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SimGoober Mega Cleanitol Issues and the Revised fields & Agricultural Lots packs

Started by Tequilla6, February 04, 2009, 05:03:43 AM

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I have been away from SC4 since 2005 and as I now have some time on my hands I have resurected my SC4 Games. Cleaning out and updating my plugins folder, I am in the middle of the MEGA task of updating all my plugins and clearing out all the obsole files. This I am doing by date order.

In running the "Cleanitol Mega Pack SG" which was created on 18/11/2007 from the Cleanitol MEGA Pack uploaded on 2008/12/30. It has identified a number of files that it advises are obsolete and should be backed up.

SG Farm Field - Queries.dat (SG Farm Field - Queries.dat)
SG_FarmFields.Dat (SG_FarmFields.Dat)
SG_Fields_Beans.dat (SG_Fields_Beans.dat)
SG_Fields_Corn.dat (SG_Fields_Corn.dat)
SG_Fields_Flowers.dat (SG_Fields_Flowers.dat)
SG_Fields_Greens.dat (SG_Fields_Greens.dat)
SG_Fields_Rice.dat (SG_Fields_Rice.dat)
SG_Fields_Tulips.dat (SG_Fields_Tulips.dat)
SG_Fields_Wheat.dat (SG_Fields_Wheat.dat)

R$$$3_4x4_SG_CharlotteManor_ef38e652.SC4Lot (R$$$3_4x4_SG_CharlotteManor_ef38e652.SC4Lot)
SG Farm Field - Fukitol_f26d7f6e.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Fukitol_f26d7f6e.SC4Lot)

However in looking at these files they were part of the removail files for the following packs respectivly.

RemoveListSGFarmFields.txt created on 4/7/2007
RemoveListSG_Lots_Agriculture.txt created on 2/9/2007

On investigation the installation files for these packs recreate/replace the above files.

Install_SG_RevisedFields_BSC.exe created on 4/7/2007
Install_SG_Agricultural_Lots_BSC.exe created on 7/9/2007 (The addition of these files is advised in the readme document)

The question is, which is correct. The Cleanitol MEGA Pack SG or the removal and replacement of these files in the prior released update packs?

There are also entiries that are found to be duplicated in the pack with one of them, the "SG Farm Field - Queries.dat" occuring 4 times.

Other entries I now have concerns about are the following files which I can only find mentioned in the "Cleanitol MEGA Pack SG". I am still trying to understand when they were made obsolete and by which pack.

SG_WaterTowerOpen.dat (SG_WaterTowerOpen.dat) Found to have been removed by "BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01" but replaced at a later stage by an install pack as yet unidentified
SG_Prop_Sign_Wegmans-0x5ad0e817_0x6d6b58ea_0x450000.SC4Model (SG_Prop_Sign_Wegmans-0x5ad0e817_0x6d6b58ea_0x450000.SC4Model)
SG_Prop_Sign_Wegmans-0x6534284a-0xad4ba465-0x0da2ddd4.SC4Desc (SG_Prop_Sign_Wegmans-0x6534284a-0xad4ba465-0x0da2ddd4.SC4Desc)
SG_FarmSupplyEssentials.dat (SG_FarmSupplyEssentials.dat)
BSC_SoundsFarms.dat (BSC_SoundsFarms.dat)
SG_Prop_Sign_Tops-0x5ad0e817_0x6d6b58ea_0x440000.SC4Model (SG_Prop_Sign_Tops-0x5ad0e817_0x6d6b58ea_0x440000.SC4Model)
SG_Prop_Sign_Tops-0x6534284a-0xad4ba465-0x4da2dde5.SC4Desc (SG_Prop_Sign_Tops-0x6534284a-0xad4ba465-0x4da2dde5.SC4Desc)

Any help on these questions and the above Cleanitol query would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance


I too am confused with this cleanitol file. This is what keeps popping up and I don't know if I should remove them or not.

