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Xyloxadoria's Creations

Started by Xyloxadoria, October 02, 2008, 03:17:28 PM

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Yes! All this hammering on the Grid is taking a toll on its stabilty... 8) I'm looking forward to seeing this on the STEX! I have to admit, though, that almost all my smooth curves are located in rural areas... which would be unsuitable for an edifice of such stature...

(Bear with me, I'm almost done writing an essay for my AP history+english double class at school... all this text- :blahblah: ing in OpenOffice is making me want to :sleeping: but I'm still stuck in eloquent mode)
My days here are numbered. It's been great and I've had a lot of fun, but I've moved on to bigger and better things.
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I was wondering when someone would tackle this. Great work, Xyloxadoria!


That is truely amazing! Good luck on that...

Of course the BAT looks nice :).



Amazing idea for a BAT Xylozadoria, I look forward to using it! :thumbsup:


I have a couple other BATS to show. There is a contest with them, if you have a CJ. Details http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=30&threadid=103309


Very nice BATs Xylo!  ;D

Can't wait to see who wins.



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Well im back from some time away from sim city. The two buildings pictured above have been finshed before iI left and are on the STEX if you want them.

As far as the 90 degree curve building, the file got corrupted so i have moved on to something else:

It is a residental tower. I'm almost finshed with it at this point, i still need to add some more detail and other such things like a lobby. In other news, im pretty sure that i have T21's down now, so I will be working on my wall project if what i tnk is right is


That residential tower looks great Xylox! I'll sure use it when it's done.

And wait a minute, t21s? You're going to t21 your walls!?  :o They won't be overhanging props anymore!?
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It's special (forms) but very good :thumbsup:
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