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How to add a custom foundation to a building in PIM X?

Started by bombardiere, February 28, 2016, 07:34:56 AM

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How I can add a custom foundation to a building while using the PIM X?

It is pretty simple with Maxis PIM, but I haven't figured it out in PIM X. This hinted in the manual, but I haven't found any details on how to do it. That particular field is not active and I can't add the hex code of my custom foundation.

I want to add a foundation into ploppable comerical with jobs.


Yeah this is one of the few things Maxis PIM has over PIM x (the other being the ability to add water/land constraint), so you'll either have to use Maxis PIM or the Reader to add the custom foundation.
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Okey, thanks. This mean the Reader. For some reason the Maxis PIM doesn't like Desc (Lots if it is a ploppable) created with the PIM X.

I love the PIM X. Its formula make really good building values. But I do wish that there would be an option manually adjust some single values. Such as this Building foundation or Lot density.