SG Farm Field - AniseedSeasonal_0f33bd8b.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - AniseedSeasonal_0f33bd8b.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Beans Seasonal_4f043e6e.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Beans Seasonal_4f043e6e.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - CantaloupeSeasonal_4f33af03.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - CantaloupeSeasonal_4f33af03.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Corn Seasonal_4f043e28.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Corn Seasonal_4f043e28.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - CottonSeasonal_4f33bf5d.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - CottonSeasonal_4f33bf5d.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Flowers  Seasonal_0f07d36c.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Flowers  Seasonal_0f07d36c.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Fukitol_f26d7f6e.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Fukitol_f26d7f6e.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Fukitol_f26d7f6e.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Fukitol_f26d7f6e.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Greens Seasonal_0f043eb2.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Greens Seasonal_0f043eb2.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - HopsSeasonal_4f33bd45.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - HopsSeasonal_4f33bd45.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - LiquoriceSeasonal_ef33bdfa.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - LiquoriceSeasonal_ef33bdfa.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Melons Seasonal_8f2d2317.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Melons Seasonal_8f2d2317.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - PeppersGreen_cf33afe0.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - PeppersGreen_cf33afe0.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - PeppersMixed_4f33bbb1.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - PeppersMixed_4f33bbb1.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - PeppersRed_4f33afc6.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - PeppersRed_4f33afc6.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - PeppersYellow_cf33bbbe.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - PeppersYellow_cf33bbbe.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - PotatoesSeasonal_cf33be20.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - PotatoesSeasonal_cf33be20.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - PumpkinsSeasonal_cf33beaf.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - PumpkinsSeasonal_cf33beaf.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Rice Seasonal_2f0c2ab5.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Rice Seasonal_2f0c2ab5.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - SoyBeansSeasonal_ef33be4b.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - SoyBeansSeasonal_ef33be4b.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - SugarCaneSeasonal_8f33bf18.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - SugarCaneSeasonal_8f33bf18.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - TobaccoSeasonal_8f33bfaf.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - TobaccoSeasonal_8f33bfaf.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - TomatoesSeasonal_ef33bfce.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - TomatoesSeasonal_ef33bfce.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Tulips  Seasonal_ef07a216.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Tulips  Seasonal_ef07a216.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - WaxBeans_8f33bfee.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - WaxBeans_8f33bfee.SC4Lot) 
SG Farm Field - Wheat Seasonal_0f043df9.SC4Lot (SG Farm Field - Wheat Seasonal_0f043df9.SC4Lot) 
SG_FarmFields.Dat (SG_FarmFields.Dat) 
SG_Fields_Beans.dat (SG_Fields_Beans.dat) 
SG_Fields_Corn.dat (SG_Fields_Corn.dat) 
SG_Fields_Flowers.dat (SG_Fields_Flowers.dat) 
SG_Fields_Greens.dat (SG_Fields_Greens.dat) 
SG_Fields_Rice.dat (SG_Fields_Rice.dat) 
SG_Fields_Tulips.dat (SG_Fields_Tulips.dat) 
SG_Fields_Wheat.dat (SG_Fields_Wheat.dat) 
R$$$3_4x4_SG_CharlotteManor_ef38e652.SC4Lot (R$$$3_4x4_SG_CharlotteManor_ef38e652.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_1x2_SG_AshleyRiver01a_cee7b81d.SC4Lot (R$$3_1x2_SG_AshleyRiver01a_cee7b81d.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_1x2_SG_Jacobson01a_cee7bd9b.SC4Lot (R$$3_1x2_SG_Jacobson01a_cee7bd9b.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_1x2_SG_RachelAnne01a_4ee7bee4.SC4Lot (R$$3_1x2_SG_RachelAnne01a_4ee7bee4.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_1x3_SG_AshleyRiver01b_8eea5769.SC4Lot (R$$3_1x3_SG_AshleyRiver01b_8eea5769.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_1x3_SG_Jacobson01b_4eea58f4.SC4Lot (R$$3_1x3_SG_Jacobson01b_4eea58f4.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_1x3_SG_RachaelAnne01b_6eea5acc.SC4Lot (R$$3_1x3_SG_RachaelAnne01b_6eea5acc.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_2x2_SG_AshleyRiver01c_0eea5ba0.SC4Lot (R$$3_2x2_SG_AshleyRiver01c_0eea5ba0.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_2x2_SG_Jacobson01c_ceea5d83.SC4Lot (R$$3_2x2_SG_Jacobson01c_ceea5d83.SC4Lot) 
R$$3_2x2_SG_RachaelAnne01c_eeea5cd7.SC4Lot (R$$3_2x2_SG_RachaelAnne01c_eeea5cd7.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x2_SG_CountryHomes01_f1214c18.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x2_SG_CountryHomes01_f1214c18.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x2_SG_CountryHomes02_d1214c73.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x2_SG_CountryHomes02_d1214c73.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x2_SG_GlennAllenHome_5144e89e.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x2_SG_GlennAllenHome_5144e89e.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x2_SG_RLSSwedishVilla_eec581d8.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x2_SG_RLSSwedishVilla_eec581d8.SC4Lot)  R$$4_1x3_SG_Cottages_01_cee76a56.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_Cottages_01_cee76a56.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x3_SG_CountryHomes01_31214b1e.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_CountryHomes01_31214b1e.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x3_SG_CountryHomes02_11214b5b.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_CountryHomes02_11214b5b.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x3_SG_CountryHomes03_b1214bda.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_CountryHomes03_b1214bda.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x3_SG_GlennAllenHome1_9144e90b.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_GlennAllenHome1_9144e90b.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x3_SG_GlennAllenHome2_f144e959.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_GlennAllenHome2_f144e959.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x3_SG_RLSSwedishVilla_eec581eb.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x3_SG_RLSSwedishVilla_eec581eb.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x4_SG_GlennAllenHome1_1144e9fb.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x4_SG_GlennAllenHome1_1144e9fb.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_1x4_SG_GlennAllenHome2_b144eb29.SC4Lot (R$$4_1x4_SG_GlennAllenHome2_b144eb29.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_2x2_SG_CountryHomes01_71214cb7.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x2_SG_CountryHomes01_71214cb7.SC4Lot)  R$$4_2x2_SG_CountryHomes02_51214cdc.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x2_SG_CountryHomes02_51214cdc.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_2x2_SG_CountryHomes03_11214d28.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x2_SG_CountryHomes03_11214d28.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_2x2_SG_GlennAllenHome1_7144eb9e.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x2_SG_GlennAllenHome1_7144eb9e.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_2x2_SG_GlennAllenHome2_5144ec22.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x2_SG_GlennAllenHome2_5144ec22.SC4Lot)
R$$4_2x3_SG_CountryHomes01_51214d72.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x3_SG_CountryHomes01_51214d72.SC4Lot)
R$$4_2x3_SG_CountryHomes02_11214df8.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x3_SG_CountryHomes02_11214df8.SC4Lot)
R$$4_2x3_SG_CountryHomes03_11214e5c.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x3_SG_CountryHomes03_11214e5c.SC4Lot)
R$$4_2x3_SG_GlennAllenHome1_9144ed71.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x3_SG_GlennAllenHome1_9144ed71.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_2x3_SG_HomesColonial_ced4b0e0.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x3_SG_HomesColonial_ced4b0e0.SC4Lot) 
R$$4_2x4_SG_Cottages01_aee80ab5.SC4Lot (R$$4_2x4_SG_Cottages01_aee80ab5.SC4Lot)
R$$4_5x4_SG_Swedish Villa_2fa9eb85.SC4Lot (R$$4_5x4_SG_Swedish Villa_2fa9eb85.SC4Lot) 
R$$5_2x2_SG_HomesColonial_0ed4b170.SC4Lot (R$$5_2x2_SG_HomesColonial_0ed4b170.SC4Lot)
R$2_1x3_SG_SmallHomes_cecec163.SC4Lot (R$2_1x3_SG_SmallHomes_cecec163.SC4Lot)
R$3_1x1_SG_SmallHomes_4ecec055.SC4Lot (R$3_1x1_SG_SmallHomes_4ecec055.SC4Lot)
R$3_1x2_SG_SmallHomes_4ecec0d4.SC4Lot (R$3_1x2_SG_SmallHomes_4ecec0d4.SC4Lot)
SG_HansonHosieryMills.dat (SG_HansonHosieryMills.dat) 

