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United Kingdom of New France

Started by juliok102013, January 31, 2014, 09:15:21 AM

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Great pictures!! Old West sounds promising!!!!  :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments...

A month later ... and two images, because I'm really no time to play. But I will try to update, especially now with the Cities Skylines, and one of the images is the game that will make some updates this daily ...

Welcome to the small Republic of Santa Lucia

With a teaser of a street in the capital ... Tezaplota!

And a picture of the sim city 4 :)

Center of Uitermmer


Nice perspective with the Skylines image, although I prefer the SC4 one. Great update.
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The born of a new city.


As I mentioned on ST, fantastic work! That mosaic looks awesome.


Welcome back! As always, those are some awesome pictures!!!
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Great to see you back! :) Nice autumn pictures (although I don't long for autumn now  $%Grinno$%)
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Great pictures and mosaic!  &apls
When I first saw them I thought about the tourists' faces when asking after the oldest building in the city.  ;D