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November 28, 2022, 11:18:30 PM

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Ilives Reader / Re: Can you move a reward lot ...
Last post by mgb204 - November 24, 2022, 02:50:05 PM
Conversion here is not the way I'd go, but if you are using PIM-X (you should be), it's not too hard to make a new lot that functions how you want, without having to create it from scratch.

Step 1 is to take the main model used on the original lot, drag that in the relevant category under Buildings, for example Police Station to create a new Police Station lot. Then create a new lot for this building, make it identical in size to the reward equivalent you want to copy. The LotConfig Exemplar then shows a number of LotConfigPropertyLotObject lines. Essentially each contains the Hex code used to put an object onto a lot, in the Value column, it will state which items are the Props, Textures or the Building. It looks similar in Reader, but all the data there is in Hex, making it harder to read. But you can copy/paste this data in either App.

When creating a new lot, there should only be a building and some textures to begin with. So before doing anything else, highlight all the lines except for the Building (i.e. the textures), right click and select Delete Properties to remove them. Next, find the old Reward lot in PIM-X, open it's LotConfig as well. This time, highlight everything except the Building entry, right click and select Copy Properties. Return to the new lot you are creating, right click and select Paste Properties. Essentially that will copy/paste all the Props and Textures from the original lot to your new one, so you don't have to worry about recreating it. The one exception is the building on the lot, you may need to manually move/rotate this into place, but otherwise your lot will be identical to the one you copied from.

Having done this, if you want to keep the old rewards as well, then you need do nothing further. If you only want your new lot, then you can remove everything from the original download except the file containing the model used as the Building.

This process is pretty quick if you are familiar with using PIM-X, if not a step-by-step walkthrough on creating lots can be found in the official documentation.
SC4 Community-Related / Re: Patch
Last post by mgb204 - November 24, 2022, 02:41:50 PM
It is probably worth mentioning too, there are two official patches for SimCity 4, but these are only of use if you are using the original SC4 disks.

If you are using Win10 or newer, there is realistically only one way you can still play with the original disk version. If this is the case for you, the patches won't properly update your game, even if it looks like it has.

Digital versions should come pre-patched, with the exception of Origin, who's version should be avoided at all costs.
SC4 Community-Related / Re: Patch
Last post by art128 - November 23, 2022, 11:07:04 PM
Yes there is. On this website if you go to the homepage, check the menu on the left (in case it's hidden, use the grey + buttons on the right) and click on Maxis Files.
You'll have to accept to the terms to get access to the update files.

Please note however that the update do not work on the ORIGIN version of SC4 since they offer an un patchable version.
SC4 Community-Related / Patch
Last post by woody58 - November 23, 2022, 03:02:03 PM
Is there a patch to bring my version of the game up to 1.1638 ?
Ilives Reader / Re: Can you move a reward lot ...
Last post by Andreas - November 23, 2022, 10:22:28 AM
Reward lots are a bit tricky to edit, and the Maxis tools don't even allow you to touch them at all, because the proper setup of several things is critial, including a reward script for unlocking the lot when the reward conditions are met. If you want to keep the reward unlocking feature, the lot icon will show up in the reward menu anytime, hence the properties that are tied to this cannot be changed, this explains while you experienced crashes during your experiments.

Naturally, you can have things like a functional lot (police station, hospital etc.) that is unlocked as reward, but then the icon shows up in both menues once the reward got unlocked. If you want to keep the functionality, but get rid of the reward stuff, it might be best to start from scratch. This means, use the building model and create a new lot with PIM-X that has the desired functionality.

If you have certain experience with ilive's Reader, you can copy the lot design of the original lot into the newly created functional lot, there's some tutorials around how to do that. Or use the newly created exemplar file of the functional lot as a template and edit/add/remove all properties of the reward lot accordingly, and keep the original lot design. Any of these require advanced knowledge about the exemplar file properties, though.
BSC Help / Re: BSC Prop Family Index
Last post by deezedgod - November 22, 2022, 08:09:22 PM
Site Rules and Announcements / Re: 20 November 2022: Continue...
Last post by Tarkus - November 22, 2022, 06:00:48 PM
LEX usage put the server's RAM utilization into the red again (98.5% utilization), so I've had to ice it once more.  It'll be down for probably the next 36 hours.

As I mentioned elsewhere recently, the current issues have no bearing on SC4D's long-term future.  Our hosting contract is paid through July 2025, and while the RAM usage issues with the LEX's software are severe enough to require it to be completely replaced, we have plans underway for its replacement.  Until that replacement is ready, however (and there is no ETA), these sorts of "rolling blackouts" are going to be an unfortunate reality for awhile, whether they be preemptive (as in this case), or because the LEX pegs the RAM usage to 100% and locks up the whole server.  Preemptively taking it down is preferred, as it still allows the rest of SC4D to remain accessible.

Some interim solutions are being discussed, but we'd like to avoid doing anything particularly involved on that end (i.e. a "temporary LEX") if at all possible.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support.

Alex (Tarkus)
SC4D Site Owner
Ilives Reader / Can you move a reward lot to a...
Last post by illwaukee - November 22, 2022, 03:36:23 PM
There are a lot of reward lots I'd like to change to hospitals and education lots, so I can plop them. I was able to get them into the menu's by changing the occupancy, but when I plop them the game crashes. I have been editing several fields in the exemplar menu with no luck. Is there more to this than editing the exemplar menu?
BSC Help / Re: BSC Prop Family Index
Last post by mgb204 - November 21, 2022, 06:47:42 AM
Sure, as follows:

deezedgod's Prop Family ID Range:
0x5F860D00 --> 0x5F860DFF

I'll send you a PM with a link to download a text file listing all your allocated IDs.
Site Rules and Announcements / 20 November 2022: Continued LE...
Last post by Tarkus - November 20, 2022, 09:22:48 PM
The LEX is presently back up, after it became necessary to take it down yesterday (November 19th) due to a RAM usage spike that locked up the server.  Note, however though we are still having to carefully monitor the server's utilization, as this has become a recurring issue.  The site may continue to be somewhat unreliable, and we may have to take the LEX offline again if the issue becomes severe enough again.

The issues are inherent to the LEX software, particularly related to its session handling, and this is something that especially flares up when a user opens up the Dependency Tracker, and also, occasionally with the search features.  Dependency Tracker calls on larger files, such as the LEX Superior Collections and the BSC Seaports, have been especially prone to this, and we've sadly had to either remove Dependency Tracker support on these files, or, in the case of the Superior Collections (since they're entirely Dependency Tracker-based), lock them entirely.

We are still evaluating possible solutions, but in the meanwhile, all we can do is advise patience when using SC4D and the LEX in their current configuration.

Thank you all for your continued support of SC4 Devotion and SC4 as a whole.

Alex (Tarkus)
SC4D Site Owner