I would like to move on and start playing but this keeps bugging me everytime I run the Cleanitol. :)


I too have used the  Cleanitol Mega Pack SG.txt.  All worked for me EXCEPT..

MISSING : SG_SmallProps.dat has not been found, you can download it : http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1090
MISSING : SG_Extras_Agriculture.dat has not been found, you can download it : http://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1145

these point to  BSC Essentials

Other than that every thing seems to be accounted... and unaccounted for. 



can somebody please respond this? im sooo confused about cleanitol mega pack sg keeps popping i should remove some files but then get redirected to the same pack with the same props and files  :( ??? %wrd


Quote from: Alysaar on September 19, 2011, 10:51:58 PM
can somebody please respond this? im sooo confused about cleanitol mega pack sg keeps popping i should remove some files but then get redirected to the same pack with the same props and files  :( ??? %wrd

Often, prop and dependancy file get updated so they work better. I will give a fictional example.

Say I make a growable midwealth house. I am not satisfied with any of the props from Make a bunch of yard props like a mail box, a tree, a birdbath etc. I then upload a "house" lot, a building, and a prop file.
at some later point, I realize the word "mail" is mirror imaged on my mail box prop. So I update the prop file. I then upload the updated prop file with a cleanitol file to remove the old file. The new file must have the exact same name as the old file so that my house can find it. There is no way to tell the old file from the updated file except by looking at the timestamp.

Cleanitol only looks at the name of the prop file, not the timestamp. So you run it first, it finds the old file, you remove the file with the "backup now" button, and you are done with cleanitol. Now just intall the new file. If you run cleanitol again, it will just find the new file.

In your case, the situation is a bit messier. Recently almost all of the entire Simgoober collection has been repackaged. You now download a set of buildings as a big prop file, and a set of lots that go with them. So to download the midwealth residences, you have two downloads. You then also have to have a the regular yard prop dependacies, these are in variouse mega packs, some are even a part of BSC essentials now.

Here is what I suggest.
Run the master cleanitol and backup. Find the backup file you just created in the cleanitol directory and remane the file "simgoober." Download and install everything the output said to download. Play the game, if stuff looks like it is missing props, just restore with the simgoober file.

Alternately, just run the cleanitol and remove everything. Go to the LEX, use the powersearch feature to pull the simgoober pages, download all the packaged RCI files, there should be atleast three sets of lots and buildings for each, so a total of atleast 18 files to download (its probably more). run the cleanitol for each LOT and BUILDING file, remove the old lots and buildings. Install the new files, getting the dependancies for each one individually. You should then be up to date for about all the simgoober dependancies.

This should take about an hour or so, and is very much worth it. Simgoober's stuff is legendary. Now do not download any Simgoober RCI file without comparing its date to the date on the packaged file on the LEX. Some of the individual buildings in the packs are still floating arround, so you want to verify you dont already have it. TBK, the LEX stuff is the most up to date.