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Started by art128, December 01, 2015, 03:27:42 AM

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I'm loving all these pressies.  :bnn:

Thank you to all the contributors for sharing with the community.

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Incredible updates!!! &apls 
But I'm wondering if you're going to upload certain building that's being rebuilt now  ::)


Some of you might have spotted yesterday's SFBT upload already, let me introduce it along with the BAT for today, again both from Sir Roland. The Vienna Music Association is one of the most renowned concert halls in the world, housing the famous Vienna New Year's Concert by the Vienna Philharmonics and other important events.

Another staple in Vienna's skyline is the Giant Wheel on the Prater fairground, well-known from countless movies and a popular motive for postcards. I have edited the lot that was released on Simtropolis a few years ago in order to include some more of Sir Roland's new props, which also reduced the number of dependencies.



And for good measure another SC4D advent upload today: SimCoug's W2W R$$Neighborhoods.

click pic to go the LEX

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Lot of amazing things  &apls &apls &apls

Thanks for sharing with the community  :thumbsup:
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Today's upload marks the end of our little Vienna special with the Amalienbad  by Sir Roland. We included two different lots, one landmark lot, and a clinic lot that is suitable for a dense urban environment. The Amalienbad once was the largest indoor swimming pool of the world, and the massive building from the socialist era still looks impressive today.




Amazing work! I think, I will need to go back to Vienna next year :D
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Also for today is this small dirty industrial building, Audubon Print Works.

There are six versions of the building (three orthogonal and three FA-2).  There are growable lots for the orthogonal, and a ploppable lot for the FA-2.

added LEX link  - Erik GM


Sorry people, I had issues with the LEX. Yesterday I had little time and I was not able to upload my contribution.
Today the problem seemed to continue, but CasperVg and Jeronij have been looking into it.  :thumbsup:

And now all is well again. So here they are!

BNL Dutch double houses 1930
20 lots in different growth stages, all R$$. Models by w_swietwoot, lotting and modding by me.

BNL Dutch row houses 1930
8 lots in different growth stages, also R$$. Models by w_swietwoot, lotting and modding by me.


You really are spoiling us &apls not that I've got anything against it though $%Grinno$% Excellent and useful lots all along!
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For the 15th, another church from Vnaoned

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For the 16th (it will be the 16th here in a few minutes) we have another dirty industrial building, Spyder Packing Co.

There are a total of 12 buildings and 6 lots included in this download.  The biggest lot (5x4 tiles) was made by Simcoug (thanks Matt!).


All the recent presents are really nice, thank you! :)
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Yay, happy to see this one up c.p.  ;D
And thanks for uploading the Vnaoned church Girafe, it's a beauty  :thumbsup:


Two more SFBT files have been uploaded for the 16th and 17th of December, both created by N1_2888. The first upload is the Rue Duméril, another Paris W2W building that fills some gaps, like inner and outer corners. N1_2888 created a total of 10 different lots, some growable residential and commercial ones, as well as some ploppable landmarks.


The second upload is based on a Maxis landmark, the Arc de Triophe. While ther is a really nice model by xannepan already, the Maxis model is smaller and fits in perfectly on a 2x2 lot. N1_2888 created a Roundabout filler lot for the model, which fits in perfectly in any dense W2W development where straight and diagonal avenues meet.



Also today, a map of Crowheart Cove, an area of the Wyoming coast south of Yellowstone National Park.  (Yes the coastline is fictional).

Being a map, it's not going to have the wider appeal of most of the Advent uploads, but at least it looks Christmassy with the green and the red.  (You can consider it a decorative upload if you like :D).


Today I present you the results of a quick in between cooperation by mrbisonm and me.
Fred/mrbisonm has made the models and I did the lotting and modding.

The Nexis Aquifer Station
A very large water treatment plant with high capacity for your dirty and large cities.

The Atmospheric Molecule Energy Plant
An environment friendly way of producing power whose exact way of funtioning is beyond my perception. But Fred knows all about it.

Donovans Workshop
A generic kind of hardware store for all your city building needs.

The Lake Home
A loghome residence for your wealthy moments in life.

Mikes Home
Mike lives here. You are welcome for a drink.

JP Schriefer

That's a very good idea :)
I would like to know if I can join you. I'm almost finishing a museum and would like to release it with you. And which rules it requires?


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