodlovag's light cones... Not that I mind, it's a good look.


Quote from: kodlovag on February 13, 2011, 11:52:30 AM

How did you get the shore to look perfectly straight/diagonal? Is it a mod?

Ramona Brie

A few calmer night shots from me. This town is particularly photogenic especially with the USL. It has a lot of contrasts.

Homes and night skyscrapers: (a little too wide)

Austin (pop 58,838) has two high schools. At night, Forest View High seems quiet, except for the people meeting in the back:

Sanriku Parkway is the gateway to far northwestern Austin. It is a limited access corridor surrounded by grass:


From my MD, this is the downtown of the capital of Nesara, Cedar:


Thanks for the complements wwecruz and samerton and great shots everyone!

Quote from: louistsw on March 10, 2011, 09:02:31 AM
Maybe I need a MD.. :D
Are you kidding?! Please start one, this is fantastic work!  &apls   And 8,201px × 4,578px? How long did that take?

@ Elvis - straight shorelines are not a mod they just take experience at terraforming and are helped by certain tricks, like removing all the water to terraform sea floors like land.

@ cammo2003 - really great-looking plaza with the USL effect! The effects of that mod on lots for me has been really nice for the most part but a couple lots have given me trouble. Good luck getting nightlights to work for custom content.


Downtown Halton, a hillside city I have been working on.

Highway interchange overlooking the city.

Diverging Diamond interchange surrounded by development.

Twin towers

Zoom out

Rural highway interchange

Overlooking an elevated expressway

Cutscene along a freeway

Edit: added more images.


Too bad Halton doesn't actually look like this!  ;)


Quote from: noahclem on March 14, 2011, 05:18:53 PM

Are you kidding?! Please start one, this is fantastic work!  &apls   And 8,201px × 4,578px? How long did that take?

and..Em..i think it take me about 3 hours...include PSing.
A lazy fox (=^ω^=)

Canidae Inu Republic League